22 August, 2016:Meeting with CGM UP(East) on Contract worker issues.

Coms. V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF, K.R.Yadav, Vice-President BSNLEU, R.K.Mishra, Circle President, BSNLCCWF and Circle Secretary BSNLCCWF, Jeetlal Maurya, Circle Secretary BSNLCCWF and Haridwar Yadav, BSNLCCWF met CGM UP(East) Shri T.N. Shukla on 19th August 2016 and discussed about the issues of the casual and contract workers. The union representatives pointed out that the CMD orders on Minimum wage, EPF, ESI etc are not being implemented in UP(East) Circle. Only about Rs. 1,500/- / 2,000/- is paid which is only about one-fourth of the minimum wage. The direction of the CMD that the payment is to be made through cheque or to be put in accounts is being violated. EPF and ESI are not implemented. The Union representatives demanded that all these issues should be settled by implementation of the orders of the government and CMD BSNL. The CGM agreed to ensure that orders are got implemented.


20 August, 2016:Memorandum submitted to the Minister of Communications in Varanasi.<<click here>>


18 August, 2016:Minimum Wage increased to Rs.14,055/- by Delhi Government.

The Kejriwal Government has issued orders increasing the minimum wage of the workers in Delhi from the present Rs.9,568/- to Rs.14,055/- an increase of over 50%. The wages for the semi-skilled is increased from Rs.10,582/- to Rs.15,471/- and skilled from Rs.11,622/- to Rs.17,033/-.


We congratulate the Delhi AAP Government for the fully justified increase. The Central Trade Unions have demanded the Central Government to increase the minimum wages to Rs.18,000/-. Though government agreed to increase toRs.10,000/-, even for that no orders have been issued. This is one of the demand in the 2nd September Nationwide Strike.



08 August, 2016:Resolutions of the CEC meeting of BSNLCCWF held at New Delhi on 06th & 07th August, 2016. 


1)     Resolution on retrenchment of Casual and contract workers.<<click here>>

2)     Resolution on the revision of minimum wages and other benefits to Casual and Contract Workers.<<click here>>

3)     Resolution on September 2nd General Strike.<<click here>>

4)      Resolution on Organisational matters.<<click here>>

5)      Resolution on labour reforms.<<click here>>


08 August, 2016:A good gathering of Casual and Contractual Labourers in Delhi – Open Session of BSNLCCWF.

Well organised and a good gathering of the Casual and Contractual workers held on 7th August in the open session of BSNLCCWF. Com. Swades Devroye, Secretary CITU was the main speaker of the Open Session. He urged upon all to buildup a high degree coordination of BSNLCCWF with other PSU’s contract workers. He focused on the example of the Strike programme of the electricity workers of Haryana and explained the necessity of United Trade Union Struggle. We are very happy to hear from com. Devroy that BSNLCCCWF is trying to buildup a militant organization and unleash sustained struggle in BSNL. Com. P. Abhimanyu GS, BSNLEU and Com. Animesh Mitra, SG, BSNLCCWF explained the scenario of BSNL and the road map from Guwahati to New Delhi. It can be recalled that in Guwahati, in the all India conference BSNLEU it was decided to form organization among the Casual and Contractual Workers. Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, presided over the meeting and he explained the role of the BSNL management on the Casual and Contractual labourers issue and the necessity for sustained struggle. Leaders from BSNLEU, Com. Swapan Chakroborty, Dy.GS, Com. Saibal Sen Gupta, Treasure, Com. R.S. Chauhan, Org. Secretary(CHQ), Com. Upendar Singh Teotia, Circle Secretary, UP (West) were preset in the meeting. A large number of Casual and Contractual Workers and regular employees also came from UP(West), UP(East) and NTR Circle to make the open session a grand success.<<views of the open session>>


08 August, 2016:CEC meeting of BSNLCCWF at New Delhi - important milestone for the workers movement in BSNL.

A historic Central Executive committee meeting of BSNL Casual and Contractual Workers Federation was held at Garhwal Bhawan, New Delhi on 6th & 7th August, 2016. The Two days meeting concluded on 7th evening after the open session with a participation of more than 120 Casual and Contractual Workers. From 21st Circles 53 delegates attended the meeting. On the 1st day, programme started by hoisting the red flag of union by Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President BSNLCCWF and by garlanding Martyrs column.  The conference was inaugurated by com. P. Abhimanyu GS, BSNLEU. In speech he stressed on the necessity for expanding and strengthening   the organization in the Circles as well as Districts. He explained in details the role of the BJP government, anti workers policies and the attack on the working class of the Country which have created a dangerous scenario in the life of Casual and Contractual labours in BSNL. The report on the activities of the union was placed by the Secretary General and accounts placed by com. Tapas Banerjee, Treasure. On the reports and accounts 23 delegates from different circles took part and made their deliberation. Violation of labours laws in BSNL, retrenchment of the Casual and Contractual labourers by local management was focused by the delegates in the meeting. It was decided by the CEC meeting that entire Casual and Contractual Labourers in BSNL will take part in the 2nd September Strike. It was decided to organise a programme for March to Parliament in month in the December, 2016, to raise strong voice to achieve the demand for wages of the Casual and Contractual labourers should be revised as 18,000 rupees per month as the Central Government has already accepted it as minimum wage in the 7th Central Pay Commission.  It was also discussed in the meeting that special efforts should be taken to build up organization in the weaker states. Four resolutions were accepted by the house. Secretary General Com. Animesh Mitra, declared extensive Trade Union action programme on 6th Points charter of demands as 100 days programmes for the forth coming months. The New Delhi CEC meeting held on 6th and 7th August, 2016 can be earmark as important milestone for the Casual and Contractual movement in BSNL.<<views of the meeting>>


05 August, 2016:Reaction of BSNL Management on post card campaign by casual and contract workers on their genuine demands in UP (East) circle.

Telecom Casual and Contract Workers Union, UP (East) circle took the decision to draw the attention of Hon’ble Prime Minister, CMD BSNL, CGMT UP(E), on the grievances and their exploitation by SSA management through post card campaign. In this campaign programme, majority casual / contract workers of UP (East) circle send their grievances through post card. We have got the information that the post cards received by circle office is being send to SSA heads to resolve the issues mentioned in post card.


Instead of resolving the issues and providing remedy to the grievances of casual and contract workers, SSA management is intensifying them and giving thread to retrench them if they will continue so. The leaders of the BSNLCCWF had reacted on the issue to the BSNL Management. On 22nd July, com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President and com. Animesh Mitra, Secretary General, met shri A.M. Gupta, GM (Restg.), and conveyed the strong reaction on the steps taken by the SSA heads in UP (East). GM (Restg.) had assured to take necessary action on the subject


05 August, 2016:Casual Contract Workers Federation 1st CEC meeting in Delhi.

The Casual Contract Workers Federation is holding their first CEC meeting in Delhi. Two days CEC meeting will be held at Garhwal Bhawan, New Delhi, on 6th & 7th August, 2016. The office bearers and circle secretaries have reached Delhi to attend this important CEC meeting. About 70 delegates will attend the meeting which will concluded on 7th evening. The conference will be inaugurated by com.P. Abhimanyu, General Secretary, BSNL Employees Union. Revision of wages of the casual contract labourers in BSNL will be the focal point to be discussed by the delegates in the meeting. The conference is going to take strong decision to participate enmasse in the ensuing 2nd September, all India strike. Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF, com.P.Abhimanyu, Vice-President, BSNLCCWF and com. Animesh Mitra, Secretary General, BSNLCCWF will address the open session on 7th August. The entire casual contract workers in BSNL are eagerly waiting for the outcome of the CEC meeting which will help them to organise a country wide movement in favour of the working class.


30 July, 2016:5th biennial conference of BSNL Casual and Contract labour union held at Guwahati on 30.07.2016.

5th biennial conference of BSNL Casual and Contract labour union, Assam circle was held at Gauhati, Assam on 30.07.2016. At the outset a rally was organised from Panbazar Telephone Exchange which was concluded at conference hall, BSNL multi purpose hall. Then the National Flag hosting by com.Sankar Das and Union Flag by Animesh Mitra. The meeting was presided over by com. Bijoy Deka. Senior leader com. M.R. Das inaugurated the circle conference. Com. Animesh Mitra narrated the attack of govt. during last 25 years of globalisation period. He also told in the big gathering that casual and contract labours have to play a vital role to make the 2nd September General Strike a grand success. Sri M.K.Seth, GM, Assam, G.Talukdar, JCTU, Convenor were the other speakers in the meeting. About 200 delegate from 7th district union in Assam circle. In the evening subject committee meeting has started after placing the report by circle secretary com. Bikash Barua. The conference will continue upto 31st July evening.<<views of the meeting>>


25 July, 2016:K G Basu Smrity Welfare Committee 3rd G.B Meeting.<<click here>>



22 July, 2016:Meeting with Director (HR) BSNL.

Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President and Com.Animesh Mitra, Secretary General, BSNLCCWF met Smt. Sujata Ray, Director (HR), BSNL on 21.07.2016 and discussed in detail about the issue of casual and contract workers. A proposal of a scheme for regularisation of casual and contract workers was submitted to the Director (HR). The full justification for the same was presented with relevant orders and documents.


22 July, 2016:Meeting with GM (Restg.), BSNL.

Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President and Com.Animesh Mitra, Secretary General, BSNLCCWF met Shri A.M. Gupta, GM(Restg.), BSNL CO, and discussed about the wage revision of contract workers in those cities which have been upgraded from ‘C’ to ‘B’ class. The case of ‘Erode’ city was pointed out as example. On upgradation of cities, the wages of contract labour also should be increased. A letter was also handed over to GM (Restg.), in this respect.


GM (Restg.), assured that suitable order will be issued to implement the orders in this respect to the field units.


21 July, 2016:BSNL Employees Union will take part in the 2nd September strike.

The 3 day CEC meeting of BSNL Employees Union held at New Delhi from 18th to 20th July, has taken a decision to take part in the 2nd September strike. Yesterday, when the meeting was concluded in the evening it was decided that BSNL Employees Union will take part in the 2nd September strike. To save BSNL and to fight against the Central Government policy on labour and industrial policy, the members of BSNL Employees Union will take part in the 17th General Strike called by the Central Trade Unions. They will also organize the countrywide campaign programme in the BSNL offices and exchanges. BSNL Casual Workers Federation will also take part in the campaign programme.


21 July, 2016:BSNL CCWF, Tamil Nadu circle is going on dharna programme on 27th July, 2016.

Dharna programme will be organized before CGMT, Tamil Nadu on 27th July, 2016. BSNL Casual Contract Workers Union, Tamil Nadu circle has taken a decision to organize dharna programme before CGMT Office. They have already issued the notice for the programme to the CGMT, Tamil Nadu with a charter of demands for the Casual Contract Labourers. Now the leadership is very much busy for conducting the campaign programme in every SSA. About 4000 contract workers will come that day to convey their grievances to CGMT, Tamil Nadu. As a reaction to the programme, the CGMT, Tamil Nadu, has issued a letter addressed to all SSA Heads to collect information based on the charter of demands submitted by the circle union.


18 July, 2016:BSNLCCWF circular no.4.<<view circular>>


18 July, 2016:Struggle by Contract Workers in UP (East) for getting Minimum Wage, EPF and ESI.<<views of the struggle>>


12 July, 2016:Meeting with CMD BSNL on 12-07-2016.

Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF, today, 12-07-2016, met Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL and pointed out the brutal exploitation of the contract workers in UP (East) and UP(West). Neither the minimum wages are paid nor EPF and ESI are implemented. Only a pittance is being paid. Sustained efforts on the part of the circle union has not borne any fruit. CMD assured that suitable steps will be taken in the matter.


08 July, 2016:Minimum wage – Delay is Denial.

The procrastination by the Labour ministry in revising the minimum wage as promised by the government, is nothing short of betrayal of trust. It is reported in today’s Economic Times that the Labour Ministry may put the raising of minimum wage in back burner, due to the opposition of the industry. It seems that the govt. is only interested in the industrialists and big business and not on the plight of workers. Organise the 2 September Strike with massive participation to give a fitting reply to anti-worker govt. 


05 July, 2016:The Government should issue orders on increased minimum wage.

The Central Trade Unions have demanded that the minimum wage for the contract workers should be increased to Rs. 18,000. The government without conceding the demand took decision that the minimum wage will be Rs. 10,000. Though it is almost six months since the government decision was announced, no orders have been issued raising the minimum wage either toRs.18,000 or to Rs.10,000. Empty assurances have become part of the Modi Government.


The Central Government should issue without further delay raising the minimum wage to Rs. 18,000.



04 July, 2016:Overcrowded Convention of Non Regular Workers at Kolkata demand justice:

At the call of BSNLCMU WB, CTTMU & BSNLCMU Stores-Factory Circle, the Non Regular Workers (Casual, Contractual, Security Guard, Job Contract etc.)  of the WBT, CTD, TS & TF Circles of BSNL have attended a Convention on 30th June, 2016 at CTO TI Hall, Kolkata. More than 300 non regular workers have assembled in the convention with the demand like a) minimum wage of Rs. 18000/-, b) social securities like EPF, ESI, Gratuity, c) filling up of vacancies from the non regulars etc. The convention expressed their strong determination to make the "All India General Strike" a grand success on 2nd September, 2016 throughout West Bengal. Com Animesh Mitra, Secretary General of AICCWF and Circle Secretary BSNLEU WB in his speech narrated the exploitation of Non Regular workers and told the convention that it is only through sustained struggle the workers will be able to achieve their just demands. Com Saibal Sengupta, Treasurer CHQ & CS CTD Circle, Com Tapas Kr. Ghosh, CS BSNLCMU WB, Com Arup Sarkar, CS CTTMU, Com Omprakash Singh, CS TF Kolkata were also deliberated their speech in the convention A draft resolution was also placed and accepted unanimously by the house. Com Tapan Ghosh presided the convention.<<views of the convention>>



02 July, 2016:CEC Meeting of BSNLCCWF at Delhi on 6-7 August 2016.

Notice for holding of the Central Executive Committee of the BSNL Casual Contract Workers Federation on 6-7 August 2016 is already issued. It will be held at KG Bose Bhawan.


All Circle Secretaries and Office-bearers are requested to immediately book tickets to and fro for attending the CEC to ensure reservation. They are also requested to prepare organisational report including the number of members and also regarding the payment of minimum wages, implementation of EPF, ESI etc.


The arrears of quota also may be brought. The CHQ is in dearth of funds. The latest address along with the telephone/mobile No. also may be informed.


01 July, 2016:Meeting with GM(Restructuring).

Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF met Shri A.M.Gupta, GM(Restructuring) and discussed about the non-implementation of minimum wage and other labour laws in the various circles like UP(E), Uttarakhand, Maharashtra and other circles. GM(Restructuring) assured that he will issue strict instructions in this connection. The various orders issued earlier will also be reiterated.


01 July, 2016:Meeting with Director(HR) on Casual labour issues.

Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF and Com.K.G.Jayaraj, General Secretary, AIBDPA met Smt. Sujata Ray, Director (HR), BSNL on 30-06-2016 and discussed the following:

1. Regularisation of 455 casual labour of Odisha Circle who were approved by Corporate Office earlier.

2. Unresolved issues of BSNL pensioners including restoration of medical allowance, reduction of rent for quarters for pensioners, broadband to pensioners and settlement of pension anomaly of seniors getting less than juniors.


Director(HR) agreed to look in to the issues.


30 June, 2016:Non-implementation of Minimum wage, EPF, ESI – UP(East), Uttarakhand.

BSNLCCWF has brought to the notice of Shri A.M.Gupta, GM(Restructing), BSNL Corporate Office, regarding the non-implementation of minimum wage, EPF and ESI for Contract workers in both UP(East) and Uttrakhanad circles and demanded that the government/BSNL orders in this respect are got implemented. The matter was brought to the notice of the GM on earlier occasion also.


30 June, 2016:Contract Workers, the most exploited workforce in BSNL.

BSNL is a well known central PSU. Its 2,20,00 workforce is well disciplined, dedicated and determined to improve the services to the customers. They are an inseparable part of the working class of India fighting against injustice and for the rights of the workers.


But unfortunately there is a ‘Black Spot’ in the face of BSNL, its management and the workers. It is the exploitation of its contract workers of around one lakh.


There are clear rules and orders for payment of minimum wages to the contract workers. If there is difference in Central government’s and State government’s minimum wages, the higher rates should be given. But neither the higher rates nor the lower rates are paid in most of the circles.It is far less than the minimum wage which is being paid. These lowest paid workers are being exploited continuously for years together.


Law of the land ensures social security measures like EPF and ESI to the contract workers. It is a safeguard for them in their old age and at the time of sickness. But most of the contract workers are denied these benefits by not implementing them by the contractors and BSNL management. Though the Central minimum wage is the same, workers in various circles and in the districts in the same circle are paid differently according to the whims of the contractor. Field management is not intervening to ensure payment of full wages. This is a shame for BSNL.


Not only that. When reports are called by the Parliament Standing Committee, Chief Labour Commissioner, Central EPF Commissioner or Central ESI Commissioner, incorrect information is supplied to them by the BSNL Management, which of course, is furnished by the field units. Can BSNL and its workforce be saved from this shame! If all the unions and associations take a strong stand in support of these unfortunate brothers, I am hopeful that this brutal exploitation could be ended.


Let us together make efforts to get long awaited justice for these unfortunate workers!


28 June, 2016:BSNLCCWF meets GM(QA), New Delhi.

Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF and Com. K.G.Jayaraj, General Secretary, AIBDPA met Shri Arvind Bajaj, GM(QA) and discussed about the issues of contract workers in QA(Kolkata). They requested the GM not to proceed with the proposal to retrench the 5 contract workers. They pointed out that the workers hare having about 10-15 years of service and should be retained. The GM was non-committal, but agreed to look in to the matter.


28 June, 2016:Gratuity to Casual Labour.

Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF met Smt. Madhu Arora, GM(Estt.), Corporate Office BSNL and demanded early settlement of the gratuity to Casual labour. The GM(Estt) stated that the Board of Directors wanted the financial implications and for providing this, the CGMs have been addressed. The delay is due to non-receipt of the information from the circles.


The BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF circle secretaries are requested to meet the CGMs and pressurise them for early submission of the particulars to Corporate office so that the case is settled early.


23 June, 2016:Meeting with Director (HR) and GM (Estt.)

Coms. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President and Animesh Mitra, Secretary General, BSNLCCWF met Smt. Sujata Ray Director (HR), BSNL today and discussed the issues of the regularization of the casual labour as also grant of gratuity. They demanded that the gratuity be allowed at the earliest. Director (HR) stated that early action will be taken in the matter. With regard to the demand of regularization of casual labour/TSM, the federation representations put all the issues before the Director (HR) for consideration. The Federation leaders also met Smt. Madhu Arora, GM (Estt.) and discussed the same issues.


23 June, 2016:Letter issued on EPF issue addressed to all the CGMs.

After tremendous pressure by BSNLCCWF and BSNLEU, BSNL Corporate Office has issued a letter addressed to all the CGMs to instruct depositing the EPF contribution with EPF organization in respect of contract workers. BSNLCCWF lodged the complaint regarding the EPF for contractual workers in several forum like BSNL authority, Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labour, Chief EPF Commissioner and Chief Labour Commissioner. BSNL has issued the social security order for contractual workers and also reminded all the CGMs but it is observed that it is no implemented properly. Again EPF department has instructed M/s BSNL to the deposit the EPF contribution with EPF organization.


All Circle Secretaries of BSNLCCWF are requested to take initiative to implement the order issued by CO, ND. It is the fundamental right of workers to get the social security like EPF, ESI, gratuity etc.



20 June, 2016:



This is to notify that the Central Executive Committee meeting of BSNL Casual and Contract Workers’ Federation will be held on 06th and 7th August, 2016 at Garhwal Bhanwan in New Delhi. All Central Executive Committee members (including Circle Secretaries) are requested to attend the meeting in time. The following agenda will be discussed and decided in the meeting.




  1. Review of the last All India Conference of BSNLCCWF.
  2. Presentation of the Secretary General report.
  3. Accounts as on 31st Dec. 2015 and latest position of the subscription collection from circle unions.
  4. Review of the programme and decisions taken in the last Secretariat meeting.
  5. Organisational position and future course of action.
  6. Discussion of the Charter of the Demands of the Casual and Contract Workers.
  7. 2nd September, 2016 strike and our preparation.
  8. Any other items with the permission of the chair.






Animesh Mitra

Secretary General


08 June, 2016: After continued demand of the BSNLCCWF and BSNLEU, the BSNL Management agreed for implementing Gratuity to the casual labour and the Management Committee also approved. But when the issue was placed before the BSNL Board for decision, it has returned the same to the management asking for full details of number of employees, financial implications etc. Corporate office has asked the circle heads to immediately furnish the details for again submitting to the BSNL Board.Circle secretaries of BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF are requested to ensure that the details are got furnished to the corporate office by the circles at the earliest so that decision is taken for grant of gratuity to casual labour.


07 June, 2016:Kerala Contract workers wages increased.

Agreement reached between Kerala Circle management and BSNLEU & BSNLCCWF on the increase of minimum wages of casual and contract workers. Orders issued accordingly. The agitation has been on for months during which circle office bearers of BSNLEU & SNEA were transferred and victimized. Our hearty congratulations to the Kerala Unions and workers!


06 June, 2016: BSNLCCWF CEC Meeting at New Delhi on 6-7 August 2016.

The next Central Executive Committee of the BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation was scheduled to be held in Mysuru, Karnataka Circle. Now Karnataka Circle has intimated their difficulties to hold the CEC for some time. Hence it is decided that the CEC will now be held at New Delhi on 6-7 August 2016. The notice for the CEC will be issued shortly. CEC members are requested to book their tickets immediately to ensure reservation.


28 May, 2016:BSNLCCWF CEC to be held at Mysore.

The Central Executive Committee meeting of the BSNLCCWF is to be held at Mysuru, Karnataka, preferably by the last week of July 2016. The date will be finalised in consultation with the Karnataka circle leadership.



11 May, 2016:Govt. dilly dallies in issuing orders on Minimum Wage of Rs.10,000/-

While the central trade unions have demanded Rs.18,000/- as minimum wage for contract workers, government arbitrarily announced that it will be Rs.10,000/-. In the meantime, India Inc cried fowl stating that it cannot pay this ‘high wage’. The government is still to issue orders, probably over the protest of India Inc, its real masters.


29 April, 2016:


BSNL Casual Contract Workers Federation (BSNLCCWF) convey its May Day Greetings to all its members  as also to the entire working class!


1st May is celebrated all over the world as the “International Working Class Day”.  It started in memory of the Chicago Martyrs who sacrificed their lives for getting 8 hours day for the workers.

We remember and pay respectful homage to the thousands and thousands of martyrs who sacrificed everything for defending the rights of the toiling masses!


BSNLCCWF calls upon all its members to observe and participate in the flag hoisting, meetings, rallies and other programmes jointly with BSNLEU and other unions. This May Day is most important for the casual and contract workers who are fighting for getting justice to the exploited workers. Let us strengthen ourselves to fight and achieve our demands.





28 April, 2016:Rs. 10,000 as Minimum Wage for contract workers – Labour Minister.

The State Minister for Labour and Employment Bandaru Dattatreya stated in the Parliament on 25th April 2016 that the minimum wage for the contract workers has been fixed at Rs.10,000/-. The central trade unions have been demanding for a minimum wage of Rs.18,000/-, but the same was not accepted by the government. The CTUs have also decided to go on strike on 2nd September 2016, on a Charter of Demands including this. The Minister also stated that the minimum wage has been fixed considering the cost of living and the judgment of the Supreme Court. The minimum wage is fixed at Rs.10,000/-. Now another struggle will have to be fought to get it implemented for the contract workers. Workers are waiting for the order to be issued.


26 April, 2016:Meeting of BSNLCCWF at Haridwar.

In connection with verification meeting at Haridwar, a meeting of contract workers was held there. Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President BSNLCCWF and Com. Swapan Chakraborty, Dy. GS BSNLEU spoke about contract workers’ issues and efforts made by CHQ. The District and circle leaders of contract workers spoke about their problems. It was decided to enrol more members and to strengthen the union and to make efforts to settle the issues.


21 April, 2016:Extended CWC meeting of BSNLCCWF Odisha circle held at Bhubaneswar on 18.04.2016.

Casual contract workers in Odisha circle will go on trade union action programme. This decision has taken in the extended meeting of BSNLCCWF meeting which was held at Bhubaneswar on 18th April. At the outset com. Janardan pati president of BSNL Casual Contract Karmachari Sangha explained the present scenario in details. Then com. Biswanath Behera, CS, submitted the report on which dist secretary participated in the discussion. At the end com.Animesh Mitra, Secretary General and com. Arup Sarkar, Org. Secretary (Chq) had spoken in the house. Coms. A.Dhuppal, Sahadev Biswal and Saroj Das were the other speakers. It was decided in the meeting that : -


1.   District level tour programme will be conducted in the month of May and June. Two Office Bearer from circle union will be present in the meeting.

