14 October, 2017:Kerala circle union organised the inspirable programmme on 11th October against the issue price hike.

BSNL Casual Contract Labour Union in Kerala organised a massive dharna programme on 11th October through out the state. It was a unique programme as the programme was organised in the evening time before every Central Govt. Offices and Head Post Offices in the state. The Casual Contract Labours in BSNL mobilised their members in the demonstration programme in SSA HQ against the price hike of cooking and petrol, diesel by the Modi Govt. Chq conveys warm greeting to circle union. 


09 October, 2017:Corporate office order on contract labours issue.

Dear comrades, please note that the corporate office has issued an order to all CGMs regarding the number of contract workers engaged in BSNL. It is not a new thing, earlier also they had asked the field officers about the number of contract workers and the expenditure for wages against them. So, all the district and circle secretaries are requested to discuss the matter with the GM and CGM to send the data and figure to the corporate office correctly.<<view order>>


09 October, 2017:Unity and struggle is the only way on which you can get the justice - Contract workers get the result in chattishgarh circle.

BSNL Contract Workers in Chhattisgarh circle have a good tradition to conduct trade union  programme against the BSNL Management. This time also our union had issued the notice to the RLC on 21st August with a complain against the BSNL Management. The union had informed the RLC that the agitated workers will be compelled to start Mass Dharna programme on 27th October if the workers demands remain unsettled. The circle union organised a good campaign programme on 4 points charter of demands. Then, a meeting was convened by the labour commissioner on 21st September where both the party, the BSNL Management and the union leaders were present. The management assured to accept the union demands and committed to take some specific action at the earliest. Again, it has proved that we can compelled the Management to accept our demands if the workers are united. BSNLCCWF CHQ convey red salute to all comrades to the comrades of Chhattisgarh.


07 October, 2017:A massive convention of the Casual Contract workers held at Kolkata on 25.09.2017.

A massive convention of the Casual Contract workers was held at Kolkata on 25th September, 2017, at the call of Calcutta Telephones Thika Mazdoor Union and BSNL Casual Mazdoor Union. This state level convention was held at Subarna Banik Samaj Hall with a gathering of 300 casual and contract workers. Com. Anadi Shaw, General Secretary, CITU, West Bengal inaugurated the convention and assured that the CITU will be always with the struggle of BSNL employees particularly on the casual and contract labour issue. Com. Saibal Sengupta presided over the meeting and Com. Arup Sarkar, Circle Secretary, CTD and Com. Tapas Ghosh, Circle Secretary WB Circle were the speakers, who have narrated the issue of casual and contract workers in details including the demands of Rs 18,000/- monthly salary and Gratuity for all. On behalf of BSNLEU (CHQ) Com. Omprakash Singh and Com. Animesh Mitra, Secretary General BSNL CCWF deliberated their speech and assured that the entire BSNL workers will take part in the entire programme of “Padayatra” throughout the state on the demand of “save PSU, save country” and Rs 18000/- minimum wage. Convention has decided to submit a memorandum to Deputy Labour Commissioner after the Puja vacation.<<views of the programme>> 


07 October, 2017:Casual and contract workers in Nagaon SSA in Assam circle are ready to go on strike on 12th October to settle the workers demand---Notice issued to management.

Contract and Casual labourers in Assam Circle have started the agitational programme in Naogaon District. On 3rd October, 2017 a massive demonstration programme was organized in front of BSNL management at Naogaon district, where a good number of regular, casual and contract workers were present. It is unfortunate that the management is not so serious to implement the assurance given by them, in front of Assistant Labour Commissioner, to the union leaders on 7th April, 2017. Our district Secretary Com. Md. Kapiluddin has informed the CHQ that the agitated workers has submitted a letter for Trade Union action programme which will be concluded through indefinite strike from 12th October, 2017.


07 October, 2017:Remarkable achievement in up east circle  after sustained struggle of the contract workers.

Agitated workers at Mirazapur have compelled the management to accept their genuine demands. After a sustained struggle by the contract workers at Mirzapur, the Civil administration had to intervene on the issue and a tripartite (union, management, & civil administration) meeting was held at Mirzapur for a long hour. At last the management agreed to make payments of wages to the workers which were due for about one year.


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BSNLCCWF is taking up the issues of the casual and contract workers with the government, Chief Labour Commissioner, Communications Minister, DOT as also CMD BSNL and other officers of BSNL. These correspondences will be posted here.


21 September, 2017:CHQ writes to CMD BSNL on revision of wages of Casual Labourers in BSNL.<<view letter>>



21 September, 2017:CHQ writes to Chief Labour Commissioner, (Central) on wages to the Casual Labourers in BSNL.<<view letter>>


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