2.   Workers rally to the CGMT Office will be organise in July or August.

3.  A delegation team will meet the CGMT in the end of May to settle the pending demands.

4.   BSNLCCWF will observe the MAY DAY with all out seriousness. In Odisha circle on that day flag hosting meeting will be held in every working spot.

5.   Circle union will clear the subscription quota. Similarly district union will also clear the subscription to the circle union.



21 April, 2016:Meeting of Casual Contract workers at Berhampore, Odisha

A massive meeting of casual and contract workers was held at Berhampore on 19th April 2016 participated by more than 200 workers. Com.Kameswar Rao, Dist. President BSNLCCWF presided. Coms.VAN Namboodiri, President, Animesh Mitra, Secretary General, BSNLCCWF, Saroj Ranjan Das, CS BSNLEU, senior leaders Sahdev Biswal, A.Dhupal, Behera, Dist Secretary and other leaders spoke. Delegates presented their difficulties to the visiting leaders. The questions were answered by the office bearers. The Charter of Demands placed by the union was explained by Secretary General. The leaders called upon the workers to participate in the general strike called by the central trade unions on 2 September 2016 on demands including minimum wage of Rs.18,000. The meeting inspired the entire workers present. Programme of action will be organised in Odisha circle if the just demands of the casual contract workers are not settled.



13 April, 2016:Despite strong protests from Central TUs, Govt. moves to fix Rs.10,000 as minimum Wage.

The Central Trade Unions have demanded Rs.18,000 as minimum wage for contract workers and it is one of the demands on which a one day strike will take place on 2nd September 2016. The demand for a minimum wage of Rs.15,000 has been updated to Rs.18,000, after the VII CPC has recommended Rs.10,000 as the lowest wage on the basis of the Dr. Akroyd formula. While this demand is pending, the government is proposing Rs.10,000 only as minimum wage to contract workers. This is discrimination and denial justice.


BSNLCCWF strongly oppose the move of the Central government to fix a minimum wage less than Rs.18,000. It strongly demands that the minimum wage for contract workers be fixed at Rs.18,000.


08 April, 2016:Rs. 10,000/- as Minimum Wage instead of Rs.18,000 ? Protest against Labour Ministry proposal.

It is reported that the Labour Ministry is proposing to fix the minimum wages at Rs.10,000 to the contract workers. This is nothing but cheating the hard working workers. According to Dr. Akroyd’s formula, the Minimum Wag comes to Rs.26,000 as demanded by the Central Government employees. The VII Central Pay Commission did grant only Rs.18,000. The Central Trade Unions have demanded that at least Rs.18,000 should be granted as minimum wage to the contract workers and the ‘Equal Wage for Equal Work’ should also be introduced.


But ignoring all these genuine demands, the Labour Ministry is proceeding to fix the minimum wage to Rs.10,000, which is only a very small increase from the present. There should be strong protest against this cheating of the workers at the behest of the employers and the corporates. BSNLCCWF expresses its strong protest at this injustice. At least a minimum wage of Rs.18,000/- should be fixed immediately.



07 April, 2016:BSNLCCWF is happy that BSNLEU has taken up the issue of minimum PLI. The amount should be Rs. 7,000/- as they have placed their demand to the CMD BSNL. Strong trade union action has already been initiated by BSNLEU, SNATTA & BSNL MS. We extend our full support to this struggle. We will also withdraw our support if the genuine demand like bonus, gratuity remain unsettled. Ensure full participation in this programme.



01 April, 2016:BSNLCCWF Circular No.4, dated 01.04.2016.<<click here>>


18 March, 2016:Inspiring joint meeting at Mumbai on 14th March 2016.

A joint meeting of the BSNL Employees Union and Contract and Labour Contract Union was held at CGM Offices premises, Santa Cruz Mumbai on 14th March, 2016. More than 1,000 workers participated, including a number of women workers. Before start of the meeting, a huge procession was held. The workers garlanded the statues of Chhatrapati Shivaji and Dr.B.R.Ambedkar before the commencement of the meeting. Coms. Appa Saheb Gagre and G.Mathpati, Circle presidents of the unions presided. Com. Balachandra mane, ACS, welcomed all. Coms. Wankhade, Nana Chauhan, Circle Secretary, Contract workers union, Nagesh Nalwade, Circle secretary, BSNLEU, Animesh Mitra, Secretary General, BSNLCCWF, V.A.N.Namboodiri and other leaders addressed.  They spoke in detail about the demands of the regular employees and also contract workers. They called upon the workers to strengthen the organisations. The question of wage revision, payment of minimum wage, EPF, ESI etc. were explained and prepared the workers for further struggle. The VII verification and the need to make it grand success for BSNLEU were stressed.


Though the meeting continued till 03.00 PM, all the participants remained in the hall hearing the speeches. After the meeting the leaders met GM(HQ) and presented the demands of both the unions. The joint meeting and the deliberations inspired the entire workers. They are prepared for sustained struggles to achieve the demands.<<views of the meeting>>



12 March, 2016:Meeting with Chief Labour Commissioner.

Coms. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President, Tapas Ghosh, Working President, Animesh Mitra, Secretary General and Tapos Banerjee, Treasurer, BSNLCCWF met Shri Anil Kumar Naik, Chief Labour  Commissioner, New Delhi at Shramik Bhawan on 11.03.2016, and discussed about the problems of the casual and contract workers.


The issue of regularisation of left out casual workers, wages of casual labour, implementation of EPF to workers from date of their engagement, payment of minimum wage in UP and other circles where it is not fully implemented and other connected issues were brought to his notice. A letter addressed to CLC was handed over.


The Chief Labour Commissioner patiently heard the federation representatives. He assured them that the issues will be examined and looked into.<<view letter>> 


12 March, 2016:Meeting with Director (HR) BSNL.

Coms. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President, Tapas Ghosh, Working President, Animesh Mitra, Secretary General and Tapos Banerjee, Treasurer, BSNLCCWF met Ms. Sujata Ray, Director (HR), BSNL on 11.03.2016, and discussed pending issues of casual and contract workers.


The Federation leaders pointed out the need for regularisation of the left out casual labours numbering about 4000. Many left out casual labourers have already left due to reaching 60 years. A scheme is required to be brought for regularisation as has been done in Central Government departments and in some PSUs. They also pressed for early approval of gratuity for all workers. Full implementation of payment of Minimum Wage, EPF, ESI etc. was also stressed. Director (HR) assured favourable consideration.


BSNLCCWF leaders met Shri A.M. Gupta, GM(Restg.), BSNL who is in charge of contract workers issues and discussed about the non-payment of minimum wages in UP etc. He stated that orders has been issued on all these aspects.



11 March, 2016:Casual and Contract Workers in BSNL started their struggling for justice in UP (East),Circle


BSNLCCWF UP (East) Circle Union has started the trade union action programme in UP (East) Circle with a high speed in the year 2016. On 29th January, 2016, they had informed the CGMT, UP East through submission of the memorandum where they have specifically earmarked about the course of trade union programme. On that day, about 500 casual and contract labourers participated in the programme from every nook and corner of the circle. After that, a massive campaign programme has also organised to conduct 72 hours Dharna programme in every SSAs Head Quarters. From 9 to 11th February,2016 this programme was organised and the members had gave a good support to success the programme. The regular employees under the banner of BSNL Employees Union had also given an active support to make the programme grand success. Though the leadership of BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF met CGMT and some other General Managers to normalize the situation but no such positive result is yet to be observed by the union till date. So, now the union is thinking that there is no other alternative way but to go on indefinite period trade union action programme. Will management compel us to go on this path?



11 March, 2016:Retrenchment of Contract Labourers and Violation of Labour Act – Massive Demonstration Programme on 14th March, 2016 in Mumbai.


Casual –Contract Labourers in BSNL in Maharastha Circle are in depressing condition since long time. Though they have organised some trade union action programme under the banner of BSNLCCWF but the attack of the retrenchment has spoiled all initiative taken by the union. Lastly on 29th January, 2016, a good number of gathering of the casual –contract labourers organised in the CGMT office and took part in the demonstration programme. The total scenario was explained in a meeting of the leadership of BSNL Employees Union at Ahmednagar where Comrade P. Abhimnyu, G.S. BSNLEU, Com. Karat, State Secretary, CITU, Com. V. A. N. Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF, Com. N. K. Nalawade, CS, BSNLEU, MH Circle and Com. Animesh Mitra, Secretary General, BSNLCCWF were present in the meeting. As per the advice of the, P. Abhimanyu, it was decided that BSNL Employees union will organise a massive demonstration programme in front of the CGMT office on 14th March where casual-contract labourers will also take part in large numbers. Accordingly, Com. N. K. Nalawade Circle Secretary, BSNLEU has already submitted the notice for the programme to the Chief General Manager. Circle Union has also published a poster on the programme. Now, the preparation is going on in full swing to make the programme grand success. V.A.N. Namboodiri and Animesh Mitra will address the gathering and meet the Chief General Manager.   


29 February, 2016:BSNL Casual Contract Workers Federation formed in UP (West) circle.

BSNL Employees Union, UP (West) circle, organised a very effective convention of contract workers at Meerut, yesterday the 28.02.2016. More than 300 contract workers enthusiastically participated in this convention from all the districts of UP (West) circle. Apart from this, BSNLEU district secretaries of all major districts also participated in the meeting. Com. Ansar Ali, Circle President, BSNLEU, UP (West) circle, presided over the convention. Com. Naresh Pal, District Secretary, BSNLEU, Meerut, welcomed everyone. Com. Upendar Singh Teotia, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU, UP (West) circle, addressed the convention and explained about the purpose of conducting the convention. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU & Vice President, BSNLCCWF and com. S. Chellappa, AGS, BSNLEU, attended the convention from the CHQ. Com. P. Abhimanyu, addressed the convention and spoke on the problems being faced by the contract workers, the various orders of the Corporate Office on the service conditions of the contract workers and about the anti-worker Neo-liberal policies being persued by the NDA government. Followed by this, contract workers representing each district of the UP (West) circle, addressed the convention and spoke on their grievances. Finally, Com. P. Abhimanyu, replied to the issues raised by the workers and assured to take up all those issues with the Corporate Management. Finally, it was decided to form the BSNL Casual Contract Workers Federation (BSNLCCWF) of UP (West) circle. Accordingly, election of office bearers was held. Com. Ansar Ali and com. Naresh Pal are elected as Circle President and Circle Secretary respectively. Com. Upendar Singh Teotia is elected as the Vice-President. A meeting of the new office bearers also took place, and it was unanimously decided to form district unions of BSNLCCWF in all the districts within a short time. BSNLEU, UP (West) circle had made excellent arrangements for the convention. BSNLEU CHQ heartily congratulates the UP (West) circle union.<<views of the meeting>>


BSNL Casual & Contract Workers Federation


On the path of action.



Submission of Memorandum

to all CGMs


on 29TH JANUARY, 2016




  • Improvement of the Infrastructure and Procurement of sufficient equipments for development, expansion and viability of BSNL.

  • Regularisation of Casual & Contract Workers.

  • Minimum wages of Rs.18,000/-

  • Implementation of orders issued from corporate office on Labour.

  • Equal pay for equal work.

  • TSM Status for the Workers engaged in the Department.

  • Conversion of part time workers to full time.

  • Social Securities, like EPF, ESI, Pension, Gratuity bonus etc.

  • Leave, paid weekly off and paid holidays.

  • Reinstatement of all retrenched workers. etc. etc.

Organise, campaign and submit Memorandum

with massive demonstration along with your local demands.






15 February, 2016:Convention of Casual Contract Workers at Palakkad on 13th February 2016.

A Convention of BSNL Casual and Contract workers was held at Palakkad on 13-02-2016 at the Union Office participated by more than 300 workers. It was presided over by Com. Chandrasekharan, Dist. President, BSNLEU. Com. Sunil Kumar, District Secretary, CCLU welcomed all. Leaders of BSNLEU and CCLU were present.


Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President BSNLCCWF and Patron BSNLEU, while inaugurating the Convention reported about the decisions of the Nagercoil AIC and the Charter of Demands submitted to the BSNL Management and the discussions taken so far. He congratulated the Kerala workers for the magnificent and militant struggle jointly organised by BSNLEU, SNEA and CCLU against the corruption and anti-worker action of the former CGM Kerala and on the demands of the casual and contract workers. Com. K.Mohanan, Circle Secretary BSNLEU and Circle President CCLU briefed the house about the latest developments after the struggle and the negotiations being conducted for increasing the wages etc. Coms. P.R.Parameswaran, DS BSNLEU, senior leaders V.Kesavan, T.S.Parameswaran, Ajit Kumar, Circle Vice-President CCLU and other leaders also addressed.


The Convention took decisions to strengthen the organisation by increasing the membership and focusing the issue of the workers. It also decided to actively participate in the Membership Verification to ensure maximum support to BSNLEU.



12 February, 2016:Photos of the dharna programme organised by BSNLCCWF in UP (East) circle.<<views of the dharna>>



11 February, 2016:Successful dharana conducted by BSNL NPWU -  Contract Workers of Karnataka State in front of Hon’ble M.Ps houses in Karnataka State.        



  • Minimum wages under the category of skilled workers to be paid to all Contract workers who are  

  • working in Cable Maintance sector, House Keeping and Security 

  • Minimum wages of Rs.18,000 to be paid to all Contract Workers.

  • As per new notification of the Government, a minimum of Rs.20, 000 bonus to be paid to all 

  • Contract workers.

  • Contract workers, who are working since 10 years continuously, should be regularized.

  • No Privatization of BSNL

  • No retrenchment of Contract Workers.

  • All labour laws like ESI, EPF, Gratuity, Weekly holidays and Maternity leave should be extended

  • to Contract workers also. 

  • BSNL Network should be mandatory service connection in all Government and PSUs.


The Non Permanent Workers (Contract workers) working in Cable Maintenance, House Keeping and as Security Guards in BSNL Karnataka State, successfully organized a state level day long dharana on 20th January 2016 in front of residences of Hon’ble MPs of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. More than 1000 workers in 11 districts of Karnataka State took part in the dharana programme and submitted memorandum to MPs of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha in respective districts.


The Dharna took place at Bengaluru South and North Districts, Mysuru, Kodagu, Mandya, Bellary, Kalburgi, Raichur, Koppala, Dharwad, and Shimoga Parliamentary Constituencies of Karnataka State. The Dharna was conducted from morning to late afternoon for the demands listed above.

The BSNL NPWU members who were on dharana could meet personally Sri. Pratap Simha Gowda M.P., Lok Sabha, representing Mysuru and Kodagu Dist., Constituencies (BJP), Sri.Sriramulu M P Lok Sabha of Bellary Constituency and Sri. Ayanuru Manjunath (BJP) M.P. Rajya Sabha of Shimoga Constituency and submit the memorandum. The M.Ps, while receiving the memorandum,  also assured the workers, that they will meet and discuss the issue with the concerned minister related to labour issues, in addition to raising the question inside the parliament.

The other Ministers’ of Government of India, viz., Sri Sadananda Gowda, Minister of Law, Sri.. Anantha Kumar, Minister for Fertilizers, the ex-Prime Minister and sitting M P Lok Sabha from Hasana Constituency Sri. H D Deve Gowda and Sri Mallikarjuna Kharge, Opposition leader in Lok Sabha from Kalburgi Constituency, the workers went to their respective offices in delegation and submitted the memorandum. The day long programme was jointly organized by CITU and BSNLEU District unions.<<views of the dharna>>


09 February, 2016:Contract Workers in the path of action.

BSNLCCWF has started 3 days Hunger strike programme in UP(East) circle. Though the corporate and circle admn. has issued the order for implementing the labour act in BSNL, but the local admn. is still violating it in UP(East). Circle union of BSNLCCWF has taken a decision to go 72 hrs hunger strike programme w.e.f. 8th February. Accordingly, today hunger strike programme has started in all SSAs. BSNLEU has also extended full support to make the programme a grand success. Our federation has taken up the issue with CGM and DIR(HR). No result is yet to be observed by the workers. So, they have started the agitational programme.


02 February, 2016:Views of the massive demonstration held at UP (East) circles on 29th January.<<click here>>


01 February, 2016:Views of the massive demonstration held at various circles on 29th January.<<click here>>


30 January, 2016:Memorandum Submitted to CGM’s – BSNLCCWF have got a good response from Casual & Contract Labourers - 29th January demonstration Programme gave a good start in TU Movement in BSNL.

We convey red salute to all of you who have made the 29th January, 2016 programme (Submission of Memorandum to all CGM’s) a grand success. Based on the report from circle unions it is very clear that the entire Casual & Contract Workers in BSNL have extended its full support to the programme. BSNLCCWF had taken the decision to observe the day as a programme, ‘submission of memorandum’ to all CGM’s on Casual & Contract workers issue. It is reported that most of the circles have submitted the Memorandum to the GM’s all CGM’s after mobilising a good number of Casual & Contract Labours. BSNL Employees union has extended full support to make the programme a grand success. CHQ has got the report from various circles like, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Odissa, UP (East), Kolkata, NE-II, Chennai, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tripura and West Bengal which is enthusiastic to all of as. We will publish the circle wise report with photo in future. It is a request from CHQ for those circles who have not organise programme. please organise the programme in another day and submit the memorandum to the CGMs. Circle Secretaries are requested to sent a copy of the memorandum to headquarter  so that we can understand the problems which you are facing at the local level. 



28 January, 2016:Meeting with Shri A.M. Gupta, GM (Restg.), BSNL.

Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF, met Shri A.M. Gupta, GM (Restg.), today, the 28.01.2016, and discussed in detail about non-implementation of minimum wage, EPF, ESI etc. in UP (East) circle despite earlier assurances. Agitation is continuing by workers. Immediate action is required, Com. Namboodiri told the GM (Restg.). He assured that necessary action will be taken.


28 January, 2016:Dear comrade, thanks for the maximum efforts you have taken to make 29th January programme a grand success. BSNLEU has also extended its full support to the programme. Yesterday, Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU has sent a message to all Circle & District secretaries to organise the programme successfully. You can prepare the memorandum locally based on the demands already we have highlighted in our website. You can also include the local demands. Hope, this programme will give a good start for the casual contract labours movement in 2016.

Animesh Mitra

Secretary General,



22 January, 2016:Non-Permanent Workers has started agitation programme in Karnataka Circle.

As was decided in the circle meeting of BSNL Non-Permanent Workers Union, Karnataka circle, held on 29.12.2015, the Casual Contract Workers have started agitational programme in Karnataka circle, w.e.f. 20th January, 2016. Demonstration programme was organised throughout the state by the casual contract workers. On the day, they met the MPs in the state and submitted the memorandum on casual contract labour issues. Now they are making full preparation for the next programme “CGM Office Challo” to be held in the month of March. The agitational programme has created good inspiration among the casual contract workers in Karnataka circle.


22 January, 2016:BSNL Casual Contract Workers Federation leadership met GM (Restg.), on 21.01.2016.

Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President and Com. Animesh Mitra, Secretary General, met Shri A.M. Gupta, GM (Restg.), on 21.01.2016 and discussed the burning issues of the wages payment of the casual contract labours. It was mentioned to the officers that timely payment of the wages of the contract labours is very irregular in most of the circles of BSNL. They made the complaint that the local officers are violating the Corporate Office orders in this regard. Specifically, they have mentioned the name of UP (East), UP (West), Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Assam, etc. In these circles, labour laws are being violated by the local officers. Complaints are being received that for more than six to eight months the labourers are not getting wages. Amount due to EPF deduction is not being deposited to the concerned authority. GM (Restg.) assured that necessary action will be taken to issue specific order to fix a date by circle administration on which the contract labourers can get the wage in right time.


20 January, 2016:Enthusiastic circle conference of BSNL Casual Mazdoor Union in West Bengal.

Circle conference of BSNL Casual Mazdoor Union held in Kharagpur on 9th & 10th January, 2016. About 250 delegates participated in the conference which was inaugurated by com. Arup Sarkar, Organising Secretary, CHQ, CCWF. In the inaugural speech he appreciated the West Bengal comrades who are fighting against the goons and gundas of TMC led government. While placing the report Com. Tapas Ghosh, Circle Secretary, has clarified the present scenario in details including the programme and decisions taken in the All India Conference at Nagercoil. He told in the conference that due to sustained struggle by the CCWF, now the Corporate Office has issued a bunch of letters or orders in favour of the casual contract labour interest. At the end of delegate session on 10th January, Com. Animesh Mitra, General Secretary, CCWF, has highlighted the future programme of CCWF including the demonstration programme on 29th January, to Chief General Managers. In the evening a mammoth gathering of the regular, pensioners and casual contract labours in BSNL was organised in the open ground which was addressed by com. Tapas Ghosh, CS, com. Animesh Chandra Mitra, GS and com. Kali Nayek, CITU. The conference was presided by a presidium headed by com. Govindu das. The conference has elected unanimously com. Tapan Ghosh (President), com. Tapas Ghosh (Circle Secretary) and com. Nemai Das (Treasurer) for the next tenure. Com. Ashish Das, Assistant Circle Secretary, BSNLEU, com. Susanta Ghosh, Circle Secretary, AIBDPA were others speakers in the conference.<<views of the conference>>


19 January, 2016Joint movement has again started in Kerala.

We can recall the movement which was started in Kerala in April, 2015, by the coordination committee of BSNLEU, SNEA and CCLU. BSNLEU and CCWF had also taken up the issue with the BSNL Management. After intervention of the Corporate Office it was postponed. The Corporate Office Management had assured the union leaders that appropriate action will be taken to normalise the situation in Kerala. The Corporate Office had formed a Committee on the subject and sent some suggestions to the circle administration to normalise the situation. But time has passed away, circle administration has not taken proper initiative to settle the issue. Vindictive transfer order of the leadership is yet to be withdrawn by the circle administration. Issue related to wages of the labourers is not yet settled. So the union’s in Kerala has started again the joint movement w.e.f. 19.01.2016. Three days sathyagraha programme will be organise infront of CGMT office. Coordination committee of BSNLEU, SNEA and CCLU are demanding to withdraw the vindictive transfer order of the leadership.


07 January, 2016:Meeting with Director (HR) on Kerala CCLU issues.

Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF met Smt. Sujata Ray, Director (HR) BSNL and pointed out the delay in settlement of the issues of wages etc. of Contract workers in Kerala. The CGM has not so far discussed the matter with the Federation leaders although the Committee Report by ED (CN) has been sent to him. Director (HR) assured that necessary action will be taken in the matter and that CGM will be directed for the same.



06 January, 2016:Ultimately management in UP (East) circle issued the order for implementing the labour laws.

It was a complain from BSNLCCWF that labour laws is being violated in UP(East). Chq leadership met circle administration after a huge gathering organised by circle union of BSNLCCWF and BSNLEU. As a result on   management issued the order for implement the labour strictly.<<click here-1>> <<click here-2>>



05 January, 2016:Ensure Minimum Wage of Rs. 18,000 to contract workers – Central Trade Unions.

The Central Trade Unions, including BMS, INTUC, HMS, AITUC, CITU have demanded to the central government that the minimum wage for the contract workers should be Rs. 18,000, as calculated and recommended by the VII Central Pay Commission. They submitted a 14 Point Memorandum to the Finance Minister Arun Jaitely on 4th January 2016, when the latter met them for pre-budget consultations.


The CTUs demanded to the Finance Minister that the ‘Hire and Fire’ policy should be abandoned and there should be job-security for the workers. They strongly opposed the policy of arbitrarily amending the labour acts without consulting the CTUs. They pointed out that no labour amendment law should be moved with out consultation with and consent of the unions.


Further they demanded that the ‘ease of doing business’ should not be connected with the labour laws.


The meeting was participated by Tapan Sen(CITU), Vrijesh Upadhyay (BMS), Ashok Singh (INTUC), D.L.Sachdeva(AITUC), Harbhajan Sidhu (HMS) and leaders of other Central Trade Unions.


16 December, 2015:Massive Dharna of Casual contract workers at Lucknow.

It was a historic day for trade union movement for Uttar Pradesh. In Lucknow a massive gathering of contract labours was held in CGMT office. About 2000 contract labours came from towns and villages. Red flag in hand they were shouting for implementation of minimum wages and labour laws in UP East. Though CGM was not there, GM Sri Neeraj Verma was authorised to negotiate the matter with the union. In the morning and evening discussion was held in 2 phases. At the outset the gathering was blocked but the overcrowded gathering has broken the baricade and entered CGMT office. GM operation has been compelled to issue the order addressed to all GMs that corporate office orders will be implemented seriously. The meeting was addressed by Com.V.A.N. Namboodiri, Com.Animesh Mitra, Com. K.R.  Yadav, Com.Jeet Lal Maurya, Com.R.K. Mishra, Com.Haridwar, Com.Tiwari and other leaders. CITU and other TU leaders also addressed. It was a historical programme which concluded with determination to continue the struggle on the fully justified demands of contract workers. BSNLEU leaders extended all support.<<view of the dharna>> 


07 December, 2015:BSNL Casual Contract Workers Federation conducts dharma in UP (East) circle.

BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation has conducted dharma programme in UP (East) circle, on 01-12-2015, insisting settlement of the justified demands of the casual and contract workers. The program has taken place in all the SSAs, actively supported by BSNLEU.<<view of the program>>



30 November, 2015:BSNL Casual Contract workers union, Chhattisgarh circle, conducts an impressive meeting on 29.11.2015, at Raipur.

BSNL Casual Contract workers union, Chhattisgarh circle, conducted an impressive meeting on 29.11.2015, at Raipur. Comrade Animesh Mitra, Secretary General, BSNLCCWF addressed the meeting. About 400 workers were present for this conference. He appreciated the unity of the workers and said that the union will fight for the rights of the workers.<<views of the meeting>>


26 November, 2015:BSNLCCWF Circular No.2, dated 20.11.2015.<<click here>>



21 November, 2015:6th Circle Conference of Calcutta Telephones Thika Mazdoor Union.

6th Circle Conference of Calcutta Telephones Thika Mazdoor Union is going to be held on 21st & 22nd November at P&T community hall Saltlake. Com. Animesh Mitra, Com.  Tapas Ghosh and Com. Akhilesh Banerjee will attend the conference on behalf of CHQ. Com.Saibal Sengupta will preside over the meeting. Com.Ananta Bhattacharyee com. Supriya Mitra com. Sisir Roy and com. Suvashis Roy & Arup Sarkar will be the other speaker. A seminar will also be held in the afternoon on 21st. Conference will be concluded in the evening on 22nd. About 250 delegates will attend the conference.



03 November, 2015:Meeting with CGM UP(E) on Casual Contract worker issues.

Leaders of BSMLCCWF, BSNLEU met CGM Shri S.R.Shukla, CGM UP(E) today, the 3rd November, at Lucknow and discussed about the implementation of labour laws, including wages, EPF etc. The non-implementation of the above in UP circle was also brought to his notice. CGM stated that efforts will be made to implement the same.


03 November, 2015:Meeting of BSNLCCWF, UP(E) Circle.

A meeting of BSNLCCWF UP East Circle was held at Union office, Lucknow today, 3 November 2015, presided over by Com. RK Mishra, Circle President. Com. VAN Namboodiri, All India President, BSNLCCWF and Patron BSNLEU inaugurated. He spoke about the labour laws and rights of workers. He also spoke about the AIC and Charter of Demands. He stressed the need for strengthening Union. Coms. Animesh Mitra, Secretary General, BSNLCCWF, K.R.Yadav, Vice- President, BSNLCCWF, Haridwar Yadav, Vice-President, BSNLCCWF, Jeet Lal Maurya, Circle Secretary and other leaders addressed. The CEC decided agitational programmes for settlement of issues. The CEC meeting was very purposeful.


02 November, 2015:Circle Working Committee of BSNLCCWF, UP (West)

The meeting of the Circle Working Committee of the BSNL Casual Contract Workers Federation, UP East Circle will be held at Lucknow on 3rd November 2015. Coms. V.A.N.Namboodiri, President and Animesh Mitra, Secretary General will be attending the meeting.


02 October, 2015:Meeting with contract workers at Aligargh

During my visit to Aligargh to attend circle conference of AIBDPA UP West, some BSNL contract workers came and met me. They told that they are being denied of minimum wage and is being paid only Rs.2000 – 2500 and no EPF -ESI. This is very sad and unacceptable. The contract workers should be paid their dues and social security measures implemented.


31 October, 2015:Meeting of the Committee on Contract Labour Wages of Kerala

A meeting of the Committee with Shri N.C.Chaube, ED(EB ), BSNL as Chairman to examine the wage issue and connected matters raised by the Kerala BSNLEU-SNEA-BSNLCCWF unions was held yesterday at 12.00 hours in the Corporate office. Shri N.C.Chaube, ED(EB) presided. Coms. V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF and Com.K.Mohan, Circle Secretary BSNLEU and Circle President CCLU Kerala presented the demands on the wages and connected matters to the committee in detail with facts and figures and demanded that the wages should be increased.


The chairman assured that the Committee will consider favourably all he points raised by the unions.


30 October, 2015:Dharna program by BSNL Casual & Contract Labour union Khammam District AP Circle.

A dharna program was organized successfully on 29.10.2015 in the premises of GMTD office Khammam by BSNL Casual & Contract Labour union, Khammam district with the support of BSNLEU & CITU Khammam demanding the Local Management to pay the pending wages,  implement minimum wages, issue of identity cards & implement the order issued by the Corporate office regarding minimum wages etc., . On the same day Local Council Meeting also held and in its meeting, staff side strongly demanded to discuss the said issue. Management accepted to discuss the labour issues and also agreed to pay all the pending wages upto Sept. 2015 before 05.11.2015. Regarding labour tender, Management agreed to complete the entire process of tender within one month. After completion of discussions in the meeting, staff side members and DGM, IFA, AGM(A) along with other officers are came to tent where dharna is being taken place, and addressed the dharna and explained the discussions held in the LCM meeting. DGM & IFA assured all problems would be settled with in one month. Com. K. Narasimharao District President CITU, BSNLEU leaders com. G. Sambasivarao, M. Thirumalcharyulu, T. Shankara Rao, Ch. Vanasree, P.Satyanarayana, V.Venkateswarlu etc, also attended and addressed the dharna.


30 October, 2015:Delhi Government increases welfare schemes and increase in benefits to Construction workers.

It is reported that the Delhi Government has increased the financial benefits of the construction workers, mostly migrant workers. The increase is in Assistance for education, marriage of daughters, maternity benefit, pension benefit, advance for purchase of house, loans, medical assistance etc. Most of these benefits has doubled or more. For example Maternity Benefit is increased from Rs.10,000 to Rs. 30,000; Marriage of daughters from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 51,000; Death benefit from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 etc. etc.


There are crores of construction workers in Delhi, migrant or other wise. The Delhi government has to ensure that not only announcement is made, but it is faithfully implemented.


23 October, 2015:Meeting with GM (Restrg) on Contract labour issues.

Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF, met Shri A.M.Gupta, GM(Restructuring) on 21st October 2015, and discussed about the non-implementation of the labour laws including minimum wage, EPF, ESI etc. are in many circles. GM (Restg.) assured that the issue has already been seriously taken by the Management and orders are already issued for correct report from the Circles so that the same could be forwarded to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labour. Com. Namboodiri handed over the details of some SSAs in U.P. (East) to the GM, where brutal exploitation of contract labour is taking place. On 21.10.2015, a reminder letter was also sent to all the CGMs in the matter, by the Corporate Office.


23 October, 2015:Bonus calculation wage limit increased to Rs. 7,000 – Eligibility ceiling increased to Rs. 21,000.

The Cabinet has decided to double the wage ceiling for calculating bonus to Rs 7,000 per month for factory workers and establishments with 20 or more workers.


“The Payment of Bonus (Amendment) Bill, 2015 to enhance the monthly bonus calculation ceiling to Rs 7,000 per month from existing Rs 3,500 was approved by Union Cabinet here,” a source said after the Cabinet meeting. The eligibility ceiling for grant of bonus also will be increased from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 21,000. This amendment will be effective from 1st April 2015.


This amendment in the Act to increase wage ceiling and bonus calculation ceiling was one of assurances given by the Centre after 10 central trade unions went on a historic one-day strike on September 2.


21 October, 2015:BSNLCCWF - Meeting of Parliament Standing Committee on Labour.

On 12th October 2015, a meeting of the Parliament Committee on Labour was held at Oberoi Hotel, Mumbai.<<views of the meeting>>


20 October, 2015:Meeting with GM(Restructuring) on Contract Labour issues.

Coms. VAN Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF and KG Jayaraj, GS, AIBDPA met Shri Gupta, GM(Restructuring) today, 20th October 2015 and discussed about pending issues of the contract workers. GM(Restg.) assured that immediately after the meeting of the Parliamentary Standing Committee held on 12th instant, strict instructions have been issued to all the CGMs to ensure that the Minimum wages are paid and EPF, ESI etc. implemented. The evidences for having implemented is also called for. He also said that if the places are pointed out where these are not implemented, he will pursue the matter. He also stated that the management is particular that orders are implemented.


20 October, 2015:Meeting with GM(Estt.) on Casual Labour issues.

Coms.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President BSNLCCWF and K.G.Jayaraj, GS AIBDPA met Smt. Madhu Arora GM(Estt.) and discussed about the issues of the casual workers in BSNL. As per existing orders casual labour are eligible for Bonus as per CG employees, as their wages are being paid on the basis of the CDA pay scale. GM(Estt.) agreed to look in to the matter. On the issue of Gratuity to casual labours, GM stated that most probably it will be cleared in the next meeting of the BSNL Board.


20 October, 2015:Gratuity for Casual Labour.

The issue of Gratuity for casual labour was raised in the National Council meeting held on 16th October 2015. Com.P.Abhimanyu, General Secretary, BSNLEU initiated the discussion and Com.Animesh Mitra, Secretary General BSNLCCWF pointed out and explained that Gratuity is the right of the workers as part of the social security measures. The Management side informed that the BSNL Management has already approved the same and this will be decided in the next meeting of the BSNL Board.


19 October, 2015:Massive Dharna demanding PLI (Bonus).

Massive dharnas were organized in Circes / SSAs demanding payment of Productivity Linked Incentive (PLI) / Bonus to the BSNL employees and executives. The programme was organized as per the call of the Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations.


At the Corporate Office premises, New Delhi, the dharna was participated by more than 500 employees. In addition from NTR and Corporate Office, comrades came in large numbers from Haryana and UP (West). The dharna was inaugurated by Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, Patron, BSNLEU and was addressed by General Secretaries and Circle Secretaries of Unions and Associations. Com. Balbir Singh, President, BSNLEU, Com. K.G. Jayaraj, General Secretary, AIBDPA, Com. Islam Ahmed, President, NFTE, Com. Prahlad Rai, General Secretary, AIBSNLEA, Com. Aravind Dahiya, Joint Secretary, SNEA(I), Com. Suresh Kumar, General Secretary, BSNLMS, Com. Gautam, Dy. General Secretary, SNATTA and other leaders addressed.<<view photo>>



19 October, 2015:Meeting with Director (HR).

Com.V.A.N. Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF, today, 19.10.2015, met Smt. Sujata Ray, Director (HR) and discussed the following issues.


(1)   Regularisation of casual labourers.

The Federation asked for preparing a scheme for regularisation of the casual labour as was agreed to earlier. Director (HR) stated the Management is examining the case.


(2)   Committee for fixing wages, Kerala circle.

The official committee will fix the next date for the meeting in which the Federation representatives will be called.


(3)   Implementation of Minimum wage, EPF, ESI etc.

Director (HR) stated that strict instructions have been issued to ensure that the above are fully implemented. Com. Namboodiri pointed out many places where they are not implemented. Director (HR) told the Federation to give the list where the rules are not implemented.


(4)   Gratuity for casual labour.

Director (HR) assured that the issue is in the agenda of the next meeting of the BSNL Board.



17 October, 2015:Victimisation in Kerala Telecom Circle

The brutal victimisation of BSNLEU and SNEA leaders and workers in Kerala continues. In addition to the 15 comrades already suspended, 4 more have been suspended two days back.  The  CGM,Kerala, MSS Rao, who was put in ” compulsory wait” by the Corporate office, but continues in the post on the basis of High Court order,  is trying to destroy the Kerala Telecom circle, which is the main profit making circle in BSNL.


BSNLEU, SNEA and BSNLCCWF will together fight against this victimisation and harassment of union leaders and workers. Such victimisation has been vacated in the past and will be vacated now. The fate of many such corrupt officers who harassed the workers is well known. There is no doubt that history is going to be repeated.



16 October, 2015:Good response to the All India Conference – CCWF has started struggle.


(1)   West Bengal: - BSNL Casual Mazdoor Union has organized a mammoth gathering in CGMT Office, West Bengal on 13th October 2015. Recently it is being observed that the Management in West Bengal circle is harassing the Casual Contract labourers for salary payment on plea of introduction of ERP system system.  About 500 labourers from all districts in the state were present in the meeting, which started at 1200 noon and continued upto 9.00 PM. They have expressed their resentment and hard experiences too about their salary payment on in ERP. It was told in the meeting by the Casual and Contract Workers that, in some area the Management is trying to change the mode of payment for the casual labourers. In some area they are trying to make payment less amount to the casual labourers. On introduction of ERP system, now the Management is sending the cheques to the contractors directly through ERP, but the labourers are not getting the salary in cash by the contractors. So the BSNL Casual Mazdoor Union has organized this programme to settle these issues. As the Management has expressed  indifferent attitude, the day long dharna continued upto night, 9 O’clock. Prolonged discussion took place with CGM, West Bengal where GM (Finance) and GM (HR) were also present. Ultimately when CGM assured that the problem will be settled within a month and no pay cut or less payment will  happen, then the dharna programme was withdrawn. The leadership of the Casual Mazdoor Union and BSNL Employees Union including Com. Tapas Ghosh, Circle Secretary and Animesh Mitra, Secretary General, BSNL CCWF, took part in the discussion.


(2)   Temporary Status Casual Mazdoors started hunger strike at Tezpur from 12th October: - 213 TSM labourers has started hunger strike in Tezpur before General Manager’s office. These casual mazdoors had got the TSM status in DoT period in the year 1996 which was withdrawn by the BSNL Management in the year 2010. BSNL Employees Union and the Casual Mazdoor union were trying to settle the issue with the Management. But the Management was trying to bypass the issue on plea that it is a subjudice and vigilance issue. In the last All India Conference of the BSNL Casual Contract Workers Federation, this problem was highlighted by the delegates from Assam. Both Central Head Quarters, BSNLEU & BSNLCCWF is committed to convey the message of the hunger strike to the Corporate Office for settle the issue without further delay. It is learnt that the CGMT, Assam has rushed to Tezpur and invited the leadership for the discussion to settle the issue. 


(3)   CWC meeting of CCWF in UP (East) will be held at Lucknow: - In the All India Conference it is reported by the delegates from the UP (East) that the Casual and Contract labourers in UP (East) are being harassed to get their proper wages, social securities. The leaders are also being retrenched from service as they are involved in the union activities. To discuss all these problems and to find out solutions the circle union has decided to organize their working committee meeting at Lucknow in the first week of November 2015. The leaders of the Casual Contract Workers Federation will also be present in the meeting to guide them to decide the future course of action.


16 October, 2015:Kerala – Wages increased for Plantation Workers after sustained struggle.

After 17 days of heroic sustained struggle, the Plantation managements have been compelled to increase the wages of the plantation workers in Kerala. In the meeting of the Government, Owners and Unions held on 14th October 2015, agreement was reached as follows: Tea and Coffee estates workers: Increase from Rs. 232 to Rs. 301. Cardamom estates workers: From Rs. 267 to Rs. 330. Rubber estates from Rs. 317 to Rs. 381. By adding other benefits the Tea and Coffee workers will get Rs. 436, Cardamom   workers Rs. 478 and Rubber workers Rs. 436. The strike has been withdrawn on the basis of the agreement. Hearty Congratulations to the workers and unions of Plantations in Kerala !


14 October, 2015:Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labour – Detailed report.

Meeting of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labour at Mumbai on 12th October 2015.

A meeting of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labour was held at Oberoi Hotel, Mumbai, on the Issues of casual and contract labour in BSNL. The meeting was attended by Coms. V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF, Animesh Mitra, Secretary General, John Verghese, Asst. General secretary, BSNLEU and N.K.Nalwade, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU, Maharashtra. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Virendra Kumar, M.P., Chairman of the Committee and was attended by more than 15 Members of Parliament. The Chief Labour Commissioner (Central), The Central EPF Commissioner and the Central ESI Commissioner were also present.


The union leaders pointed out that despite many efforts on the part of the union, the BSNL Management has not taken any effort for the regularization of the more than 4000 left out casual labours. Either they can be regularized in the same way as done by the Customs, Income Tax, Central Excise etc. as per the directions of the DOP and T or by preparing a scheme as proposed in the SC judgment itself. The EPF has been implemented w.e.f. 01-10-2000 for Casual labour and the same should be made applicable to the contract labour also. The wages of the casual labour should be fixed as the minimum scale of BSNL, instead of DOT since they are working in BSNL for the last 15 years.


Minimum Wages should be ensured to the contract, which is not implemented in many states. Specific instances like UP, Maharashtra Circles were pointed out.  The brutal exploitation of contract labour was explained with detailed information. Social Security measures like ESI and EPF are not implemented in most of the places. The regularization of contract labour was also raised. The unions also requested for an inquiry in the matter of non-implementation of the labour laws. A detailed Memorandum on all the issues was presented to the Chairman, Standing Committee with copy to all the MPs and Labour Officers along with a copy of the book published by the BSNLCCWF on the casual contract workers.


The Chairman and other Members of the Committee appreciated our points and stated that they will discuss the same with the Management.


After the evidence of the Unions, the BSNL Management was called. CMD BSNL, Director (HR), GM(Estt) and other senior officers attended the meeting from the management side.


13 October, 2015:Meeting at CGM Office Mumbai.

A well attended meeting was held on 12.10.2015, at CGM office Mumbai organised by BSNL Employees Union. A large number of contract casual workers were also present. Com. Ganesh Hinge presided. Coms. V.A.N.Namboodiri, Patron BSNLEU and President BSNLCCWF, Animesh Mitra, Secretary General. BSNLCCWF and Vice-President BSNLEU, John Verghese, All India Asst. General Secretary BSNLEU, N.K.Nalwade, Circle Secretary BSNLEU, Balachandra Mane, Asst. Circle Secretary BSNLEU and other leaders addressed focussing the issues of workers. All the leaders were honoured at the meeting by presenting flower bouquets. The questions raised by the members were replied to by the leaders.


12 October, 2015:BSNLCCWF- Meeting of Parliament Standing Committee on Labour

Today, 12th October 2015, a meeting of the Parliament Committee on Labour was held at Oberoi Hotel, Mumbai. BSNLCCWF leaders Com.VAN Namboodiri, President, Com.Animesh Mitra, Secretary General, BSNLCCWF, Com.John Verghese, AGS, Com.N.K.Nalwade, Circle Secretary BSNLEU participated and presented the issues of casual contract workers effectively. The Chairman and Members of Parliament present appreciated the points raised by the unions. The Chief Labour Commissioner (Central), Central EPF Commissioner, Chief ESI Commissioner and other Labour officers were present.
After the evidence of union, the evidence from CMD BSNL and other BSNL officers were taken. The details of discussion will be intimated.


08 October, 2015:Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labour meets on 12th October on BSNL Casual Contract Labour issues

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labour will meet at Mumbai on 12th October 2015 to take evidence on the Casual contract labour in BSNL. Five-Six meetings have already been held and BSNLCCWF had given evidence every time. Com.VAN Namboodiri, President, Com. Animesh Mitra Secretary General and other BSNLCCWF leaders are expected to attend the sitting of the meeting.



08 October, 2015:The New Office Bearers of BSNLCCWF

The full list of Office-Bearers elected at the All India Conference of BSNLCCWF are given below:


President                   : Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri

Wkg. President           : Com. Tapas Ghosh

Vice-Presidents          : Com. P.Abhimanyu

: Com. K.R.Yadav

: Com. Cheluvaraj (Karnataka)

: Com. Murugaiah (T.Nadu)

: Com. Akhilesh Banerjee (W.Bengal)

Secretary General   : Com. Animesh Mitra

Asst. Secretary Generals: Com. N.Suresh (Kerala)

: Com. M.Wabengrenla (NE.II)

: Com. C.Palanichami (T.Nadu)

: Com. Bishwanath Behura (Odisha)

: Com. Haridwar Yadav (UP East)

Treasurer                   : Com. Tapos Banerjee

Organising Secretaries   : Com. Sonia Arora (UP West)

: Com. N.R.Somasekharan Nair (Kerala)

: Com. Prasanjit Saha (NE.I)

: Com. Bikas Baruah (Assam)

: Com. Arup Sarkar (Kolkata)

: Com.Shabrish Kumar (Karnataka)

: Com. T.Kasi (Chennai)


Auditor                         : Com. Saibal Sengupta.


08 October, 2015:AIC BSNLCCWF – Resolution on Policy and Programme

The Resolution on Policy and Programmme adopted by the All India Conference of AIBSNLCCWF held at Nagercoil on 3-4 October 2015 is given below:


Resolution on Policy and Programme

This All 3rd All India Conference of BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation, held at Nagercoil on 3-4 October 2015, after serious deliberations on the issues of casual and contract workers and reviewing the sustained struggles that have been organised, heartily congratulate the workers for their effective participation in the action programmes.


However, the government as well as the BSNL Management, has not taken any effective step to settles the issues. Instead, the management has started victimisation of workers, including retrenchment. In such a situation, the AIC, after detailed discussion has decided to organise agitational programmes on the following long pending demands:




1)      Regularisation of Casual and Contract Labour.

2)      Casual labour wage to be the lowest wage in BSNL, instead of in DOT

3)      Equal Pay for equal work.

4)      Minimum Wage of Rs. 15,000/-

5)      Implementation of Social security Measures like EPF, ESI, Gratuity etc.

6)      Grant of Bonus

7)      HRA/Quarter facility to casual contract workers.

8)      Leave, Paid Weekly Off and Paid Holidays.

9)      EPF Account to be opened by BSNL, instead of contractor.

10)  Issue of Identity Card by BSNL

11)  Immediate steps required, including procurement of equipment for the revival and improvement of BSNL services.

12)  Vacate Victimisation – Reinstate all retrenched workers.

13)  Compassionate engagements.

14)  Funeral expenses to the family of deceased worker.

15)  Convert Part-Time workers to full time worker.


Programmes of Action


1)      Immediate formation of BSNLCCWF in all Circles/SSAs, wherever it has not been formed. Make all out efforts for strengthening the organisation. Massive campaign to be organised in all circles/SSAs.    –   October, November 2015.

2)      Demonstrations in all SSAs in November 2015. (date will be fixed and intimated)

3)      Demonstration at Circle offices – December 2015 (date will be fixed and intimated).

4)      Relay Hunger Strike – February 2016 (dated will be fixed and intimated).


The next CEC which will be held in February – March 2016 will finalise the next programme of action, including strike.


In order to implement the programmes effectively, BSNLCCWF should be formed in all places, should be strengthened and all the casual and contract workers are brought to the fold of BSNLCCWF. Serious, massive and active campaign should be organised for the purpose.





07 October, 2015:Start Organising BSNLCCWF units in all SSAs

The 3rd All India Conference of the BSNLCCWF has called upon the workers to organise units of the organisation in all the SSAs within a short period. The Circle Secretaries are requested to take the initiative. If all India leaders are required, Secretary General Com. Animesh Mitra or President Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri is to be contacted, who will arrange the same.


The Conference has declared ” 2016 – Year of the Casual and Contract Labour” with the target of settling the major issues in the year. Strong organisation is required for implementing the same. Massive campaign be organised as also meeting the M.P.s, MLAs etc. Wherever, labour laws are not implemented, this should be brought to the notice of the Labour Commissioner, EPF Commissioner etc. Seek the help of BSNLEU leaders and workers in all places.


Start work now! It is the future of the casual and contract workers! It is the future of BSNL!


05 October, 2015:Anti-Victimisation Convention at Thiruvananthapuram by BSNLEU, SNEA, BSNLCCWF.

The Anti-Victimisation Convention held at Thiruvananthapuram on 5th October 2015 by BSNLEU, SNEA and BSNLCCWF was massively attended with comrades coming from all parts of the state. The Bankmen’s Hall, where the convention was held was full and overflowing with comrades.


The Convention was presided by Com. George Verghese, Circle Secretary SNEA and Chairman of the Joint Action Committee. Com. K.Mohanan, Circle Secretary BSNLEU Kerala Circle and Convener of the JAC welcomed all the participants and the invitees. He narrated the developments consequent to the agitation by the Casual Contract workers and employees and the arrogant way the CGM dealt with the same and victimised the leaders of BSNLEU and SNEA, who fully supported the struggle. Coms. V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF, P.Abhimanyu, General Secretary, BSNLEU, Rajan, Treasurer, SNEA, P.V.Chandrasekharan, senior leader, Animesh Mitra, General Secretary, BSNLCCWF, Saibal Sen Gupta, N.R.Somasekharan Nair, Circle Secretary, CCLU,Treasurer, BSNLEU, Pratap Kumar Asst. General Secretary, BSNLEU, Vijayakumar, Org. Secretary, R.Muralidharan Nair, former AGS, BSNLEU, Muralidharan, Circle secretary, P.III Union, Bhagya Lakshmi, Convener, Mahila Committee and many other leaders addressed the convention.


All the speakers in strong words condemned the victimisation of 15 comrades, who were issued with charge sheet, suspended and also filed FIR against them. The Arrogant CGM MSS Rao, who is in the ‘Agreed List’ (list of persons against whom vigilance cases are there) is trying to disturb the services in the circle as also victimising the union workers. He was transferred, but by going to court he got stay and is clinging to his post in Thiruvananthapuram. The convention congratulated the workers for their sustained struggle and assured that all efforts would be made to ensure that the transfer of the concerned CGM is immediately got implemented.


The victimised workers and leaders were honoured by the house. All India leaders who were present assured that  the CGM will be transferred and victimisation will  be nullified.


05 October, 2015:BSNLCCWF calls for strengthening Organisation.

The Third all India Conference of the BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation (BSNLCCWF) held at Nagercoil on 3-4 October 2015 has called upon the workers to strengthen the organisation to enable it to continue its struggles for achievement of the long pending demands. Without a strong organisation, it is most difficult to compel the management to accede to our demands.


What is to be done?

While BSNLCCWF is very strong in a few circles, it is functioning well in many circles, there are still circles where either it is to be formed or is in the initial stage of forming. Workers are afraid of joining the association in some other places. the message of the union and our efforts for settling the issues also have not reached in some other places. Hence it is necessary that the first step is to ensure that each and every SSA in the country should have the units of the BSNLCCWF. All India and Circle leaders should identify these SSAs and start meeting the workers in these places for formation of BSNLCCWF. Branches should be formed, subscription should be collected, issues should be taken with the BSNL Management and regular functioning should start.


In this effort, maximum help is required from the regular workers and their organisations. BSNL Employees Union, who has taken initiative for forming BSNLCCWF, is fully in support and its General Secretary Com.P.Abhimanyu, is the Vice-President of BSNLCCWF. In  most of the circles the circle secretary of BSNLEU is the Circle president of BSNLCCWF. It should be in the same way in the SSAs also.


This process should start immediately. Within two months, by December 2015, we should be able to form the union in most of the places, it not every where. This is the first target and mission  the All India Conference has given to us. Let us fulfill it. The mission has to be completed.


04 October, 2015:BSNLCCWF Conference started at Nagercoil

The Third All India Conference of BSNL Casual Contract Workers Federation started at Nagercoil, T.Nadu on 3rd October and will continue till 4th October 2015. Before starting the session, a enthusiastic jatha(Procession) was held starting from the GM Office to the Conference hall at Sumanagali Kalyana Mandapam. With red banners, flags of the union with shouting of slogans, the jatha was watched by a large number of people. At the Conference site, the National Flag was hoisted by Com. VAN Namboodiri, President of BSNLCCWF and the red flag of the union by its Secretary General, Tapas Ghosh. All the comrades paid homage to the martyrs by putting flowers on the Martyrs column erected near the entrance.


The inaugural session was presided by Com. VAN Namboodiri, President of the Federation. A resolution paying homage to the martyrs was moved by the chair and comrades stood in silence for one minute. Com. A.V.Bellarmin,ex.MP and Chairman of the Reception Committee welcome all. All the guests and leaders were garlanded and honoured.


Com.VAN Namboodiri, in his presidential address called upon the workers to continue maximum efforts for better service. He explained the present position of the issues of the workers and stated the need for continuous struggle. Com.A.K.Padmanabhan, President, CITU, inaugurated the AIC. He touched upon the international and national issues. He spoke about WFTU and its role in the present situation. Issues of the workers were also touched. Coms. P.Abhimanau, GS BSNLEU, Mohan Doss, AIBDPA Vice-President, Animesh Mitra, and Com. Tapas Ghosh, Secretary General addressed the Conference. Com.C.Vinod, Secretary Reception Committee proposed vote of thanks. In the afternoon, the delegate session started presided by Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri. The session will continue tomorrow.<<view of the conference>> <<view of the rally>>


29 September, 2015:Meeting of JAC BSNLEU, SNEA, BSNLCCWF at Thiruvanathapuram on 5th October 2015

The Joint Action Committee of BSNLEU, SNEA(I) and CCLU (BSNLCCWF) Kerala Circle is organising a Convention at Thiruvananthapuram on 5th October 2015 which will be addressed by Com.P.Abhimanyu, General Secretary, BSNLEU, Com.K.Sebastin, General Secretary, SNEA(I) and  Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF.  

The Kerala BSNL workers under the leadership of the three unions are conducting sustained militant struggles on the demands of the Contract workers and also against suspension and other victimisation of the leaders and workers of BSNLEU and SNEA. 

Revolutionary greetings to the heroic comrades of Kerala BSNL circle, who will continue the struggle till victory!




28 September, 2015:EPF and Gratuity for contract workers.

Now that the EPF w.e.f. 01-10-2000 has been implemented and Gratuity is being finalised in the next BSNL Board Meeting, BSNLCCWF has taken up the issue of EPF and gratuity for contract workers to be implemented and from the same date. Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF discussed the matter with the BSNL Management.


28 September, 2015:Nagercoil ready for hosting prepares for All India Conference of BSNLCCWF.

The Reception Committee of All India Conference of BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation to be held at Nagercoil on 3-4 October 2015 is finalising all the arrangement for holding the same in an effective way. The Comrades under the leadership of Com. Bellarmin, Ex-MP, Chairman, C.Palanichami, Working President and C.Vinod, Convener are sparing no pains make the Conference a big success.


It is only 4 days to start the AIC. Delegates from North East, Assam etc. have already started since they do not have direct trains to Nagercoil. Delegates from other states will start by tomorrow and day after tomorrow.


Information for the Delegates


Conference venue : Sumangali Kalyana Mandapam, Opp : Gopala Pillai Hospital, Near Collector office, KP Road , Nagercoil 629 001


Those who are coming by Train: Nagercoil Junction Nagercoil Railway station to Conference venue  : 2 KMs Via Railway Feeder Road, Kottar Church, KP Road i.e Trivandrum Road, Chettikulam Junction, KP Road, Sumangali Mandapam ( Auto fare Rs. 70 to 80 Rs.)


Those who are coming by bus except Trivandrum will reach Vadasery Bus stand From Vadasery Bus stand to Conference Hall : 2 KM Frequent Circular Bus:  Parvathipuram to Parvathipuram Bus stop : Gopala Pillai Hospital.


Auto fare Rs. 70 to 80 Rs.


Those who are coming by Bus from Trivandrum Collector Office Stop : Walkable distance.



28 September, 2015:Gratuity to Casual workers in BSNL

The Remuneration Committee of BSNL has approved the Gratuity Scheme for the casual workers engaged in BSNL. BSNLCCWF has taken the issue with the Parliamentary Standing Committee, after which the BSNL Management started the process. The BSNL Management Committee after approving the scheme has sent it to the Remuneration Committee which has adopted the same. Now the next meeting of the BSNL Board is expected to approve the same after which orders could be issued.


According to the scheme the benefit will be available w.e.f. 01-10-2000. the date on which BSNL was formed. This is a great achievement for the casual labours.


22 September, 2015:BSNLCCWF Demonstration today, 22.09.2015.

On the major issues of the BSNL Casual and Contract workers, demonstrations are being held today at SSA levels demanding settlement of the demands raised in the Charter of Demands submitted to the BSNL Management. The decision was taken by the CEC of the BSNLCCWF. BSNLCCWF All India Conference being held at Nagercoil on 3-4 October 2015 will discuss all these issues and chalk out Programmes of Action for the settlement of the same.


Towards Nagercoil AIC ! 2015- The Year of the Casual and Contract Workers!


16 September, 2015:BSNLCCWF All India Conference.

The All India Conference of BSNLCCWFwill be held at Nagercoil in T.Nadu on 3-4 October 2015. The contact No of the Reception Committee Convener is Com. C.Vinod Kumar, Convener, Reception Committee, III AIC BSNLCCWF: 9442692777. <<view invitation>>


14 September, 2015:No end to exploitation of casual contract workers in UP

Despite of bringing the brutal exploitation of contract labour in UP even to the notice of the Prime Minister, no improvement has taken place. The wages for the last many months have not been paid. The workers were being paid only Rs. 1500-2000. This has to be changed. The top management keeps stoic silence against this injustice. Struggle is the only way. Strengthen the organisation for a tough fight.


14 September, 2015:Protest Demonstrations by BSNLEU, SNEA, BSNLCCWF

As per call of BSNLEU, SNEA and BSNLCCWF, protest demonstrations were held in the CGM office premises protesting against the victimisation of union leaders and demanding the immediate transfer of Kerala CGM MSS Rao, against whom corrupt charges are alleged. Kerala Telecom workers in struggle for the last one and half months against the CGM’s wrong actions and on the demand of the casual and contract workers. They are starting Satyagraha and Non-cooperation movement from tomorrow in Kerala Circle.


In Corporate Office, BSNL, New Delhi, also demonstrations were held. Coms. V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF, Swapan Chakraborty, Offg. GS BSNLEU, G.L.Jogi, Chairman SNEA, A.A.Khan, President SNEA and K.Sebastin, General Secretary SNEA addressed.


After the demonstration, the union leaders served notice on the BSNL Management intimating their decision to go on Hunger Strike from 17th September on the above issues and demonstration in Circle/SSA Offices.


10 Septeber, 2015:IIIrd All India Conference of BSNLCCWF will be held at Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu) on 03 - 04 October, 2015 .<view poster>>



10 Septeber, 2015:BSNLCCWF Third AIC at Kanyakumari on 3-4 October 2015

The Third All India Conference of  BSNL Casual Contract Workers Federation will be held at Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu on 3-4 October 2015. The two days conference will be inaugurated by Com. A.K.Padmanabhan, President CITU at 10.00 AM on 3rd October 2015. All India TU and BSNLEU leaders will address the Conference.


All arrangements are being made by the Reception Committee to make the Conference successful. The number of delegates from each circle may be intimated to the Secretary General BSNLCCWF as also to the Reception Committee urgently.


02 September, 2015:History created – 15 crore workers on Strike.

Once again history is created. The General Strike today is estimated to have been participated by more than 15 crore workers. The call given by the  10 Central Trade Unions and the federations and associations of various sector unions, including CG Employees, Defence, State Govt. employees, PSUs including telecom/BSNL, have been an unprecedented success.


In BSNL, the strike has been almost complete. BSNL Employees Union had participated in all the strike called by the Central trade Unions till date.


The Casual and Contract Workers all over India participated in a big way. In states like W.Bengal, Kerala, T.Nadu, Karnataka, Assam, the strike has been complete. Reports of successful strike is pouring from all the circles.


BSNL _DOT Pensioners on the call of AIBDPA organised demonstrations in support of the Strike in many places.


The government’s claim that it is addressing the concerns of the workers has been completely rejected by the workers. Modi Government has failed to settle even one demand raised by the CTUs. While lakhs of crores of rupees are gifted to the corporates through tax waival, concessions etc. the workers and the people at large are completely ignored.


The struggle will continue for abetter deal to the workers and the common people!


Revolutionary Greetings to all the participants in the strike! You have once again created history!


24 August, 2015:Meeting of CEC of BSNLCCWF at New Delhi on 4th September 2015

An Emergent Meeting of the BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation (BSNLCCWF) will be held at New Delhi on 4th September 2015. Notice has been issued which is posted in the BSNLCCWF website. SMS has also been sent to the CEC Members. They have been requested to intimate their time of arrival so that arrangements can be made. The ensuing All India conference on 3-4 October 2015 and other urgent matters necessitated the emergent meeting.


20 August, 2015:Kerala Agitation settled – Strike, Non-Cooperation withdrawn- Congratulations!

Information has been received from Kerala that on the basis of the discussions between Shri N.K.Gupta, Director(CFA), BSNL and BSNLEU, SNEA, BSNLCCWF and the decisions arrived at, the Strike by the BSNLCCWF and Non-Cooperation by BSNLEU, SNEA has been withdrawn. The details will be intimated later.


Hearty Congratulations and Revolutionary Greetings to the militant workers of Kerala Circle BSNL for their sustained struggle and mighty achievement! We express our appreciation to the Management for the discussion and settlement. We hope that whatever the service has suffered during the 45 days of agitation will be made good and that the Kerala Circle will continue to lead both in better service and more profit.


18 August, 2015:Kerala Agitation – Meeting with CMD BSNL

Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, Patron, BSNLEU and President, BSLCCWF had an exhaustive discussion today, 18th August 2015,  with Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL on the issues connected with the strike of CCLU Kerala and the non-cooperation programme by BSNLEU and SNEA. The entire issue was brought to the notice of the CMD BSNL. He appreciated our position and stated that Shri N.K.Gupta, Director (CFA) has been deputed to Thiruvananthapuram for discussing the matter with all concerned for taking necessary decision. The discussion will take place on 20th August 2015.


Com.Namboodiri, met Smt. Sujata Ray, Director (HR) as also Shri N.K.Gupta, Director(CFA) and had further discussions for settlement of the issues concerned without further delay. Both the Directors agreed that an early solution is necessary. They also assured that the meeting on 20th August at Thiruvnanthapuram is fixed and the issues will be sorted out.



14 August, 2015:Kerala Struggle continues – CMD contacted.

The struggle by the Kerala BSNL comrades are continuing under the leadership of CCLU, BSNLEU and SNEA. The non-cooperation started on 12th August is continuing with full participation of the workers and employees.  The non-implementation of the agreement with regard to the interim relief of Rs.100/- per day for the contract workers by the management has created the new situation and renewed struggle.


Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, Patron BSNLEU and President, BSNLCCWF spoke to Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL from UK and impressed upon him the urgency to approve the agreement on the interim additional wages and create an amicable situation. He informed that even now the wages of contract labour are far below the ordinary wages of workers in Kerala which are about Rs. 650/- per day. Though the demand was for an additional Rs. 200/, the interim relief agreed was Rs. 100/ only. CMD stated that he has already directed Shri N.K.Gupta, Director to go to Thiruvananthapuram next week and discuss with all concerned and settle the issues. He also assured that the issue will be settled early.


13 August, 2015:Implement the Kerala BSNLCCWF Strike Agreement

One of the major decisions of the strike agreement between the BSNL Circle Management and BSNLCCWF, BSNLEU and SNEA that the wages of the contract workers will be increased by Rs. one hundred per day is yet to be implemented, resulting in the continuation of the struggle. The agreement has been reached after detailed discussion as a result of the sustained struggles of the workers. Even by increasing the wages by Rs. 100, the wages of the contract workers will be far below that of the ordinary daily workers in Kerala. We demand the management to implement the agreement without any delay.


12 August, 2015:Kerala Circle BSNLCCWF, BSNLEU, SNEA restarts agitation against violation of agreement.

Against the non-implementation and violation of the Strike agreement made between the Circle management and BSNLCCWF, BSNLEU and SNEA, all the three unions have started Non-Cooperation from 12th August 2014.


The violation of the agreement seems to be a deliberate attempt to provoke the workers and make them go on further agitation, so that the charges against the management for its inefficiency can be shelved and also the private telecom companies can benefit.


08 August, 2015:Kerala BSNL Strike – Agreement Reached: Agitation withdrawn: Congratulations!

Hearty Congratulations to the Kerala BSNL Workers! Agreement reached between the Circle management and Unions – Strike and agitation withdrawn.


We heartily Congratulate the casual and contract workers and employees of Kerala Circle for their great victory. Agreement has been reached between the three unions, BSNLCCWF, BSNLEU, SNEA and BSNL Circle management on the demands of the casual and contract workers as also in vacating the victimisation.


After the transfer of MSS Rao, CGM, the new CGM in-charge Shri Subbaiah had discussions with the unions represented by Coms. K.Mohanan, CS, BSNLEU, Sudheer, President, SNEA, Somasekharan Nair, CS CCLU at 17.30 hours. The following agreement was reached:


1)  Rs.100/- will be increased in daily wage of contract workers from the present Rs. 336/-

2)  A Committee including the Management and the representatives of the 3 unions is constituted to discuss on the demands of the workers.

3)  All the victimisation imposed in connection with the present agitation will be vacated.

4)  All the victimisation imposed on SNEA leaders in the last SNEA struggle will be vacated.

5)  The Strike of the CCLU and the Hunger Strike by BSNLEU and SNEA are withdrawn on the basis of the agreement.


We congratulate the valiant workers of Kerala for their great Victory! We thank the CHQ of all the concerned unions for the effort made by them for seriously taking up the issue with the CMD. We thank all the unions, associations and individuals for supporting and helping the struggle!


We also thank the CMD BSNL for his intervention and strong action to settle the issues and save the BSNL services in Kerala.


07 August, 2015:Impact of Kerala BSNL Strike – MSS Rao, CGM, Kerala shifted

The sustained struggle including strike by the employees as also casual and contract workers in Kerala had its effect at last. MSS Rao, CGM, Kerala, whose anti-worker actions and victimisation of union workers and leaders, has been directed by the Corporate office today, to proceed on leave immediately handing over the charge to Shri Subbiah, next senior officer. Transfer order will be issued after deciding the place of posting.


Yesterday, we had pointed out, that there is no other way, but to transfer the arrogant officer, since not only victimisation was taking place, but the entire services in Kerala were being adversely affected by his wrong decisions.


We congratulate the BSNL workers of Kerala for the sustained struggles and also the CHQ for ensuring that an opening has been made to settle the immediate issues, by the transfer of the CGM Kerala.


We hope that the new BSNL Kerala Circle in-Charge will start immediate discussion with the unions and settle the fully justified demands of the workers. No struggle is in vain. The result will come soon or later.


06 August, 2015:Forum calls for protest demonstration on 12th August against formation of Tower Company – BSNLCCWF will also participate.

Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations has called upon the BSNL employees to organise massive protest demonstrations on 12th August 2015 opposing the approval of the union cabinet to separate the BSNL towers, numbering about 65,000 in to a separate company bifurcating BSNL. The decision of the Cabinet stating that this will improve financial viability is nothing but a clever move to weaken the BSNL by reducing its revenue from the existing towers. The decision of the Forum to express its protest is in time.


BSNLCCWF calls upon its units to join the demonstrations on 12th August along with BSNL employees.


06 August, 2015:Kerala BSNLCCWF Strike – Hunger Strike by BSNLEU, SNEA

The Strike by the CCLU Kerala continues on the 4th day  with all the 6,000 and odd casual contract workers on full strike, which has completely paralysed the maintenance and development work in Kerala.


Com.K.Mohanan, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU and Com. Sudheer, Circle President SNEA, Kerala who are on Hunger Strike for the 4th day have been arrested by the police and hospitalised after the doctors declared their condition serious. Com. Pratap Kumar, AGS, BSNLEU and Com. from SNEA have started Hunger Strike in their place.


But the Circle management has not discussed the issues with the Unions so far. At New Delhi, Coms. P.Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU and K.Sebastian, GS, SNEA discussed the issue with senior officers of the BSNL, but no breakthrough so far. The CHQ leaders demanded the management to immediately take action to ensure that the issues are discussed and settled. The anti-worker actions of the CGM Kerala was fully exposed.


Today, 6th August, the AIBDPA leaders in Kerala are sitting in dharna in solidarity with the striking workers and supporting the demands of the casual contract workers. BSNLCCWF CHQ has called upon their units at Circle and SSA levels to organise Protest Demonstration on 7th August supporting the struggle and demanding the management to discuss and settle the issues. More and more support are coming from the working calss in kerala.


Congratulations to the Kerala BSNL employees and workers for the sustained struggles despite victimisation and terror tactics! We shall fight, We shall win!


05 August, 2015:BSNLCCWF Calls for demonstration on 7th August in support of Kerala CCWF Indefinite Strike

Coms.VAN Namboodiri, President and Tapas Ghosh, Secretary General, BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation have called upon all the Circle /District Secretaries to organise massive demonstrations on 7th August 2015 in support of the Indefinite Strike of the 6,000 and odd casual contract workers in Kerala which started on 3rd August demanding increase of minimum wage, upgrading of workers etc.


The Circle Secretary, BSNLEU and Circle President SNEA Kerala are on Indefinite Hunger Strike from 3rd August supporting BSNLCCWF strike, victimisation of their leaders and for TU rights and against the arrogant actions of the CGM Kerala.


BSNLCCWF CHQ fully supports the strike and Hunger Strike and has called upon all its units to organise massive demonstrations on 7th August. Make the programme participated by maximum workers.


05 August, 2015:CCLU Strike and Hunger Strike by BSNLEU-SNEA completes 3 days.

The Indefinite Strike by the Kerala Casual Contract Workers and the Indefinite Hunger Strike by Com.K.Mohanan, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU and Com.K.Sudheer, President, SNEA has completed three days. But the Circle management is not even prepared to discuss with the unions so far, despite clear assurance from the Communication Minister to the Kerala MPs and CMD assurance to the President BSNLCCWF.


The Strike and Hunger Strike is getting more and more support from the workers as also other unions and associations.  The struggle is strengthening every day. Our full support to the fully justified struggle.


04 August, 2015:Indefinite Hunger Strike and CCLU Strike started in Kerala on 03-08-2015

The  high handed anti-worker and the most provocative bureaucratic attitude of the CGMT, Kerala is spoiling the industrial relations in Kerala Circle. No doubt, this will certainly affect the services adversely. Kerala is the only Circle which has achieved a profit of Rs.400 crore and CGMT shamelessly is not prepared to give credit to anybody else for the same. It is a well known fact that the profit could be earned due to the collective hard work of the entire staff including the casual/contract workers.


The casual/contract workers were compelled to resort to agitational programmes as the Circle Administration did not care to discuss their genuine demands including wage hike and implementation of the agreement by the circle administration consequent on a glorious strike of 16 days in August,2013. BSNL CCLU leaders had started an indefinite fast from 9th July,2015 as the CGMT continued his negative attitude. Meanwhile a number of BSNLEU leaders including the Circle Secretary have been victimized with dies-non, show cause notice etc alleging that the have helped the CCLU agitation. Of late, one of the SNEA leader is transferred when most of the earlier cases of victimization during the SNEA agitation have not been settled despite specific directive from the BSNL corporate office.


All these compelling circumstances have contributed to launch an indefinite strike by the BSNL CCLU in Kerala Circle and BSNLEU and SNEA an indefinite fast before the CGMT office, Thiruvananthapuram from 3rd August, 2015. The Strike of the casual contract workers is full in all over the Circle.


Com.K.Mohanan, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU and Com.K.Sudheer, Circle President, SNEA have started the indefinite fast at 10AM on 3rd August. Com.M.Chandran M L A inaugurated the fast. Com.P.V.Chandrasekharan, All India Patron, AIBDPA presided. Com.K.Mohanan spoke initially detailing the developments which made the agitation imperative.Com.G.Premkumar, Circle Treasurer, Com.T.Santhosh Kumar, District Secretary, SNEA, Com.R.Muraleedharan Nair, Former AGS,BSNLEU and Com.S.Ashok Kumar, District Secretary, Confederation addressed. There was an unprecedented gathering of workers with large number of lady comrades reflecting the anguish and anger against the negative approach of the CGMT.(Courtesy:AIBDPA)


03 August, 2015:Kerala Struggle – CMD asked to intervene immediately

The BSNL employees and the casual contract workers in Kerala are in serious struggle. Due to the adamant and anti-worker actions of the CMD BSNL, Kerala, M.S.S.Rao, the entire section of workers are in direct action. The struggle which started by the Casual Contract Labour Union(CCLU) one month back on fully justified demands by hunger strike has now strengthened by Indefinite Strike from today, 3rd August. Both Com.K.Mohanan, Circle Secretary BSNLEU and Circle President SNEA are on Hunger Strike from today against victimisation of the leaders and workers for supporting the CCLU struggle. It is also decided to go on ‘Non-Cooperation’ from 10th August onwards.


Com.VAN Namboodiri, President BSNLCCWF and Patron BSNLEU, who is in UK, called Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL, and informed about the serious situation, which is going to drastically affect the BSNL services in Kerala and the after effects to the BSNL itself. He asked the CMD to immediately intervene and direct the CGM to discuss the issues with the Unions and settle them. CMD agreed that the situation is serious and the issue has to be settled. He stated that he will immediately take necessary action.


The General Secretaries BSNLEU and SNEA in a Joint letter have also asked the CMD To intervene and settle the issue.


Congratulations to the Kerala Workers for the steadfast struggle! Your struggle is fully justified and is for the cause of the workers!



01 August, 2015:CCLU Kerala on Indefinite Strike from 3rd August 2015.

Casual and Contract Labour Union (CCLU), Kerala, has given notice to the BSNL Management that the casual contract workers in Kerala Circle, BSNL, will go on Indefinite Strike from 3rd August 2015, against the victimisation of workers, non-implementation of the assurances given after  the earlier strike, increase of minimum wage etc. The CCLU leaders have been on hunger strike for more than  last three weeks, but the BSNL Circle Management is taking an adamant stand and victimising the workers.


It is in this context that the Circle Union of CCLU( Affiliated to  BSNLCCWF) has taken the decision to go on indefinite strike from 3rd August 2015.


BSNLEU and SNEA are also going on agitation against victimisation of their leaders and workers for having supported the struggle of the casual and contract workers. BSNLCCWF CHQ expresses its full-hearted thanks to both the unions for the solidarity and active support.


We congratulate the workers for the decision to go on struggle to achieve the justified demands. BSNLCCWF CHQ demands the CMD BSNL to immediately intervene, discuss the issue with the Federation and settle the same.


28 July, 2015:BSNLEU – CCLU Kerala Circle on struggle against victimisation and on demands.

The BSNLEU and CCLU workers of Kerala Circle are on agitational path for the last three weeks on the demand of the casual contract workers and against victimisation of the union workers and leaders. Instead of discussing and settling the issues, the CGM Kerala is on a path of confrontation and is harassing and victimising the workers. He is, probably doing this in order to make the Kerala Circle, which is profitable, to loss making and also to harass the customers to favour the private companies. Circle leaders of BSNLEU, including the Circle Secretary, are victimised and their salary cut for many days. Former Convener of the Women’s Committee is transferred. SNEA District Secretary, Thiruvananthapuram is transferred to far away Kannur.


The CCLU leaders are on hunger strike for the last 24 days and many have been taken in to custody and hospitalised by the police. The hunger strike continues. Central Trade union leaders, MPs and MLAs, leaders of service organisations are part of the Struggle Aid Committee and extending all support to the fully justified struggle. CMD BSNL has been asked by the General Secretary BSNLEU and President BSNLCCWF to intervene and direct the CGM to discuss and settle the issue. It seems that the CGM is not even heeding to the advise of the CMD.


In this context it was decided to organise a massive march to the residence of CGM Kerala on 28th July 2015, but it has been deferred, due to the sad demise of former President APJ Abdul Kalam and to pay respects to his memory.


Thousands of workers had reached the CGM Office for the March. A report from the Circle Union BSNLEU is reproduced about the massive meeting held today and the decision taken for strengthening the struggle:


Report from Circle Union.

“A large number of BSNLEU &CCLU comrades from all over Kerala has assembled at CGM office premise as per the decision to march to the residence of CGMT. But because of the unexpected death of Sri.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, former President of India, we have cancelled the march to the residence of CGMT. However after observing one minute silence in respect of the departure leader, conducted a meeting lasted for 1 hour.


The combined working committee of BSNLEU and SNEA held at P&T House on 28th July and decided following programmes.

   1. Indefinite hunger strike in front of Circle office from 3rd August 2015.

   2. Demonstration in front of offices in SSAs on 3rd August 2015.

   3. Combined working committee and General body meetings.

   4. Non cooperation on 10th August 2015.


The demands are:





We fully support the struggle of the Kerala workers . We demand the CMD BSNL to immediately intervene and direct the CGM to discuss with the Unions and settle the issues. Otherwise, the struggle will be intensified further.





28 July, 2015:III AIC of BSNLCCWF – Reception Committee formed.

Tamil Nadu Circle had taken the responsibility of holding the III All India Conference of the BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation. The same will be held on 3-4 October 2015. In a meeting held at Nagerkoil on 26-07-2015, the reception Committee has been formed. The report received from the Reception Committee is published below:



Dear Comrade,

To conduct the third All India conference of BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation, a Reception Committee was formed on 26-07-2015  at Nagercoil by the Circle Union of Tamil Nadu Telecom Contract Workers Federation.


The following have been elected for the Reception Committee

Chairman                    :  Com A.V.Bellarmin Ex MP

Working President      : Com M.Murugaiah

Vice President            : Com Chellappa

                                    : Com M.Kumar

                                    : Com R.Suyambulingam    

General Secretary       : Com C.Vinothkumar

Joint General Secretary  : Com A. Babu Radhakrishnan

Dy General Secretary      : Com C. Palanichamy

Asst General Secretary   : Com A.Selvam

Treasurer                          : Com K. Viswanathan

Asst treasurer                  : Com A.Jeyapaul


Committee Members    : 1. District Secretaries and Circle office bearers of BSNLEU and TNTCWU Tamilnadu Circle are all Committee. 

                                                : Office bearers of All Trade unions in Kanyakumari Dt., Com A.Babu Radhakrishnan CS, P.Indira ACS, Com M. Christopher, Com Swamigurunathan and Com K.George DS NGC, Com N. Soosai Maria Antony DS TVL Com. M. JeyamuruganDS TT, Com Thangamohan DS CITU, Com. M.Kumar AGS BSNL CCWF have participated and addressed the formation meeting. More than hundred  contract  and regular employees have attended the meeting. Com K.Viswanathan Circle Treasurer , C.Palanichamy ACS , Radhakrishnan,  Veluchamy Circle office bearers of  TNCtWU, Com N. Sonaimuthu, DS MDU, Ravichandran, DS CBE, Selvam DS NGC , S. Ramachandran Convenor Joint Council of Trade Unions have also addressed the meeting. Various committees have been formed for conducting the Conference in a grand meeting.



General Secretary  


28 July, 2015:BSNLEU-CCLU March to CGM Kerala Residence demanding settlement of issues and vacation of victimisation.

The adamant and anti-worker actions of the CGM Kerala has compelled the BSNLEU and CCLU to continue and strengthen the struggle against victimisation and on the demands of the casual and contract workers like increasing the minimum wage, upgrading unskilled workers etc. The Hunger Strike  by the CCLU has completed 23 days and still no fruitful negotiations have taken place. Leaders of BSNLEU and SNEA who supported the struggle also have been victimised. The whims and fancies of a CGM is  adversely affecting  the efficiency of the services.


The Action Committee has decided to organise a massive March to the Residence of the CGM Kerala today, 28th July 2015. The March will be inaugurated at the CGM Office premises by Com. Anathalavattam Anandan, State President CITU and then will march towards the residence of the CGM. Hundreds of workers will be participating in the march.


Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, President BSNLCCWF and Patron BSNLEU spoke form UK to Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL and conveyed to him the grave situation existing in Kerala Circle and asked to intervene to save the situation. He assured that CGM has been asked to discuss with the union and settle the same.


27 July, 2015:Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, former President of India passes away

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, 11th President of India, and former scientist, passed away today due to cardiac arrest at Shillong, where he had gone to address a function at IIM. He was 84. Called ‘People’s President’, he was the President from July 2002 to July 2007.


The government has declared 7 days National Mourning to pay respects to the former President. We express  our deep grief and pay respectful homage to Dr. Abdul Kalam.


27 July, 2015:CCLU Kerala Agitation – CMD asked to intervene

The Hunger Strike by the CCLU leaders in Kerala has reached the 23rd day. Both the CCLU and BSNLEU leaders are on Hunger Strike demanding increased minimum wage, upgrading the workers to skilled cadres etc. No fruitful discussion has taken so far. Instead victimization is continuing. BSNLEU comrades been issued with dies-non and show cause notices. SNEA District Secretary has been transferred for supporting the agitation.  Circle office-bearers of BSNLEU are being victimised.


On the other hand more and more support and solidarity is coming for the fully justified struggle from the workers and from many other trade unions. Many comrades sitting on hunger strike have been hospitalised. The struggle is getting more and more momentum.


Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF and Patron BSNLEU, who is in UK contacted Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL today and intimated the serious situation in Kerala due to the adamant stand taken by the CGM  and asked to intervene and settle the issue. CMD stated he has already spoken to the CGM in the matter. He stated that the CGM has been asked to discuss with the union to settle the issue.


25 July, 2015:UP(East) Casual Contract Workers on Struggle.

As per decision of the BSNL Casual Contract Workers Federation, UP(East) Circle, dharnas participated by a large number of casual contract workers were held in the SSA head quarters on 21-22 July demanding payment of wages for the last many months, payment of minimum wage, implementation of ESI, EPF etc. Despite many representations wages for 6-7 months are yet to be paid in most of the SSAs. Not even one half of the Minimum wage fixed by the Labour Department is paid. Brutal exploitation is continuing, despite clear orders from the CMD BSNL based on the labour laws. It is against this brutal exploitation that the dharna has been organised. We heartily congratulate the workers for the excellent dharna. We demand the BSNL Management to accept the demands of the workers and implement the government decisions on payment of wage, EPF, ESI etc.


25 July, 2015:Kerala Casual Contract Workers struggle continues.

The Indefinite Hunger Strike by the BSNL Casual and Contract Labour Union (CCLU) in Kerala in front of the CGM Office continued for the 17th day. Various trade union organisations visited and extended solidarity. A ‘Struggle Support Committee’ including various Federations and Trade Unions was formed with Com. Sivan Kutty, MLA as Chairman and Com. K.Mohanan, Circle Secretary BSNLEU as Convener. Leaders of many trade unions including CITU, BSNLEU, SNEA, NFPE, Confederation of CG Employees and Workers, BEFI, Kerala NGO Union etc. are members of the Committee. The Committee demanded the BSNL Management to discuss the demands with the CCLU and settle the same without further delay.


BSNLEU, Kerala Circle, has organised 48 hours day-night massive Satyagraha in front of the CGM office, Thiruvananthapuram on 22-23 July 2015 demanding immediate settlement of the demands including increase in the minimum wage, upgradation of workers etc. BSNLEU and CCLU together are organising a massive March to Residence of CGM  Thiruvananthapuram on 28th July as part of the struggle. We demand the BSNL Corporate Office and Kerala Circle to discuss the issue with the Unions and settle the demands urgently.


25 July, 2015:CCLU Agitation in Kerala – Solidarity by BSNLEU, AIBDPA etc.

The casual contract workers in BSNL, Kerala Circle are on an agitation from 22nd June, 2015. Then they started an indefinite hunger fast before the CGMT office  from 6th July,2015 as there has been no positive response from the Circle administration to settle the genuine demands. The leaders of the BSNL CCLU , Kerala Circle are participating in the fast. Though a conciliation meeting was held at the initiative of the Chief Labour Commissioner, Kerala, the talk failed as the Circle administration failed to send a responsible officer with proper authority to the said meeting. The CGMT is playing a hide and seek game in the agitation by his conspicuous absence in the office most of the period. At the same time he is making all sort of provocations by issuing memos virtually banning the agitation. He has also dared  to victimize the BSNLEU leaders including the Circle Secretary alleging participation in the agitation.


It is in this background that BSNLEU Circle Union was compelled to call for a day/night dharna at all SSAs in Kerala on 22-23 July, 2015 demanding immediate intervention of the CGMT to settle CCLU agitation.  The mass day/night Dharna before the CGMT office, Thiruvananthapuram was inaugurated by Com.Raju Abraham M L A on 22nd morning. Com.K.G.Jayaraj, General Secretary, AIBDPA, Com.P.V. Chandrasekharan, All India Patron, AIBDPA and a host of leaders addressed the dharna and offered support. (Courtesy: AIBDPA)


11 July, 2015:BSNL Kerala Contract Workers on struggle

BSNL Contract workers as per the call of the CCLU Kerala is on struggle on the basis of the Charter of Demands presented to the Management. These include higher wage, upgrading workers to skilled workers, against reducing of hours of work etc. After organising dharnas in front of GMs and CGM Offices, Circle Secretary, Com.N.R.Somasekharan Nair and Com. B.Babu, Asst. Treasurer are on Hunger Strike in front of CGM Office Thiruvananthapuram since 6th July 2015. Management had earlier called for discussion, but no settlement could be reached due to the adamant stand taken by the Circle management. BSNLEU Workers organised protest meetings in all centres against victimisation of Circle BSNLEU leaders for supporting the agitation and participating in the action programmes of the CCLU. BSNLCCWF CHQ demands the circle management to discuss the charter of demands with the unions, vacate the victimisation etc. thus paving way for a settlement.


11 July, 2015:Payment to TSM/Casual labour – Meeting with CMD BSNL

Com.VAN Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF, met Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL on 8th July and discussed about the payment of wages to the TSM/Casual labour. He strongly opposed the proposal to divert the payment through vendors instead of directly paying by ETR system. CMD agreed to look in to the matter. He was also of the opinion that there is no need to change the present system of direct payment.


03 July, 2015:BSNL Contract workers on struggle in Kerala Circle.

The thousands of casual/contract workers of BSNL in Kerala are on struggle demanding regularisation, increase in wages, implementation of EPF, ESI etc. The Satyagraha being held in front of offices of GMs has completed 10 days, but the management has not even called the CCLU for discussion. On 02.07.2015, Com.VAN Namboodiri, President BSNLCCWF inaugurated the satyagraha at PGM Office Kozhikode and expressed solidarity and support.


03 July, 2015:Victimisation of contract workers

Brutal exploitation of contract workers engaged in BSNL is taking place in many centres. After formation of BSNLCCWF, it goy many orders issue to safeguard the interest of the workers. However exploitation continues, sometime with the connivance of corrupt officers.

When the contract workers protest against the exploitation, they are retrenched. I am getting a lot of calls from contract workers about retrenchment. I have advised them to take such   cases through BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF for settlement.
My request once again to BSNLEU leaders is that along with your own cases take up and assist contract workers also


03 July, 2015:Meeting of BSNLCCWF at Bengaluru

A meeting of the BSNLCCWF, Bengaluru was held at the CITU office, Bengaluru on 29th June 2015. Comrades from Bengaluru as well as some comrades from nearby stations attended. The meeting was addressed by Comrades C.K.Gundanna, Circle President, Mahantesh, Circle Secretary, BSNLCCWF, H.V.Sudershan, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU and Cheluvaraju, All India Office-bearer, BSNLCCWF.


Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, All India President, BSNLCCWF addressed the meeting and briefed the house about the present position of the demands of the casual and contract workers, the discussion with the Parliamentary Standing Committee, the 2nd September Strike, revival of BSNL, AIC at Kanyakumari and connected matters.


The meeting decided to organise agitational programmes for settlement of the urgent demands. It also unanimously decided to participate in the 2nd September strike called for by the Central trade Unions. The meeting also decided to strengthen the organisation by making all workers as members of the union.



30 May, 2015:J & K Casual, contract workers gherao state secretariat.

Hundreds of casual, contractual and daily wage employees gheraoed the J&K state secretariat on 28th May, demanding regularisation and other important issues. They were arrested and kept in custody by the police. The exploitation of these workers should end. They should be regularised. Justice should be meted out to them.


30 May, 2015:Meeting with CMD BSNL on Regularisation of Left Out Casual Labour.

Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF met Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL, on 26th May 2015 and discussed about the regularisation of the left out TSM/Casual labours, numbering about 3500. Com. Namboodiri pointed out the various decisions on the issue as also the fact that regularisation has taken in similar cases in the Central Government departments. He also gave a detailed letter in the subject to the CMD BSNL. CMD BSNL was sympathetic and agreed to look in to the matter.


Com.VAN also met Smt. Madhu Arora, GM(Estt.) and discussed the various issues of the casual and contract workers like regularisation, gratuity, pay scale of the casual labour etc. GM(Estt.) agreed to examine  all these matters.


08 May, 2015:Brutal Exploitation of Casual Contract Workers in BSNL.

I had thought that BSNL being a PSU and run by committed management, there will be not much exploitation of the casual and contract workers engaged in BSNL. I thought that the field management will be able to control the contractors and ensure minimum wage, EPF etc. to the contract workers.


But, unfortunately, this has not happened. In most of the circles, the contract workers are being paid very less than the minimum wage, some times even less than one third. Even after bringing these cases to the notice of the SSA management, neither action is taken against the contractor nor the latter is compelled to pay the minimum wages fixed by the labour Department and intimated by the CMD BSNL to the Circles/Districts.


And those leaders of the casual and Contract Workers Federation(BSNLCCWF), who are raising these issues are retrenched from work.


Is the BSNL management is hearing? Will they take any action?


08 May, 2015:Contractual Workers in Jammu and Kashmir on Struggle demanding Regularisation.

Police today used water cannons and batons to disperse hundreds of Jammu and Kashmir government employees who tried to march towards the Civil Secretariat here to protest in support of their demand for regularization of their services.


The contractual government employees of the Public Health Engineering Department assembled at Pratap Park here to protest in support of their demands, officials said. Ganashakti)



18 April, 2015Meeting of BSNL Management with BSNLCCWF on Strike Issues

The BSNL Management held a meeting with the representatives of BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation(BSNLCCWF) on 17th April 2015 on the demands raised by the Federation in its strike notice.


Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL, Smt. Sujata Ray (ED Finance), Shri Shameem Akthar, Sr GM(SR), Ms. Madhu Arora, GM( Estt.), Shri  A.Sinha, GM(Admn) and Shri S.S.Agarwal, GM(Pers) attended from the Management. The BSNLCCWF was represented by Coms. V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, Tapas Ghosh, Secretary General BSNLCCWF and Swapan Chakraborty, Dy.GSBSNLEU.


All the issues including regularisation of casual/contract workers, wages, EPF, ESI, Gratuity and other issues were discussed in detail. The leaders strongly demanded for the implementation of the labour laws, minimum wage, EPF, ESI etc. There is not much improvement on the issues. Hence prepare for the strike in an effective way. Make all joint preparations with BSNLEU and Forum.


08 April, 2015:Meeting with the CMD BSNL

Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, President Casual and Contract Workers Federation met Shri Anupam Shrivastava, on 06.04.2015, and discussed about the issues of the casual and contract workers. He gave a letter on the revised rates of the contract workers by CLC and wanted that the same be forwarded to the field officers. He also brought to the notice of the CMD the unjustified retrenchment of the entire 287 workers in Hazaribagh, 37 workers of Jamshedpur and 58 workers of Dhanbad and requested for their reinstatement. The brutal victimisation in Jamshedpur was also brought to the notice of the CMD with examples and demanded for the vacation of the same. The CMD assured favourable consideration and necessary action.


18 February, 2015:Delhi Government on regularisation of contract workers.

The AAP Government is on the move to regularise the thousands of contract workers who are engaged under the various ministries. The details of the same are being collected. In the meanwhile, the Kejriwal Government has issued instructions not to retrench any contract labour.


We congratulate the AAP Delhi government in considering the case of the toiling workers. We hope that the Government will regularise the contract workers at the earliest. We also demand the central government and the BSNL to regularise the casual and contract workers engaged by them.


18 February, 2015:CEC Meeting of BSNLCCWF W.Bengal Circle at Jalpaiguri

The Circle Executive Committee meeting of BSNLCCWF W.Bengal Circle was held at Jalpaiguri on 13-14 February 2015. Com.Tapas Ghosh, Secretary General BSNLCCWF attended on 13th and addressed the CEC and Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President addressed on 14th February 2015. The meeting discussed about the issue of the casual contract workers and decided to continue sustained struggle to settle the demands.


The Open Session on 14th was also addressed by Com. Namboodiri, who is also the National Convener of the Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations. It was also addressed by the leaders of the BSNL Unions/Associations. Circle President Com. Govinda Das presided. Circle Secretary Com. Tapas Ghosh submitted the report which was approved by the house. The discussion by the delegates were very educative and positive.



16 January, 2015:BSNLCCWF Meeting at Mysore

The BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation in Karnataka is a strong circle union and through sustained struggles have been able to attend to the issues of its members. A meeting of Mysuru SSA was held on 11th January at RTTC premises which was attended by about 100 comrades. Com.VANNamboodiri, President, addrrssed and spoke about the charter of demands, struggles organised etc. Com.Mahadevappa, CS, BSNLEU Mysuru, Dist. Secretary CCWF and other comrades addressed.



19 December, 2014:Meeting with GM (CA) on Gratuity to Casual labour.

Com. VAN Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF met Shri M.N.Punde, GM (CA), Corporate Office and discussed about provision of Gratuity to the families of expired casual labour as also to the casual labour who has completed sixty years and will be retiring. The details were explained. GM(CA) assured to look in to the matter.


19 December, 2014:Meeting with GM (Estt) on Gratuity to Casual Labours.

Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF, met Shri RK.Goyal, GM (Estt), BSNL and discussed about the necessity of payment of Gratuity to the families of those casual labour who have expired and also to those who have completed 60 years and were disengaged from work. A letter with the list of names of concerned labour, was submitted. GM (Estt.) stated that this will be examined sympathetically.


29 November, 2014:Inhuman Victimisation of contract workers in Hazaribag.

BSNL Management in Hazaribag, jharkhand is continuing victimisation of the casual contract workers there. All the 287 workers are kept out of work since July 2013. What is their ‘crime’? They went on strike demanding payment of minimum wage, EPF, ESI etc. as per government notifications and CMD BSNL orders. They were being paid only a fraction of minimum wage. Strike was withdrawn after assurance that orders will be implemented. But what happened is something else. All the 287 workers have been retrenched. No work is being carried out and maintenance is suffering. But the management is continuing its revenge and inhuman victimisation. The case is pending with Dy. Chief Labour Commissioner. BSNL keeping silence despite the same brought to its notice. BSNLCCWF Jharkhand Circle is on the move to start agitation on these and other issues.


29 November, 2014:Convention of BSNLCCWF at Dhanbad

A state level Convention BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Jharkhand was held at Gandhi Sevasadan Dhanbad today, 28 November 2014. Com. Sudarshan Singh, District President, BSNLCCWF, presided over the meeting. Com.B.Narayan, Vice President, BSNLEU, welcomed all. Com.VANNamboodiri, All India President, BSNLCCWF, inaugurated the convention. He spoke in detail about the issues of the casual contract labour, strike yesterday, against victimisation and the need to strengthen the organisation. Comrades Naresh Lal, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU, Sudama Pal Circle Secretary BSNLCCWF, BN Singh, DS AIBDPA, Jameel Akthar BSNLCCFW and other comrades spoke. The doubts raised by the workers were answered by Com.Namboodiri. Jharkhand Casual Contract Workers Federation has conducted many struggles in the past and achieved gains. At the same time, union leaders were victimised both in Jamshedpur, Dhanbad and Hazaribag. BSNLCCWF has taken up the case with C.O.


29 November, 2014:Discussion with Casual Contract workers in Jharkhand

After reaching Dhanbad,along with Coms.Naresh Lal, Circle Secretary, B.Narayan, Vice President BSNLEU and Sudama Pal, Circle Secretary BSNLCCWF I met the large number of casual contract workers who have come from the SSAs in Jharkhand and discussed with them about the problems they are facing. While improvements have taken place, many issues are still to be settled. Minimum wage, EPF / ESI are yet to be implemented in some SSAs.

But the major issue is retrenchment. Where struggles have taken place and demands achieved, workers have been retrenched and victimised. Jamshedpur and Hazaribad are examples. All the casual/ contract workers have been retrenched at Hazaribad. Many have been retrenched and transferred in Jamshedpur. BSNLEU Dist. Secretary also has been victimised for supporting the BSNLCCWF.

We heard the reports and assured that all these cases will be taken by both BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF. The workers are ready to continue their struggle and strengthen the organisation. A meeting is also fixed in the evening today.



25 November, 2014:BSNLCCWF UP(E) Circle Conference calls for Sustained Struggles.

The Circle Conference of BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Union, UP(E) Circle held on 22nd November, has decided to resort to sustained agitational programmes for implementation of minimum wage, social security measures like EPF, ESI etc. Accordingly Dharna will be organised at SSA level in December and CGM Office March in January 2015. The details will be decided by the CEC. The Open Session was presided by Com.R.S.Chauhan, Dist.President BSNLEU and Chairman Reception Committee. Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF, inaugurated the Circle Conference. Coms.Premnath Rai, GS, CITU, UP, K.R.Yadav, Vice-President, BSNLCCWF, R.K.Mishra, CS, BSNLEU, Baij Nath Rajbhar( Lok Janshakti), Sanjay Pande, Advocate, High Court and other leaders addressed. The report on activities was presented by Circle Secretary com. S.P.Tiwari which wad adopted by the house. All the District Secretaries present spoke about organisation and issues. The Conference unanimously elected new office bearers with Com.R.K.Mishra as Circle President and Com.Jeet Lal Maurya as Circle Secretary and Com.VijayKumar as Circle Treasurer. The Circle Conference and high level discussion has inspired the workers and they are ready to go on struggle.



16 November, 2014:Historic CMD Office March by BSNL Casual Contract Workers


The Bharat Sanchar Bhawan March of the BSNL Casual and Contract Workers at New Delhi, held today, 15th October 2014, was really historic. It was a determined declaration of their rights and also a warning to the Management and the contractors that they will not any more tolerate the brutal exploitation continuing for a long time. It was a declaration that the workers will fight to be treated as human beings and not wage slaves.........<<click here>>



16 November, 2014:BSNL C.O. seeks details on Casual / Contract Labour from Circles.


Consequent to the meeting of the Parliamentary Standing Committee with the BSNLCCWF representatives and the BSNL Management, it has sought information with regard to the details of the casual and contract labour in BSNL as also the name of contractors, whether they are registered with EPF etc. from the BSNL Management.


BSNL Management has stated that 27 CGMs have given compliance certificates that all the labour laws, including payment of minimum wage, implementation of social security measures like EPF, ESI etc. When we stated that these are false reports, the management wanted us to give specific cases, where they are not implemented. BSNLCCWF written a large number of letters with specific instances of violation of labour laws in a large number of divisions, but they were never replied nor any remedial action taken. BSNL C.O. and for that matter CGMs, fully reiterated what the field officers have reported fully knowing that the reports are completely false. No action was taken against any contractor or officer for violation of the labour rules and brutal exploitation of the casual/contract labours who work for the BSNL through which they can maintain their poor families. But the contractors and sometimes the officers joined together for brutally exploiting the toiling labour.

Will their mindset be changed so that the exploitation can be stopped
?<<view letter>>


14 November, 2014:Massive Bharat Sanchar Bhawan March by Casual and Contract Workers

Hundreds of Casual and Contract Workers have reached Delhi to participate in the Bharat Sanchar Bhawan March being organised tomorrow, 15th October 2014. More comrades will be reaching tomorrow from the nearby places. All delegates have been requested to reach the Eastern Court premises, next to Bharat Sanchar Bhawan by 10.00 A.M. Com. A.K.Padmanabhan, President, CITU will inaugurate the March. Senior Trade union and BSNLEU leaders will address the workers who have come from different parts of the country.


The March is the third action programme being organised by BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation (BSNLCCWF). It is being organised to focus the attention of the management on the long pending genuine demands of the workers and for urgent settlement of the same. A Memorandum detailing these issues will be presented to the CMD BSNL by the All India leaders during the March.


We seek the support of all BSNL employees and their Unions/Associations in this effort to end the exploitation of casual and contract workers and to get them justice.


30 September, 2014:Parliamentary Standing Committee Meeting on Casual/Contract Workers.

A meeting of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labour was held on 29th September 2014, at Parliament Annexe. In addition to the Chairman and about 20 Members of Parliament, Chief Labour Commissioner, Central Provident Fund Commissioner and Chairman Employees State Insurance were also present. Evidence was taken from the BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation representatives. Coms. V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, Tapas Ghosh Secretary General, P.Abhimanyu, Vice-President and Animesh Mitra, Vice-President participated in the meeting. On the basis of the written Memorandum presented to the Chairman, Standing committee, Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, President and other comrades presented the issues of regularisation of the TSM/Casual labour, Wages, DA, HRA, CCA etc. to be paid. The wage of the casual labour/TSM has to be on the basis of the BSNL payscale (IDA) and not on CDA, which is being paid at present. The non-implementation of minimum wage, EPF, ESI etc. for the contract labour was brought to the notice of Committee.

The Chairman and the M.P.s who are members of the committee sought many details from the BSNLCCWF representatives which were given. The representatives also gave many documents to the committee in connection with the subject. The Chairman asked the BSNLCCWF members to give further details about where the labour laws on minimum wage etc. are not implemented. The Chairman and Committee members patiently heard about the grievances of the Federation. Later, the committee also met the officers of DOT as well as CMD BSNL, and BSNL Officers.

District Secretaries of BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF are requested to immediately inform the CHQ where the minimum wage is not implemented, EPF, ESI is not introduced etc. The details should include the name of the worker, when he was engaged, what is the work he is doing, how much he is paid, whether EPF and ESI is implemented. These should reach the CHQ at the earliest. The information may be addressed to: V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF, D-7, Telegraph Place, Gole Market, New Delhi – 110001. This is most immediate.


25 September, 2014:Convention of Casual/Contractual Workers roars against the retrograde policies of the Central Govt..<<click letter>>


24 September, 2014:Approach EPF Commissioners, wherever EPF is not implemented.

In the meeting with the Central Provident Commissioner, he has advised BSNLCCWF to approach the Provident Fund Commissioner in the area to ensure that the EPF is deducted and accounted.


All BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF leaders are requested to verify whether the EPF amount is deducted from the wages of casual/contract workers and remitted to the EPF Account. Wherever, it is not done, kindly approach the EPF Commissioner as advised by the CPF Commissioner.

Also send a copy of the list of contract/casual labour for whom deduction is not made for EPF and remitted by e-mail to Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri (,so that the same can be forwarded to the CPF Commissioner. This is important and very urgent.



24 September, 2014:Meeting with Central Provident Fund Commissioner.

A meeting called by the Central Provident Fund Commissioner was held today, 24th September 2014, at Bhavishyanidhi Bhawan, New Delhi at 11.00 hours on the issue of implementation of EPF to Casual/Contract/Sanitation workers in BSNL. Shri K.K.Jalan, CPF Commissioner, presided. From the BSNL Management Side, S/Shri R.K.Goyal, GM (Estt.) and A.K.Singhal, GM(Admn) were present. BSNLCCWF was represented by Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, President.


The discussion took place on the basis of the letter furnished to the CPF Commissioner by BSNLCCWF. Com. Namboodiri explained in detail about the non-implementation of EPF for the contract workers in most of the states.Healso pointed out that both for the Casual and contract labour wherever it has been implemented, the date was from 2011 or so. He demanded that the EPF should be implemented from the date they were engaged or at least from 01-10-2000, the date when BSNL was formed. CPF Commissioner appreciated our point of view. He also stated that wherever EPF is not implemented, it can be brought to the notice of the EPF Commissioner there, who will take necessary action for implementation. The BSNL representatives asked the CPF Commissioner about the interest, penalty etc. if the EPF is implemented w.e.f. 01-10-2000.


We hope that the CPF Commissioner and BSNL management will take necessary action in the matter.



22 September, 2014:Meeting of Parliament Standing Committee on Labour on 29th September 2014

A meeting of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labour will meet on 29th September 2014 to take evidence on the ‘Deployment of Contract/Casual workers for perennial nature of jobs in BSNL’. BSNLCCWF has been invited to give evidence on the matter. Earlier BSNLCCWF given evidence thrice to the Standing Committee.


22 September, 2014:EPF Commissioner calls BSNLCCWF for meeting.

The Central EPF Commissioner, New Delhi has fixed a meeting with the BSNLCCWF and BSNL Management at 11.00 on 24 September to discuss about the ‘Deployment of Contract/Casual Workers for perennial nature of jobs in BSNL’ at the EPFO office. This is a preliminary meeting before the meeting of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labour on 29th September 2014 on the same subject for which also BSNLCCWF has been invited to provide evidence. Comrades are requested to intimate the details about the implementation of the EPF to the Casual and Contract Workers in BSNL in their respective circles.


16 September, 2014:T.Nadu Agitation Successful, Contract Workers will be reinstated.

The agitation of BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF in T.Nadu has been withdrawn to day after discussion with Circle administration and settlement. The circle leaders of both the unions were on hunger strike for the last two days. Today there was massive mobilisation with more than 1500 workers participating in the hunger strike.

The circle BSNL administration after discussion agreed to take back 85 workers immediately and the rest in a phased way who were terminated at Vellore and for whose reinstatement the agitation was started. Hearty Congratulation to the leaders and workers of both BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF for their successful struggle!


16 September, 2014:Massive Hunger Strike and Dharna by BSNLEU & BSNLCCWF in T.Nadu.

More than 1500 BSNLEU & BSNLCCWF workers are sitting on Hunger strike & Dharna in front of the CGM office T.Nadu demanding reinstatement of retrenched workers of Vellore. Com.S.Chellappa, Circle Secretary BSNLEU, Com. Vinod, Circle Secretary BSNLCCWF and other circle union leaders are leading the struggle. It is reported that CGM has called  for discussion and the discussion is going on. We demand the management to settle the issue by reinstating the retrenched workers.


16 September, 2014:Casual Contract Labour Demands – Meeting by Parliament Standing Committee on Labour

The Parliament Standing Committee on Labour has fixed a meeting on 29 September and invited BSNLCCWF to attend the same. BSNLCCWF had given detailed memorandum on the non-implementation of minimum wage, EPF, ESI etc and also non- regularisation. Already evidence in detail has been submitted by the Federation.


19 August, 2014:Pune Meeting of Casual Contract Workers.

A meeting of casual and contract workers will be held at Pune on 20 August 2014. The important issues of the workers will be discussed thoroughly and decision taken. Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri All India President BSNLCCWF will address. Com. Nallawade, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU Maharashtra Circle is making all arrangements for the success of the meeting.


19 August, 2014:March to Bharat Sanchar Bhawan on 15 October 2014

As per decision of CEC meeting of BSNL Casual Contract Workers Federation (BSNLCCWF), a Bharat Sanchar Bhawan March will be organised on 15 October 2014 to focus the attention of the BSNL Management on the long pending demands. Circle Secretaries are requested to immediately intimate the number of comrades participating in the March and the date and time of arrival and departure. Nearby circles are requested to organise maximum participants. Make the March a big success!



16 August, 2014:Karnataka Casual /Contract Workers on the forward March


While I was attending the District Conference of BSNLEU Bangalore Circle Conference, BSNLCCWF Circle Secretary, Com. Mahantesh, Com.Cheluvaraj, All India Vice-President and a few other leaders of the BSNLCCWF came and met me. We discussed about the issues and the organisation.

Karnataka unit, through continuous struggles have advanced much and the management and the contractors have been compelled to concede the rights of the workers and implement minimum wage, EPF, ESI etc. The victimised workers have been taken back. There are still some more issues to be settled and those are being attended to by the union. Com.C.K.Gundanna, Circle Secretary BSNLEU is the Circle President of BSNLCCWF and all help is being given for the settlement of the issues. My Hearty Congratulations to the Karnataka Comrades!


Com.Mahantesh remitted Rs. 15,000/- towards the CHQ quota of membership. CHQ is financial difficulty and this remittance has come in time of need. We hope other units also will remit their quota without delay.



16 October, 2014:Historic CMD Office March by BSNL Casual Contract Workers


The Bharat Sanchar Bhawan March of the BSNL Casual and Contract Workers at New Delhi, held today, 15th October 2014, was really historic. It was a determined declaration of their rights and also a warning to the Management and the contractors that they will not any more tolerate the brutal exploitation continuing for a long time. It was a declaration that the workers will fight to be treated as human beings and not wage slaves.......<<click here>>


12 August, 2014:Meeting with GM (Admn.) BSNL on Casual and Contract Workers issues

Coms. V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF, Animesh Mitra, Dy.GS BSNLEU and Vice-President BSNLCCWF and Lalan Sah met Shri A.K.Sanghal, GM (Admn) and discussed about the non-implementation of labour rules with regard to minimum wages, EPF, ESI etc. in many SSAs. Several letters were also given to the GM(Admn), indicating the violation of the orders in various SSAs. GM(Admn) assured to take action in the matter. The question of office for BSNLEU in Corporate office, holding of the Circle Council in C.O., selection of coach, Manager etc. for the sports, holding of the Welfare and Sports Committee etc. were also discussed. GM(Admn) assured early action in all these matters.


07 August, 2014:BSNLEU, Tamil Nadu Circle has given call for circle wide struggle, demanding reinstatement of 140 retrenched contract workers.

BSNLEU, Tamil Nadu circle, has given call for circle wide struggle, along with the Tamil Nadu Contract Workers Union, demanding the immediate reinstatement of 140 contract workers, who were retrenched in Vellore SSA. The talks held with the CGM, Tamil Nadu circle, in this respect, had failed. BSNLEU, Vellore SSA, along with the retrenched contract workers are conducting huger strike against the victimisation, since 01-08-2014. As per the call of the Circle Union, demonstrations are taking place throughout the circle on 05-08-2014. The agitation will intensify if the problem is not settled. CHQ heartily congratulates the Tamil Nadu Circle Union for fighting for the cause of the contract workers. 


22 July, 2014:Meeting of CEC of BSNLCCWF.

The meeting of the available members of the Central Executive Committee of BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation held at New Delhi on 21st July 2014 has decided to continue with the struggle programmes already decided by the Bhubaneswar CEC Meeting and postponed due to the General elections. Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, president, presided. Com. Tapas Ghosh, Secretary General presented the report of activities........<<click here>>


21 July, 2014:Meeting of available Committee Members of BSNLCCWF.

Meeting of available central committee members of BSNLCCWF will be meeting at New Delhi today to discuss about the agitational programmes for the settlement of the casual and contract labour issues. The details will be posted after the meeting.


21 July, 2014:Com. Om Prakash, General Secretary, BSNL Theka Mazdoor Union, reinstated. Congratulations!

We are happy to inform that Com.Om Prakash, General Secretary of the BSNL Theka mazdoor union Chattisgarh has been reinstated and taken back to duty. He was retrenched from work for union activities. He was taken back to duty after sustained pressure and discussion with the BSNLEU, Theka mazdoor Union and management. Our Hearty Congratulations to Com. S.C.Bhattacharjee, Circle secretary, BSNLEU and Prsident Theka Mazdoor Union and other leaders and workers for this achievement.


09 July, 2014:Corporate Office letter on non-implementation of minimum wages and social security measures like EPF & ESI to contract workers.<<view letter>>



27 June, 2014:TSM, Casual, Contract Labours issues discussed with Director (HR) BSNL.

Major issues of the casual and contract workers in BSNL were discussed between the Joint Action Committee of BSNL Non-Executive unions with Director (HR) BSNL today, 27th June. Coms. V.A.N.Namboodiri, President and P.Abhimanyu, General Secretary represented BSNLEU. The following issues were discussed:


1.    Regularisation of TSMs/Casual labour: The JAC demanded that all the left out TSMs/Casual labour be regularised at an early date, as was done in Income tax, Customs etc. on a one time basis. In this connection, the DOP and T orders can be followed. There are about 3,350 TSM/CL, most of them in W.Bengal. The Management continued their position that since the Supreme Court orders against regularisation is there, they can not be regularised.


2.    Payment of minimum Wage and implementation of ESI, EPF etc. for contract workers: The JAC pointed out that the Govt. as well as BSNL orders are not being implemented at field level. They cited many examples. The management stated that they will issue again directives to the CGMs/GMs in this matter.


3.    Revision of wages of the casual labour and TSM based on the IDA pay scale: JAC leaders pointed out that the TSM/Casual labour are at present paid only the minimum of the CDA scales and it should be revised to IDA scale. The management did not agree. The JAC also pointed out that even the revised minimum of the CDA is not being paid. This will be examined.


18 June, 2014:“Regularise the contract workers to improve the economy", says the Economic Times.


The practice of engaging contract workers for jobs which are permanent in nature, has become a curse for the working class of our country. In fact, this is a serious problem for the trade union movement world over. The Central Trade Union Organisations are continuously conducting struggles for the upliftment of the contract workers. But the successive NDA and UPA governments that came to power at the Centre, had turned a deaf ear to the demands.  Since the contract workers form 90% of the workforce, the economy of the country itself cannot advance, without bringing improvement in their working conditions. This fact has been amply made clear in the editorial of The Economic Times dated 12-06-2014. It is known to all that "The Economic Times" is the mouth piece of the corporates and the rich of our country. Still, the paper has realised that without regularising the contract workers, the economy of the country cannot progress. We reproduce hereunder, the relevant portion of the said editorial:-


“Today, nearly 90% of the country's workforce is in the unorganised sector, without health, insurance and other benefits. Regularising contract workers who perform the same work as their permanent counterparts will improve not just industrial relations but also aggregate demand I the economy, paving way for faster economic growth".

[Courtesy: BSNLEU website updated 13.06.2014]


01 May, 2014:Why BSNL Management is reluctant to implement Government Orders on Minimum Wage, EPF, ESI etc. for contract labours?


Almost every day, the BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation as well as BSNLEU are getting complaints from their units that the contract workers are not being paid the Minimum Wage as per the government orders, EPF and ESI are not implemented, wages are not paid through cheques or to the SB accounts of the worker etc.


The BSNL C.O. has issued clear orders on 5th november 2008 itself regarding payment of minimum wages and on EPF, ESI etc.after the issue was taken up by BSNLEU. Even after five years of the issue of the order and regular reminders by the C.O., the field units are not implementing the same. It seems that the CMD and other Directors and top management have no control over their GMs.Otherwise why they are blatantly violating the orders of the C.O.?


Or is there a secret understanding between the top management and SSA heads that though orders are issued by C.O., the field level officers need not implement them? Or is it an understanding between the field level officers and the contractors ?


The brutal exploitation of the tens of thousands of contract workers by the BSNL Management-Contractor nexus has resulted in loss of more than Rs. 50 crores to the contract workers. The BSNL Management should be ashamed that such exploitation is continuing in BSNL, a Public Sector Unit, with out any change.


The only way seems to be to organise mighty struggles to put an end to this exploitation and get justice to the toiling contract workers. Their due wages can not be allowed to be cheated by the nexus of some corrupt officers and the contractors.


Let us prepare for a serious struggle for getting justice to the contract workers engaged in BSNL.


24 April, 2014:Meeting with GM, (Admn) on issues of Contract Labour.

Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF, had a detailed discussion with Shri A.K.Sanghal,GM(Admn), BSNL on the issues of the contract labour engaged in BSNL and the brutal exploitation of these toiling workers.


Com. Namboodiri explained in detail about the non-implementation of Govt./BSNL orders on minimum wage, EPF, ESI etc. by the contractor / local officers. In many places, even half of the minimum wage is not paid. EPF and ESI are also not implemented. Orders of the government as well as that of CMD BSNL are completely violated and put in to the dustbin. He demanded that serious and thorough action is to be taken to ensure justice to the contract workers engaged in BSNL.


The GM (Admn) assured that necessary action will be taken to get the orders implemented and minimum wages and social security measures ensured.


19 March, 2014:BSNLCCLU Kerala Convention

A Circle Convention of BSNL Casual Contract Labour Union, Kerala Circle was held on 19th March 2014, at Bankmen’s Hall, Thiruvananthapuram. More than 500 workers from all parts of Kerala participated. Com. K.Mohan, Circle President BSNL CCLU and Circle Secretary BSNLEU presided over the Convention. Com. Somasekharan Nair, Circle secretary BSNL CCLU welcomed all the participants and the invitees.


Comrade K.N. Balagopalan, MP and President of the CCLU inaugurated the convention. He congratulated the CCLU Kerala for organising the 16 days strike through which many achievements could be made. He analysed the election situation and called upon the workers to support those who support them. Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, All India President BSNLCCWF and BSNLEU explained in detail about the issues of the casual and contract workers and the struggles organised to achieve them. Coms. P.V.Chandrasekharan, Circle President AIBDPA and senior leader of P and T workers, R.Muralidharan Nair, AGS BSNLEU, A.V.Kuriakose, Circle President, BSNLEU, Suresh, AGS, BSNLCCWF, V.Bhagyalakshmi, Mahila Committee Convener, Ashok Kumar, Convener, Confederation, Trivandrum and other leaders addressed.

In response to the appeal of the CHQ BSNLCCWF for donations to help Com. S.P.Tiwari, Circle Secretary of BSNL CCWF, UP East who is victimised and retrenched for the last few years and who is in serious condition in hospital due to cancer, a generous donation of Rs.9,100 was received from the house. Another Rs.5,000 was donated by the BSNL CCLU Circle Union. The total amount of Rs. 14,100 was handed over to Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri to be given to Com. Tiwari. Com. Namboodiri thanked the Kerala Circle and the comrades for the spontaneous and generous response to this noble cause.

The meeting came to an end with vote of thanks by Com. C. Vamadevan, District Secretary BSNLCCLU.


14 March, 2014:Dharna on 26th March postponed – BSNLCCWF

The Dharna at SSA level on 26th March and the Dharna at CGM Office on 23rd April 2014, called by the CEC of BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation are postponed considering the fact that the general election process has already started. The CHQ will discuss and intimate the new dates for the programme after the elections.


In the meantime, maximum propaganda amongst the workers can be organised on the issues of the casual and Contract workers in preparation for mighty struggles.


10 March, 2014:BSNLCCWF Demonstration on 26.02.2014


Mirzapur (UPE): - The Casual Contract Workers and BSNL employees under the leadership of BSNLCCWF & BSNLEU organized demonstration at Mirzapur (UPE) as per the call of the CHQ. Coms. Dinesh Tiwari, Tribhuvan, Suresh Chandra Bind Vijaya Kumar and other leaders addressed. The news was widely published in local newspaper.


Tamil Nadu: - The demonstration as per call of BSNLCCWF and BSNLEU on the demands of casual Contract Workers were held in all SSAs in Tamil Nadu circle. More than 200 comrades participated. The leaders of both BSNL & BSNLCCWF addressed and explained the demands.


Madhya Pradesh: - BSNL employees and Casual Contract Workers demonstrated an 26.2.2014 in front of SSAs office at Bhopal, Indore Jabalpur, Satna etc. The demonstrations were well attended. The demands of Casual and Contract Workers were explained by leaders.


Assam: - Well participated demonstrations were held in all SSAs of Assam and also CGM office at Guwahati. The demonstration was addressed by Coms. Bijoy Deka, CS, BSNLEU, Sankar Kumar for U.P BSNLCCWF, Bikas Baruch, call by only BSNLC CWF, Prasanth Baruch and others.


28 February, 2014:Contract Workers in Tarapur Atomic Power Station on Strike

4,000 Contract workers of Tarapur Atomic Power Station are on strike since 24th February demanding regularisation and for increasing pay scale. These workers are mostly from the families who have been displaced for the construction of the Atomic plant and have completed more than 7 years as contract workers.


Our full support and solidarity to the striking workers for a fully justified cause. The Government should take immediate action for the regularisation of these workers.


20 February, 2014:Circle Conference of BSNLCCWF, Assam at Jorhat.

The Circle Conference of BSNLCCWF, Assam Circle started at Jorhat on 19th February, 2014. The conference place was well decorated and was full of the red flags of the BSNLCCWF. The National Flag was hoisted by Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, All India President and the Union flag was hoisted by Com. N.C.Chetia, Chairman of the reception Committee. All comrades paid homage to the martyrs by offering flowers.


Com.N.C.Chetia presided over the Inaugural Session. Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, All India president, BSNLCCWF and BSNLEU inaugurated the Circle Conference. He spoke about the demands of casual and contract workers, the attack on the working class, the struggles to be organised etc. Coms. Bejoy Deka, Circle secretary, BSNLEU, Sankar Kumar Das and other leaders addressed. The Conference will continue on 20th February.


20 February, 2014:Meeting of BSNLEU, BSNLCCWF and AIBDPA at Guwahati

A meeting of the BSNLEU, AIBDPA and BSNLCCWF was held at the Conference Hall of the IQ building at Guwahati in the afternoon of 17th February, 2014. Com. Manavendra Saha, President, AIBDPA presided. Com. Bijoy Deka, Circle Secretary BSNLEU welcomed. Com.S.N.Sarma, Circle Secretary AIBDPA and other leaders addressed.


Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President BSNLEU & BSNLCCWF and Advisor AIBDPA addressed the meeting and explained the latest developments in the BSNL sector and the efforts being made by BSNLEU and the Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations for the improvement of the services as well as strengthening BSNL. He also spoke about the issues of the workers, the casual contract workers and the Pensioners. He called upon the members to be part of the mainstream of the workers and also fight both the neo-liberal policies being persued by the Government and the communal agenda by the fundamentalists. The questions raised by the workers were explained.


31 January, 2014:Belgaum Contract workers will start hunger strike on 3rd February

Against the non-implementation of the agreement by the BSNL Management for taking back the 284 contract workers retrenched earlier, the BSNLCCWF Belgaum unit has decided to go on Hunger strike w.e.f. 3rd February 2014. The BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF as also CITU are fully supporting the agitation. BSNLCCWF CHQ demands the BSNL Management to urgently take back the retrenched workers and engage them for work. Already the BSNL services have been adversely affected due to the retrenchment. BSNLCCWF fully supports the struggle and demands the management to settle the issues urgently.


29 January, 2014:Contract Workers in Delhi on strike for regularization.

The contract workers in the Delhi Transport is on strike demanding regularisation. The workers include drivers, conductors and other workers on contract. They are demanding that the promise given by the AAP be implemented without any further delay. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s discussion with them did not reach any agreement and the strike is continuing.


29 January, 2014:President Obama to raise Minimum Wage of Contract Workers.

President Barak Obama is expected to announce an increase in the minimum wage of the contract workers in US to $ 10.10 (appx. Rs. 650) an hour. He will issue an executive order since the lawmakers are not prepared to increase the wages. Last year President Obama has pleaded in the Congress for wage increase, but it was not accepted by the latter. Hence the present executive order.



27 January, 2014:Dept. of Personal and Trg. calls for details of casual labour

 The Department of Personnel and Training, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension vide its OM No.4901/31/2008-Estt(C) dated 2nd December, 2013 has called for details of the casual labours in all departments for an assessment of present status of the Casual Labour (Grant of Temporary Status and Regularisation) Scheme of 1993. Why the assessment is being made is not specifically mentioned. But at the same time, it mentions that there has been representations from many departments for regularisation of the casual labour.


In the BSNL, the management is completely against regularisation and is utilising the Umadevi case to deny regularisation even to those who have been working for more than 20-25 years for DOT/BSNL. Instead of trying to somehow give a job to these workers who have served the nation, the management is trying to find out reasons for denying them a livelihood.


Nothing else can be expected from a management which has taken decision to impose VRS to retrench 1 lakh employees to reduce the number of staff. Only through sustained and sacrificial struggles, the workers will be able to get themselves regularised.


27 January, 2014:An Appeal to the General/Circle/Branch Secretaries of BSNL Unions/Associations


Dear Comrades,

As you are well aware there are about one lakh casual and contract workers engaged in BSNL who are working in various capacities for the last 30 to 15 years in DOT/BSNL. Out of them about 3350 are casual workers who were eligible to be regularised as per the agreement at the time of formation of BSNL, but were not regularised due to administrative delay by the Circle/SSA heads. Minimum Wage as per Government/BSNL C.O. orders are denied to them at the field level. Social Security measures like EPF and ESI are not implemented though they are to be provided as per the laws of the country. The casual contract workers in BSNL are brutally and inhumanly exploited.


BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation has been continuously taking up the issues with the BSNL Management, Contractors, Parliamentary Standing Committee of labour, Communications minister, Labour Minister and even Prime Minister. While there has been some improvement, the situation continues more or less the same. In addition, the leaders and workers of the union are being retrenched and victimised. It is in this context that the Central Executive Committee of the BSNLCCWF has taken a decision to resort to agitational programmes to achieve the long pending demands and put an end to the continuing exploitation and against retrenchment and victimisation.


We seek support of all of you in our struggles and agitations so that our justified demands are conceded by the authorities.  

The immediate programmes being organised are 1) Demonstration at SSA level on 26th February 2014 and 2) Dharna at SSA level on 26th March 2014.

Thanking you,

Yours Comradely,

V.A.N.Namboodiri /Tapas Ghosh

President / Secretary General


27 January, 2014:All Contract workers in Delhi Govt. will be made permanent.

One more poll assurance of the AAP is going to be implemented. More than one lakh contract workers in Delhi Government are going to be made permanent shortly. The High Level 13 Member Committee appointed to look in to the matter has been given time to furnish their recommendations within one month.


It is stated by the government that the workers at present being engaged will not be retrenched. The decision is hailed by the workers. The regularisation of contract workers in Delhi will enthuse the workers in BSNL also, who have already demanded regularisation and is fighting for the same.


27 January, 2014:Form BSNLCCWF wherever not formed so far.

The Central Executive Committee of BSNLCCWF held at Bhubaneswar held on 18-19 January 2014 has decided to form the Circle/District Branches of the union, wherever it is not formed so far. In the last CEC Meeting of the BSNL Employees Union it was decided to organise the same as early as possible, at least before the next CEC. The Circle /SSA Secretaries are requested to take initiative and form the circle/SSA branches of the BSNLCCWF at the earliest.



27 January, 2014:Haryana Contract Workers on struggle for Minimum Wage.

The more than 20 lakh contract workers in the Haryana state are on struggle path to get the state minimum wage increased. The minimum wage in Haryana is one of the lowest in the Northern states. While Delhi is having a minimum wage of Rs. 8,085, Gujarat Rs. 6.637, Punjab Rs. 6,240, and Maharashtra Rs. 5,800, the minimum wage in Haryana is only Rs. 5,342.(Of course, even these minimum wages are not being paid in many sectors through various dubious means).


The Minimum wages are to be refixed after every five years, but this has not been done in Haryana. Haryana Government has a record of anti-worker profile, which could be understood from the fact that how brutally it dealt with the strike in Maruti Suzuki in 2012. More than 100 workers are still jail on fabricated charges. The workers have gone on strike for equal pay for equal work and regularisation of contract workers. The managements in the Gurgaon-Mansoor area which are mainly auto sectors, with the factories of Suzuki and Hero Honda and other ancillary factories are notorious for their attack on the workers.


A meeting of the trade unions in the area have met and is planning to start serious agitation for improving the minimum wages. We support the fully justified struggle.



20 January, 2014:Allot vacant quarters to Casual and Contract workers


In many places, BSNL Quarters are kept vacant for want of occupants. This is more with the officers’ quarters. These vacant quarters, due to non-use and non-cleaning quickly becomes damaged, dirty and a health risk. BSNLEU and Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations had demanded that such vacant quarters can be bulk-allotted to other central governments /state governments /PSUs etc. after a making agreements with them. In some places, this system has already been implemented getting some money through rent and resulting in keeping the quarters in good condition. We took up the case for allotment of vacant quarters to retired officials. This has been agreed, although the rent is on the higher side and has to be reduced.


Now there is one more scope if the quarters are still vacant. A demand has come in the CEC meeting of the BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation meeting that vacant quarters be allotted to BSNL Casual/Contract workers. This demand is reasonable and can be agreed by the BSNL Management. These workers have been serving DOT/BSNL for the last 20 years or so. We will take up the matter with the Management for a favourable decision.



20 January, 2014:2014 – “BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Year”


The CEC Meeting of the BSNLCCWF held at Bhubaneswar has declared to observe 2014 will as the “BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Year”. Strengthening the organisation and continuing sustained struggle for achieving the demands will be the main targets. ORGANISE “BSNL CASUAL AND CONTRACT WORKERS YEAR” SUCCESSFULLY!



20 January, 2014:BSNLCCWF CEC Calls for Action Programmes


The Central Executive Committee Meeting of BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation (BSNLCCWF) held at Bhubaneswar has called upon the workers to organise sustained struggle to end the brutal exploitation and to achieve the fully justified and long pending demands. The CEC was inaugurated by Com.Janardhan Pati, President CITU Odisha and President of Reception Committee. Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, All India President, BSNLCCWF presided. The Report of Activities presented by the Secretary General Com. Tapas Ghosh was discussed and approved.


The CEC discussed about the present situation, the demand of the workers, the organsational position etc. It adopted a Programme of Action on the 11 Points charter of demands including Regularisation of Casual and Contract labour, implementation of minimum wage, EPF, ESI etc. The CEC declared that 2014 will be observed as “Casual Contract Labour Year” and maximum efforts will be made to get the issues settled. An Open Session was held on 19th January near the GM Office premises which was attended by a large number of workers including regular workers who have from all parts of the state. Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri presided. Coms.Janardhan Pati, President, CITU, Odisha, Suresh Panigrahi, CITU and Vice-President BSLCCWF, P.R.Das, Circle secretary BSNLEU, Mohin Samal, Convener Confederation of CG Employees, Tapas Ghosh Secretary General and BSNLCCWF, Sahdev Biswal, Circle Secretary BSNLCCWF addressed. A procession was organised before the holding of the open session participated by a large number of workers. The CEC also decided to hold the next All India Conference in T.Nadu accepting the invitation from the The Reception Committee was appreciated by all for the excellent arrangements made for holding the CEC meeting.



17 January, 2014:BSCLCCWF CEC starts tomorrow at Bhubaneswar

The Reception Committee of BSNLCCWF at Bhubaneswar has intimated that the CEC Meeting will be held at the Seminar Hall of BSNL RTTC. The Accommodation for the CEC Members will be at Transit Quarter P and T Colony, Van Vihar, Back side of RTTC.


16 January, 2014:AIBDPA Haryana Circle formed

The Circle Convention of DOT-BSNL Pensioners of Haryana Circle was held today, 16th January, at Hisar. A large number of Pensioners from all parts of the circle participated, despite very unpleasant and cold climate. The meeting was presided by Com. B.R.Ghai, Retired AGM.Com. Naresh Kumar, Circle president, BSNLEU, welcomed all and expressed satisfaction for the good participation. Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, Advisor, AIBDPA, inaugurated the Convention and thanked the organisers. He spoke in detail about the issues of the senior citizens and Pensioners and the cases taken up by the AIBDPA, the prominent organisation of the DOT and BSNL Pensioners, including the pension based on the 2007 wage revision, medical issues, anomaly of 2000 pension revision,78.2% IDA pension fixation etc. He explained about the formation of the All India BSNL – DOT Pensioners Association and the growth and actions taken by the Association. Coms. M.S.Kadian, Circle Secretary BSNLEU, Kuldeep Singh, All India Asst. treasurer BSNLEU, Senior leader P.C.Tanwar and many other comrades addressed and expressed their happiness in forming the AIBDPA in Haryana. The Convention unanimously decided to form the Circle branch of the AIBDPA and elected Circle Office-bearers with Coms. M.S.Kataria as President, Hari Krishan Sharma as Circle Secretary and Gulshan Kumar Dhingra as Treasurer. The District Union of AIBDPA, Hisar SSA was also formed. It was decided that all SSA Branches in Haryana will be formed within the next two months. Congratulations to BSNLEU and AIBDPA comrades for the successful formation of the Circle branch of AIBDPA!


15 January, 2014:All Preparations for CEC of BSNLCCWF at Bhubaneshar.

The Reception Committee of Central Executive Committee of BSNLCCWF to be held at Bhubaneswar on 18-19 January has made all arrangements for the accommodation and conduct of the CEC in a good way. All the Comrades participating are requested to intimate their time of arrival, flight/train No. and time etc. to the Reception Committee (Com.Sahdev Biswal Mob: 09437006660) and Secretary General Com.Tapas Ghosh (Mob: 09434759450) with out fail to enable them to make arrangements for the reception and accommodation in time. Towards the Bhubaneswar Central Executive Committee with Determination for struggle and achievement!


13 January, 2014:BSNLCCWF West Bengal Circle Conference


The Circle Conference of West Bengal BSNLCCWF was held on 11-12 January 2014 at Kolkata. There was massive participation in the Open session. More than 1000 workers participated. 310 delegates attended. Com. Govinda Das, Circle President presided. The Conference was inaugurated by Com.Animesh Mitra, Dy.GS BSNLEU and Vice-President BSNLCCWF. Coms. Saibal SenGupta, Om Prakash Singh, Adhir Kumar Sen, Circle Secretaries of BSNLEU, Biplab Das, Tapos Banerjee, Circle Secretary BSNLCCWF Kolkata and other leaders addressed. The Report presented by Com. Tapas Ghosh, Circle secretary was adopted after discussion. The conference discussed about the issues of the casual and contract workers and took appropriate decisions. The Conference unanimously elected Coms. Govinda Das and Tapas Ghosh as President and Circle Secretary respectively. Congratulations to the West Bengal comrades who have conducted the Circle Conference successfully.


10 January, 2014:Circle Conference of BSNLCCWF, West Bengal on 11-12 January.

All arrangements are being made for the holding of the 7th Circle Conference of West Bengal on 11-12 January 2014. All india leaders including President, Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, will be attending the same. West Bengal is one of the circles, which started organising the Casual and Contractual workers very early. Under the leadership of Coms. Animesh Mitra, Circle secretary BSNLEU (Dy GS BSNLEU also) and Tapas Ghosh, Circle secretary BSNLCCWF (who is also the Secretary General), the organisation has become strong and has been able to settle many issues. But the major issue, Regularisaion of the 2270 casual labour in the circle, is still pending due to the adamant attitude and unacceptable plea of the BSNL management that they can not be regularised in view of the judgment of the SC in the matter. The Circle conference will discuss all these matters and take suitable decisions. Best Wishes to the success of the Circle Conference!


09 January, 2014:BSNLCCWF Uttarakhand on agitation. 

The BSNL Contract workers have been on Dharna in Uttarakhand Circle for the last few weeks on the demand of minimum wages and other demands. A discussion took place yesterday between the Management and the leaders of BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF circle unions led by Com.P.C.Kandpal, Circle Secretary BSNLEU. The agitation has been postponed after agreement was reached on certain demands. The other issues will again be discussed. Congratulations to the Uttarakhand Comrades! 


09 January, 2014:BSNLCCWF, Hubli SSA, Files case against retrenchment. 

The BSNL Causal and Contract Workers Federation, Belgaum SSA Unit has filed complaint before the Asst. Labour Commissioner (Central), Belgaum (Karnataka) against the retrenchment of 284 workers who have been continuously working for the last 12 years. The retrenchment is done as a vengeance and victimisation for taking up the issues of the contract workers and going on struggle for getting them implemented. The retrenchment has taken place on the initiative of the BSNL SSA management. This kind of victimisation has to be stopped.


07 January, 2014:All Preparations for the CEC Meeting of BSNLCCWF at Bhubaneswar.

The Reception Committee Convener and Circle Secretary, BSNLCCWF, Odisha, Com. Sahdev Biswal has intimated that all necessary arrangements are being made for the holding of the Central Executive Committee Meeting of the BSNLCCWF at Bhubaneswar on 18-19 January 2014.


He has requested that all CEC members may kindly intimate their arrival, train number, time etc. to the Reception Committee so that the TC make suitable arrangements to receive them. The information may be given to the Secretary General, Com. Tapas Ghosh also.


07 January, 2014:Uttarakhand Contract workers on struggle path

The BSNLCCWF Uttarakhand Circle is compelled to go on struggle since the BSNL Management is not implementing the orders on minimum wage, social security measures etc. BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF leaders are meeting the BSNL authorities for settlement of the issues


06 January, 2014:EPF Commissioner Chhattisgarh Freezes BSNL Account

It is intimated from Chhattisgarh that the BSNL accounts of Chhattisgarh have been frozen by the EPF Commissioner, since BSNL has not deposited the EPF of about Rs. 2.79 crores due to the accounts of the contract Labours. Further details are awaited. This is not the first time that this has happened. BSNLCCWF has been taking up with the BSNL Management at all levels to ensure the remittance of EPF contribution due to the contract workers. BSNL is violating the law of the land and hence the penalty. We demand the management to ensure EPF remittances of all the contract workers to avoid such mishappenings. The concerned contractor/officers should be taken to task.


03 January, 2014:Form the Casual and Contract Workers Federation in each Circle/SSA.


The casual and contract workers in BSNL are inhumanly exploited is a well known fact to all BSNL employees. Whether in the case of payment of Minimum Wages decided by the Government, or implementation of social security measures like EPF/ESI or regularisation of casual workers – utter disregard is shown by the management. It is only through sustained struggles by the BSNL Employees Union and BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation that some improvement has come. But there is a lot much more to be done to get justice to these exploited workers. One of them is to make the workers understand their own rights. BSNLCCWF has published a book on the issues of Casual and Contract workers in BSNL, copies of which are available with CHQ. Get a copy and study the issues, so that they can be taken up with the local management.



Secondly, and most important, is the formation of the BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation (BSNLCCWF) in each and every Circle/SSA. There are still a few circles and many SSAs where the union is to be formed. BSNLEU Circle / SSA Secretaries have to take the responsibility to organise the CC workers and to form the union. They should also take responsible posts in the organisation so that discussion with the management etc. can be done effectively. We can not have such inhuman exploitation in BSNL.BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF are committed to put an end to this and ensure all the benefits to these exploited workers.



02 January, 2014:Contractual Workers in Delhi Government to be Regularised – Why not in BSNL?

It is one of the promise of the AAP – Regularisation of the contractual workers in government. While speaking on the Confidence Vote in Delhi Assembly, AAP Minister Manish Sisodia stated the AAP government wants to regularise the contractual workers, working for the Government of Delhi. We, BSNL CCWF, heartily welcome this statement. We hope that the AAP Government will fulfill it.
The BSNL Management have been denying the demand of the Regularisation of Casual workers in BSNL on the plea of a Supreme Court verdict. All the Central Govt. ministries and PSUs have regularised their workers. Now the Delhi State Government is going to regularise its workers. What about the regularisation of the casual workers of BSNL who have been faithfully serving DOT and then BSNL? Let us mobilise the entire casual and contract workers and force the BSNL management to regularise us! Today or tomorrow we are certain to win!


28 December, 2013:Govt. should decree Rs. 10,000 as Minimum Wages to unorganised workers.

The demand of the Central Trade Unions that ‘Minimum Wages of not less than Rs.10,000- per month with provisions of indexation’ is the correct and fully justified demand. This was raised in the 10 Point Charter of Demands by the Central Trade unions two years back on which sustained agitational programmes have been organised. The 48 hours strike on 20-21 February 2013, the National Convention of Workers on 6th August and the latest Parliament March on 12th December 2013 are all part of these struggles.


The Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in the 45th Session of Indian Labour Conference held on 17th May 2013 had stated that the demands raised by the Central Trade Unions are mostly undisputed and unexceptionable and are the in the advanced stage of consideration by the Government. The Committee headed by Defence Minister A.K.Antony, which again met the leaders of the Central Trade Unions on 22nd May 2013 assured quick decisions, but nothing happened so far.


The Memorandum submitted by the CTUs after the massively participated Parliament March on 12th December has urged the Government to act upon the commitment made by the Prime Minister. It also stated that ‘The Trade Union movement can not accept the present state of inaction and indifference on the pressing demands of the workers and people lying down and will heighten their united struggle in the face of continuing unresponsiveness’.


The minimum wages of not less than Rs. 10,000 for the workers is one of the major demands in the Charter. The Casual/Contract workers in BSNL will fully participate in these united struggles under the leadership of the BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation which is part of this great movement for the rights of the workers and people.


Strengthen BSNLCCWF by all the casual/contract workers joining the Federation and becoming active members.



27 December, 2013:2014 will be the year of sustained struggle for the cause of the Casual/Contract workers in BSNL.


The Central Executive Committee Meeting of the BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation is going to be held at Bhubaneswar on 18-19 January 2014. The Reception Committee is making all out efforts to make the CEC Meeting a big success.


During the last few years, BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF has been on the campaign all over India for strengthening the union as also making maximum efforts for settling the issues of casual and contract workers. While there is improvement in the payment of minimum wage etc. in many places, the condition is not at all satisfactory in may centres. While the Corporate office of BSNL issued clear cut circulars and many reminders for the implementation of minimum wage and social security measures like EPF/ESI at the field level there is stiff opposition from the part of contractors and some times management for implementing them. Struggles are taking place in many places even at this moment.


The Regularisation of the Casual workers who are toiling for the BSNL for the last so many years still are pending due to the adamant attitude of the BSNL Management that regularisation can not be given in view of the Supreme Court judgement. The fact that as per the instructions of DOPT many departments have already regularised many casual workers despite the SC judgement is well known to the BSNL management. The fact is that the management does not want to regularise. The payscale of casual labours are still based on the minimum scale of the DOT Group D employees. It has not been brought on par with the minimum pay of the BSNL employees.


Many of the leaders, circle secretaries and District Secretaries are retrenched for union activities. The Management is taking a negative attitude in this matter. These and other crucial issues are still pending causing innumerable loss to the casual and contract workers. This issue will be foremost in the discussions at Bhubaneswar CEC meeting. Certain agitational programmes like Corporate Office March, Strike etc will have to be organised. For the above, the BSNLCCWF has to be strengthened and expanded. The organisation has not been formed in some circles till now. BSNLEU Circle Secretaries and District Secretaries are requested to take special interest in the matter. The CEC meeting of BSNLEU had already decided that BSNLCCWF should be formed in all circles, where it has not been formed, before the next CEC. THIS HAS GOT TO BE DONE. THIS IS THE IMMEDIATE TARGET.


26 December, 2013:Karnataka Circle BSNLCCWF Achieve Long Pending Demands

The BSNLCCWF Karnataka Circle under the leader ship of President Com. C.K.Gundanna and Circle secretary Com. Mahantesh has been organising sustained struggles to improve the lot of the workers. Recently when Com.VAN Namboodiri, All India President visited Bangalore he along with Coms. Gundanna and Mahantesh met the CGMT and Dy. Regional Commissioner in this connection who assured settlement of the issues. On 24th December, Com. Mahantesh Circle Secretary along with DS BSNLEU Com. Mahadevappa and Com. Balaji Rao, CITU and others met GM Mysore and discussed the issues. GM assured early settlement of the issues. In Mandya SSA agitation is going on the issue of contract workers.


26 December, 2013:Massive demonstration programme of Casual/Contract workers at West Bengal and Calcutta Telephones Circles.

A Massive Sit-in Demonstration programme of Casual/Contract Workers held at both CGM W.B.T. Circle and Calcutta Telephones Circle on 24th December, 2013. Comrade Biplab Das, Aghore Sikdar, Saibal Sengupta, Tapas Ghosh, Arup Sarkar, Tapas Banerjee, Gobinda Das, Subhasish Roy, Sisr Roy, Tarak Kundu, Akhilesh Banerjee,Asis Das, Swapan Chanda, Sharmila Dutta and other leaders were present.


19 December, 2013:CEC Meeting of BSNLCCWF at Bhubaneswar on 18-19 January 2014.

The Reception Committee at Bhubaneswar, headed by Com. Janardhan Pati and Com. Sahdev Biswal are making all arrangements for the holding of the Central Executive Committee Meeting of the BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation scheduled to be held there on 18-19 January 2014. The Notice for the CEC has already been issued a few weeks back by the Secretary General Com. Tapas Ghosh to all the CEC members including the Circle Secretaries. Since there will be rush for train tickets, comrades are requested to book in advance to ensure reservation. All the CEC Members are requested to intimate in advance their time of arrival to and departure from Bhubaneswar with the number and name of the train to Secretary General Tapas Ghosh (Mob: 09434759450) and Com. Sahdev Biswal, convener, Reception Committee ( Mob: 09437006660) so that necessary arrangements could be made. Intimation may also be given to Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri President (Mob: 09868231431) for information. The Circle secretaries are also requested to prepare a brief report about the issues faced by the casual/contract workers, about the organisation in their respective circles etc. along with the full address with PIN code and Mobile Number of the Circle Secretary and the CEC Member in the Circle (if any).


Let us make the CEC historical through its detailed discussion and effective decisions! Chalo Bhubaneswar! Let us Organise to settle the issues of the casual and contract workers who are inhumanly exploited.


19 December, 2013:Meeting with CGM Karnataka Circle

Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, Presidnt BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF along with Coms. C.K.Gundanna, Circle Secretary BSNLEU and President BSNLCCWF Karnataka Circle, Mahantesh, Circle Secretary BSNLCCWF, Praveen Badager, Dist. Secretary, BSNLCCWF Belgaum and Mustak Nadaf met Shri R.K.Misra, CGM BSNL, Karnataka Circle and discussed about the development, expansion and improvement of the services. Com.Namboodiri appreciated the efforts made by the CGM in improving the services and the good relation and co-ordination with the staff unions. Though not in profit, Karnataka Circle has improved its revenue in the last financial year. The Union representatives also discussed about the nonpayment of minimum wages in Belgaum, Raichur etc. as also the non-engagement of the entire 284 contract workers in Belgaum. CGM assured that he will ensure payment of minimum wage as also implementation of social security measures etc.


19 December, 2013:Meeting with Dy. Chief Labour Commissioner (Central), Karnataka.

Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, Com. C.K.Gundanna, Com.K.Mahantesh and other comrades met Shri Viswanath, Dy. Chief Labour Commissioner (C), Karnataka and brought to his notice about the problems of the Casual/Contract workers in BSNL Karnataka Circle. He assured to enquire and do the needful in the matter. He also explained to the representatives about the provisions of the Contract Labour etc.


17 December, 2013:BSNL Non-Permanent Workers District Conference held at Mysore on 08th December, 2013.

The third district conference of BSNL Non permanent workers Union of Mysore District was held on Sunday the 8th December 2013, at Govardhana Hotel Auditorium, Mysore. Com. Gnanaprakash, Dist.Organising Secretary, BSNLEU Mysore welcomed the guests and the delegates to the third conference. Com. Mahadevappa, Dist.Secretary BSNLEU Mysore, gave the key note address on the very important issues related to non permanent workers working at Mysore. Com.Gundanna C K Circle Secretary BSNLEU, who is also the Circle President of BSNL NPWU, inaugurated the Conference. He brought to the notice - of all the non permanent workers of Mysore District who attended the conference in a very large number – about the struggles waged by the Non Permanent workers at the Circle level and also at the all India level in order to achieve the very rightful basic demands of minimum wages, payment of wages through bank, issue of id cards, salary slip, facilities like EPF and ESI etc., which have been clinched in many districts of Karnataka Circle, only through non compromising struggles. He also spoke about the responsibility of non permanent workers in protecting the BSNL, in order to serve the common social interests of the subscribers. Com. Balaji, Dist. President C I T U Mysore district, spoke about the problems of the Non permanent workers /Contract Workers working in different PSUs and need for the regularization of the workers in absence of regular recruitments in all PSUs. Com. Balakrishan M C, All India Organizing Secretary, BSNLEU CHQ spoke about the necessity of BSNLEU forming the BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation at the all India level, for which the Non Permanent Workers Union of Karnataka Circle is affiliated.


In the afternoon delegates’ session, one non permanent worker, who is district office bearer, was invited to speak about the problems faced by the workers in their talukas. Consolidating all the problems, Com. Mahantesh, Gen.Secretary, NPWU and also the Secretary of CITU, Karnataka state replied to all the problems narrated by the workers. A memorandum to CGM, GM Mysore has been drafted with persistent problems faced by the workers at the Dist.level. The same has to be submitted along with Dist.President & Secretary of NPWU and also the Circle President and Secretary of NPWU. The house also elected the new office bearers.


06 December, 2013:Meeting with GM(Admn and Restructuring)

Today, Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF met Smt. Madhu Arora, GM (Admn and Restructuring), C.O. and discussed the issues of contract workers as also on the Revival of BSNL. Com.Namboodiri pointed out the non-implementation of the social security measures, non-payment of minimum wages etc. to the contract workers in most of the places and demanded that these should be got implemented strictly. He specifically mentioned about the struggles going on in Jamshedpur, Benares, Hisar, Bidr, Shimoga, UP(E), UP(W) and many other centres and the victimisation of the contract workers. He also mentioned that many district secretaries and some circle secretaries of the Federation have been retrenched for demanding implementation of govt. and CMD orders. Com. Namboodiri demanded reinstatement of these leaders and also urgent settlement of the issues. GM(Admn) was very attentive to the issues and assured that immediate action will be taken in the above matters. The question of circulating the latest orders of the Chief Labour Commissioner on the increased wages from 01-10-2013 was also pointed out. It will be circulated she assured. The issue of Revival of BSNL and certain points connected with the same were also discussed.


26 November, 2013: A historic rally of the BSNL Regular and Non-Regular Workers in Kolkata.
A huge rally of the BSNL Regular and Non regular workers was held at Rani Rashmoni Road, Kolkata on 25th November, 2013. Four Circle unions – BSNL Employees Union, WB Circle, Calcutta Telephones, BSNL Casual Mazdoor Union, WB Circle, Calcutta Telephones Thika Mazdoor Union and BSNL Casual Mazdoor Union, Telecom Factory organised this historic rally. About 3000 regular and non-regular employees assembled at Rani Rash Moni Road through a colorful procession which started from R.N. Mukherjee Road, BBD Bag. Com. Tapan Sen, General Secretary of CITU was the main speaker. He urged upon the workers to make feel the management that the non-regular workers of BSNL are the main work force of BSNL and it could be done through a broader unity and sustained struggle -even strike. Com Animesh Mitra, Deputy General Secretary as well as Circle Secretary, BSNLEU, WB Circle said in his speech that the BSNL authority is very much reluctant to settle the problems like regularization, equal wage for equal work, timely payment of wage, wage as per IDA pay scale, extension of EPF, ESI and other social securities to the non-regular workers. Only through united and sustained struggle of non-regular and regular employees can change the scenario. he urges upon the gathering to consolidate their movements to achieve the demands. The other speakers of the gathering were Com. Saibal Sengupta, Asstt. General Secretary as well as Circle Secretary, BSNLEU, Calcutta Telephones Circle, Com. Tapas Ghosh, Secretary AICCWF, Com. Omprakash singh, Cirlce Secretary, BSNLEU, Telecom Factory Circle and Com. Arup Sarkar, Circle Secretary, CTTMU. The meeting was presided over by a presidium composed with Com. Gobinda Das, Com. Saibal Sengupta, Com. Omprakash Singh.


14 November, 2013:Meeting with Sr. GM (Admn) on Casual/Contract workers issues.

Today, 14th November 2013, Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, President BSNLEU and BSNLCWF met Shri A.K.Sanghi, Sr. GM(Admn) and discussed about the various issues of the casual and contract workers. He pointed out the non-payment of Minimum Wages and non-implementation of EPF and ESI in many places. He also gave detailed letters in the matter.  Com. Namboodiri also brought to the notice of the Sr. GM, the victimisation against the Circle Secretaries and District Secretaries and asked for vacation of the victimisation.


Shri Sanghi, Sr. GM(Admn.) stated that C.O. is having a watch on the issue and have asked all the CGMs to give report on the issue. He assured that the issues are being looked in to.



14 Oct. 2013:BSNL CCWF CEC meeting at Bhubaneswar postponed.


In view of the serious situation in Odisha after the cyclone Phailin, which devasted a good part of the state, with lakhs of houses damaged, communication & electricity services disrupted and roads blocked etc. and also the urgent need of the hour being restoration of all the above and rehabilitation of the people who lost almost everything, the Reception Committee has suggested postponement of the Central Executive Committee of the BSNL CCWF to be held at Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha, on 19 – 20 October, 2013.


In consultation with all concerned, it has now been decided to postpone the CEC. The next date for CEC will be intimated in due course.


CEC members from outstations are requested to immediately cancel their reservation to get refund.


14 Oct. 2013:Report of the state convention of BSNL Casual and Contract Workers in West Bengal.

The three circle unions viz. BSNL Casual Mazdoor Union, W. B. Circle, Calcutta Telephones Thika Mazdoor Union & BSNL Casual Mazdoor Union, Telecom Factory conducted an historical state convention of casual & contract workers at Subarna Banik Samaj Hall Kolkata on 8th October, 2013. The convention was presided over by the presidents namely Shaibal Sengupta, Pankaj Saha & Omprakash Singh of the three circle unions. The convention was inaugurated by Com. Kali Ghosh, General Secretary, CITU, West Bengal.

Com. Animesh Mitra, Dy. General Secretary, addressed the convention and explained the details of the condition of the casual & contract workers throughout the country. He also spoke the negative role of the BSNL authority to implement the Corporate Office order which was issued by continuous pressure of BSNLEU & BSNLCCWF in different stages even Parliament floor. He also mentioned in his speech that casual & contract workers should be paid the wages as per regular staffs. He calls upon the workers to complain against the BSNL authority to violet the labour law. The convention was also addressed by Com Biplab Das, Com. Ompraksh Singh, Arup Sarkar & Tapas Kunar Ghosh. 

Com. Shaibal Sengupta, on behalf of the presidium, announced the following programme after puja festival. 

(1) Massive Dharna programme in front of CGMs.

(2) Rallies to labour commissioner and lodge complain against the authority.



21 Sept. 2013:Contract workers also will participate on 25 Sept. Programme.


Casual and Contract workers will participate in the Demonstration on 25th September called by Central Trade Unions. BSNL Casual and Contract Workes Federation (BSNLCCWF) calls upon all its members to massively participate in the demonstration/meeting/rally being organised by the Central Trade Unions on 25th September on the major demands of the working class as decided by the National Convention of Workers held at Mavalankar hall New Delhi on 6th August 2013. The demands include stopping of price-rise, No Disinvestment/Privatisation of PSUs, Rs. 10,000 as Minimum Wage to contract workers, Implementation of Social Security measures etc. Organise the programmes jointly with BSNLEU and Central trade Unions.



10 Sept. 2013: Massive Day Long Dharana in front of CGM Office on 28th August 2013 by BSNL Non Permanent Workers Union, Karnataka circle.

More than 1,000 casual and contract workers sat on dharna in front of the office of CGM,Karnataka Circle on 28th August 2013 demanding immediate settlement of long pending issues including payment of minimum wage, implementation of social security measures like EPF and ESI, reinstatement of retrenched workers etc. The participants came from all the SSAs in the circle, on the call of the BSNL Non-Permanent Workers Union, which is affiliated both to CITU and BSNLCCWF. The CGM office compound was completely full by the agitators, which included a good number of women workers also...... <<click here>>




04 Sept. 2013: With deep sorrow it is informed that Com. Omkar Singh, Casual / Contract Labour of Mathura, expired after run over by vehicle while he was on duty attending cable work on 31.08.2013. After postmortem and FIR, he was cremated next day. Com. R.S. Fauzdar, CS, BSNLEU and Com. Soniya Arora, CS, BSNL CCWF, UP (West) Circle, have requested the management to provide compensation and other requirement to family of the deceased. We convey our heartfelt condolences to the family of com. Omkar Singh.



30 August 2013: BSNL Casual Contract workers on 48 hours Dharna in W.Bengal


The casual & contract workers in W.Bengal are sitting on 48 hours dharna at Kolkata demanding regularisation of the left-out casual labours (numbering 2270 in WB alone), wages as per the government orders etc. The dharna is being held from 29th August onwards. Leaders of BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF have discussed the above issues several time with the management but without any results. Hence the Dharna. Coms. Animesh Mitra, Vice-President, BSNLCCWF and Dy.GS, BSNLEU, Tapas Ghosh, Secretary General BSNLCCWF and others are leading the dharna. We demand the management to discuss with the union and settle the issue without further delay.

Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President BSNLCCWF and BSNLEU has sent message to Shri A.N.Rai, Directort (HR), BSNL demanding to intervene and to settle the issues.



29 August 2013 :Kerala Contract Workers strike – Agreement.


The 16 days complete strike of casual-contract workers of Kerala from 12th August supported by the BSNLEU through work-to-Rule from 26th August was settled after the management agreed to certain important demands. The salient points of the agreement as intimated by the Circle Secretaries BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF are given below:


“The indefinite strike of the contract and temporary workers of Kerala circle ended on the 16th day with a reasonable agreement with the management on 27-08-2013 at 5 pm. almost all the workers participated in the strike called by BSNL Casual Contract Labours Union. Enhancement of wages, implement EPF & ESI and other social security measures, payment of Bonus, issue of ID card, desist from the move to implement work contract system etc. were the important demands raised by the union. The strike was total and badly affected the service. The strike was supported by BSNLEU by giving call to work to rule agitation from 26-08-2013. The left and democratic forces, trade unions, service organizations etc. had also supported the strike. The management was adamant but later compelled to come down and to settle the demands.


The salient features of the settlement are:


1. The employees engaged for Cable/Line maintenance will be paid @ Rs.258/- + DA.


2. All other workers will be paid @ Rs.236/-+DA.


3. EPF and ESI will be implemented.


4. Work less than 4 hours will be treated as part time and ESI & EPF will be implemented.


5. Payment of Bonus will be considered and provision will be included in the Tender.


6. ID card certified by BSNL officer will be issued.


7. The system of Work Contract will not be implemented at present.”



This is the first time that a uniform wage structure has been implemented throughout the state and there will not be any victimization against the workers participated in the strike.” This is a good agreement. We congratulate the casual contract Workers Union as also BSNLEU of Kerala for the historic strike and agreement!



29 August 2013 :Massive Dharna at Bengaluru by Casual/Contract workers. 

More than 1,000 casual and contract workers sat on dharna in front of the office of CGM, Karnataka Circle on 28th August 2013 demanding immediate settlement of long pending issues including payment of minimum wage, implementation of social security measures like EPF and ESI, reinstatement of retrenched workers etc. The participant came from all the SSAs in the circle, on the call of the BSNL Non-Permanent Workers Union, which is affiliated both to CITU and BSNLCCWF. The CGM office compound was completely full by the agitators, which included a good number of women workers.


Coms. C.K.Gundanna, President of NPWU and also BSNLEU, Karnataka Circle, K.Mahantesh, General Secretary, NPMU, Cheluvaraj, Vice-President, NPWU, Muddiah, senior leader, Sudershan, DS, BSNLEU, Bangalore Telephone District and other leaders addressed the rally. Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, All India President of both BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF congratulated the workers and the leaders for the massive dharna and conveyed the revolutionary Greetings of the All India Unions. He briefed the rally about the issues taken the CHQ, deliberations of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labour to which the issue of casual contract labours has been petitioned by BSNLCCWF, the meeting with the Labour Minister etc. with regard to the demands of the Casual-Contract workers.


A Memorandum by the Circle Union was presented to Shri Chandra Mouli, GM (HR), who assured that the issues will be favorably considered.


My Hearty Congratulation to the Karnataka leaders and workers for the excellent dharna and the unity shown by the regular employees and the contract workers. It is also to be mentioned that the Karnataka workers have improved their wages through sustained struggles and unity. But more are still to won and the unions will jointly work for the same.



29 August 2013 :BSNLCCWF Circle Conference, Haryana, at Jind.

The Circle Conference of BSNLCCWF, Haryana Circle was held at Jind on 27th August 2013.More than 400 comrades participated. The Conference was presided over by Com. Kuldeep Singh, Asst. treasurer, CHQ, BSNLEU. Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF, inaugurated the Conference. He spoke in detail about the acts passed by the Parliament with regard to the contract workers and demanded the management to implement the same including the minimum wage and social security measures. He also spoke about the organisation, it growth and the struggles being organised in many circles. He called upon the workers to strengthen the organisation and bring maximum workers to the union. DY.GM, Jind, Coms. Naresh Kumar, Circle President, M.S.Kadian, Circle secretary, Bijender singh and other leaders addressed the conference. The Conference unanimously elected office-bearers with Com. Naresh Kumar as President and Com. Satbir as Circle Secretary.



27 August 2013 :Convention at Moradabad by BSNLEU & BSNLCCWF


A convention on the “Financial Viability of BSNL” and “Issues of Casual & Contract Workers” was jointly held at Moradabad on 25th August 2013. More than 400 participated. Coms. Rajkaran Yadav and Jatashankar Pathak, Presidents of BSNLEU & BSNL CCWF constituted the presidium. Com. A.K. Verma, District Secretary welcomed. Shri Vinay Aggerwal, Sr.GM, BSNL, Moradabad, Coms. Sharif Ali (CITU), Chandrapal Azad (CITU), Ashok Mishra, District Secretary, BSNL CCWF, R.S. Fauzdar, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU, UP(W) Circle and other leaders addressed. Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, presenting the subject, spoke in detail about the National Convention on “Revival of BSNL” as also the proposals given by the Forum for improving the financial viability of BSNL. He also spoke on the demands of BSNL regular employees as also casual and contract workers. Earlier, Coms. V.A.N. Namboodiri and R.S. Rauzdar were received at the Railway Station and brought to the conference hall in a big procession through the centre of city. The convention has given confidence and strength to the unions and the workers.


21 August 2013 :Violation of the Labour Laws in BSNL – BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation - discussed with Labour Minister and Director (HRD). 

A delegation team consisting of  Basudev Achariya, M.P, Lok sabha, Com. Janardan Pati, President, CITU, Odisha, Com. V. A. N. Namboodiri, President, BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF,   Com. Animesh Mitra, Deputy General Secretary, BSNLEU,  Com. S. Bisuwal, Circle Secretary,  BSNL Kamachari Sangha, Odisha, Com. Tapas Kumar Ghosh, Secretary General, BSNLCCWF  met with Minister of labour, Government of India on 19th August,2013 and submitted the memorandum. It is highlighted before the Minister that BSNL is violating the labour laws though there are specific order of wages and social security for casual and Contractual workers. As a principal employer, BSNL is ignoring their duty. Minister assured us to look into the matter and instructed his officer to take necessary action.


On the next day, Com. V. A. Namboodiri, Com. Animesh Mitra, Com. S. Bisuwal, Com. Tapas Kumar Ghosh met with Director (HRD), Sri A. N. Rai and discussed on the demand of casual and contract workers. It is mentioned that reinstatement of the retrenched workers, properly implementation of wage and social security order, revision of the wages of Casual/ TSM as per  revised pay scale issued by the GoI, regularization of the left out causal/ TSM, offering to sit the departmental examination to the Casual / Contract workers. In the discussion Union leaders  has mentioned that the grassroot workers has already started the agitational programme in Kerala, West Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu, Calcutta Telephones etc. against the exploitation of these workers. BSNL Federation demands for immediate intervention of the management to settle the issue without delay.    


21 August 2013 : BSNL Casual Contract Labors Union on Strike.

BSNL CCLU had submitted the Charter of demand on 10th July 2012 and several agitations conducted including Dharna on July 25th 2012, Mass CGM office march participated by over 3500 workers on 14th Aug 2012, two day sathyagraha on Dec 12th and 13th, 48 hrs hunger strike by BSNL CCLU District Secretaries and office bearers in front of CGMT office on 12th and 13th February 2013. No discussion had been held by CGMT to settle the issues. Meanwhile indefinite strike was conducted at Kottayam, and Malappuram by BSNL CCLU during 2013 March   which was settled locally without much achievement because referendum work has started. In Kerala quotation system in internal and petty contract system in outdoor was prevailing in all SSAs. BSNL CCLU and our Union demanded to pay minimum wages and other social security benefits to all workers and the management agreed to introduce Labor Contract System engaging all the laborers presently working. But the system was introduced only in six SSAs i.e., Calicut, Malappuram, Alappuzha, Pathanamthitta,Kottayam and Kollam. In TVM, TCR, ENK, Kannur and Palghat the petty contract system exists. The contract labor system was introduced in Kasaragod for outdoor workers and in TVM for security duties. BSNLEU and BSNL CCLU demanded enhancement of wages to the contract laborers at least the wages applicable to skilled laborers since cable jointing duties are being carried out by these workers. It is also demanded to introduce labor contract system in other SSAs with enhanced wages. .Instead of discussing these demands with the unions the management has decided to introduce work contract system which we did not agree. In the labor contract system all the workers will be engaged and competition will be only in service charge and minimum wages, EPF and ESI will be specified. In the work contract system which is going to be introduced less number of workers will be engaged in order to get maximum profit to the contractor. Therefore in addition of enhancement of wages, implementation of labor contract system with enhanced wages and other social security benefits, wherever it is not implemented, we had demanded that the labor contract system should continue and the work contract system should not be introduced. On August 16th a discussion with GM Admn was conducted. The management was adamant on the issue of introducing work contract system. The discussion failed and the strike continues. BSNL Employees Union had decided to conduct demonstration on 16th and joint March to CGM/GM offices on 20th August. The CGM is on tour in various SSAs and will be back only on 26th. BSNLEU Circle Secretariat has decided to give notice for work to Rule agitation from 26th.Due to the strike the service is badly affected. The offices became unhygienic since cleaning and scavenging workers are on strike. Now the management could not engage anybody for this cleaning work. But they are trying get to engage somebody with the help of contractors with police protection. But our comrades have warned the management that the workers will not permit anybody to carry out the job presently done by the contract workers. Strike aid committees are being formed in SSAs and in circle on 21st August.


20 August 2013 :Meeting of BSNLCCWF leaders of Odisha Circle.

The BSNLCCWF leaders of Odisha Circle, who have come to Delhi under the leadership of Com. Sahdev Biswal, Circle Secretary held a meeting at Dada Ghosh Bhawan on 19th August and discussed about the problems being faced by the casual and contract workers in Odisha. Coms. V.A.N.Namboodiri, All India President and Tapas Ghosh, Secretary General were also present.

The organisational as well as problems of the contract workers, SSA wise, were discussed. It was proposed to have a Circle Executive Committee meeting shortly and agitational programmes planned for settlement of issues.


20 August 2013 :Meeting with Shri S.R.Ola, Labour Minister on casual Contract workers issues.

Along with Com. Basudeb Acharya, Member of Parliament and leader of CPI(M) in Lok Sabha, Coms. V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, Janardhan Pati, Circle President, Odisha, Animesh Mitra, Dy.GS, BSNLEU, Tapas Ghosh, Secretary General, (BSNLCCWF) Sahdev Biswal, Circle President Odisha BSNLCCWF and other comrades met Shri S.R.Ola, Labour minister at his office on 19th August 2013 and presented the issues of casual and contract workers. The delegation told the Minister about the non-implementation of the minimum wage, social security measures etc. by the BSNL Management at the field levels. More than 4000 left out casual workers are still to be regularised. Other connected issues were presented before the Minister for early solution. A letter, copy of which is given below, by Com. Basudev Acharya, MP, on these issues were also handed over to the Minister.


The Minister assured that he will seriously look in to the matter and do the needful.



17 August 2013 :Settle the justified demands of BSNL Casual / Contract Labour.


In many circles and SSAs the casual and contract workers are compelled to go on struggles to get the orders of the government and BSNL Corporate office implemented with regard to the payment of minimum wage, implementation of social security measures like EPF and ESI etc. They are also demanding the reinstatement of workers who have been retrenched due to participation in strikes and other agitations.

While the BSNL Corporate Office states that they have got reports from the circles that all orders have been implemented all over India, the facts are otherwise. These violations of the orders have been brought to the notice of the Corporate Office several times with the name of Circle, SSAs, names of the workers, what they are being paid, what they should be paid, whether EPF, ESI are implemented or not and the name of contractors etc. But the Corporate Office is also maintaining a stoic silence. This makes it clear that the Corporate Office does not want to interfere and make the field level officers implement the orders.

It is a shame that these well educated and highly paid officers do not feel it their duty to ensure that these low paid and hard working labour who contribute much to the maintenance of the telephone system are meted out justice and the exploitation of these workers are put an end to. It is a shame that in some places they are collaborating with the contractors whose interest is only to maximise their profit through whatever means.

The BSNL Management should once again think over and decide whether it wants to continue the corruptive practices and exploitation or become a pro-worker management implementing the law of the land and government instructions as well as its own orders.


BSNL Management, Better Think Again!


The casual/contract workers in BSNL Kerala Circle is on strike from 12th August on certain demands raised by them including implementation of social security measures like EPF, ESI etc. Despite the service being severely affected due to the participation of large number of workers in the strike, the management is adamant and has not started any discussion with their union. When the leaders of BSNLEU, the recognised union, contacted the CGM BSNL Kerala Circle, they were advised not to take up the issue of the contract workers, stating that the management has got no connection with the contract workers and it is only the contractor who is responsible for the payments etc.


The CGM Kerala Circle, better think again! The Government of India Acts and also the Orders issued by the CMD BSNL, clearly stipulates the role of the management. If the contractor does not implement the orders, the management, the Principal Employer, is fully responsible for getting the orders implemented. The Labour Ministry orders provide even for imprisonment, if the provisions of the labour Acts are not implemented. It is also better to remember that the BSNL management in certain circles had to pay crores of rupees to the EPF as arrears of the Provident Fund of the contract workers.


Instead of taking an adamant stand, the circle BSNL Management should discuss the issues with BSNLEU and the union of the striking workers and reach early settlement, failing which the services will suffer, the full responsibility of which will lie with the management. Being a partner in the exploitation of the contract workers is not the role of a responsible management.



Casual Contract Workers issues notice for Indefinite Strike.

The BSNL Casual/Contract Workers will be going on Indefinite Strike w.e.f. 12th August, 2013 demanding implementation of Labour laws, implementation of EPF & ESI, increase in wages etc. The CHQ fully support the struggle and demand the BSNL Management to urgently discuss and settle the issues.



BSNLEU-BSNLCCWF meeting at Ludhiana

A massively participated meeting of BSNLEU as well as BSNLCCWF was organised at Ludhiana on 29th July 2013. Coms.Balbir Singh, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU Punjab, Baljinder Singh, Circle Secretary BSNLCCWU, Balwinder Singh, District Secretary, BSNLEU and other leaders addressed. Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, All India President, BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF spoke on the issues of strengthening BSNL as also the agitational programmes planned by BSNLEU/United Forum on the major and long pending issues of the workers including the wage revision from 01-01-2012, loss of wage to post-2007 recruitees, stagnation of officials, pension revision of BSNL retirees, both pre and post-2007, issues of casual and contract workers etc.


A separate meeting of the casual and contract workers was held and discussed about the present situation of workers in Punjab. It was decided to meet the GM, Ludhiana and CGM Chandigarh to discuss the issues. The GM was met and demands put forward after the meeting.


Along with Coms. R.L.Moudgil, AGS, Balbir Singh, Circle Secretary, Baljiender Singh, Circle Secretary BSNLCCWU, senior leader H.S.Dhillon and other leading comrades Com. VAN Namboodiri met the CGM Shri Julka and discussed the issues of the contract workers including the non-payment of minimum wage, non-implementation of the EPF, ESI etc. He assured to ensure implementation of the same. Improving the work culture, procurement of equipment and other issues connected with the revival of BSNL was also discussed.


A Press Conference was also held at Ludhiana on the issues of casual and contract workers which was participated my reporters of channels and other media.


Casual/Contract Workers meeting at Ludhiana

A meeting of the BSNLCCWF will be held at Ludhiana on 29th July, 2013. Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF will attend the same.


Meeting with Director (HR), on reinstatement of casual /contract workers.

Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLCCWF, met Shri A.N.Rai, Director (HR) and discussed about the issue of reinstating the casual/contract workers numbering about 45 in Jamshedpur. He pointed out that the repair and maintenance works are seriously affected. He also pointed out that the GM has retrenched the workers who are engaged for the last about 10 years or more as punishment for participating in the agitation for getting minimum wage. Com. Namboodiri requested that the GM be directed to take the workers back and restore normalcy.


Horrible exploitation of contract workers in BSNL

A meeting of the Circle Executive Committee of the Maharashtra Labour and Contract Labour Union of BSNL was held today at CITU office. The union is both affiliated to CITU and BSNL Casual & Contract Workers Federation (BSNLCCWF). About 50 comrades were present representing the SSAs Maharashtra.


The reporting by the District Secretaries about the condition of the contract workers was shocking. Most of the orders issued by the BSNL Corporate office or the Instructions of the Govt. of India are not implemented. In some SSAs, only Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 3,000 is paid as minimum wage. In some other SSAs it is Rs. 3,000 to 4,000. These are much below the minimum wages fixed by the Central Govt. and orders issued by the BSNL Corporate office. EPF and ESI are not implemented. These are not checked by the concerned officers and action taken against the culprits.


However, due to the continuous struggle of the union, in SSAs like Latur and Nasik, the situation is somewhat better, though not completely.


The meeting has taken decisions to strengthen the union by bringing all the contract workers in to the organisation and also persue the issues with the management for settlement with the help of BSNLEU, CITU etc.


Contract Workers continue struggle at Jamshedpur

The month long agitation strike by the contract workers at Jamshedpur (Jharkhand) is continuing. After the Casual and Contract Workers union demanded for implementation of Minimum Wage, EPF, ESI etc., instead of agreeing to the just demands, the management put off 20 workers from work. The 80 and contract workers on strike demanding the reinstatement of the retrenched workers.


The maintenance, fault repair are much affected, but the management has not done anything to settle the issue. The GM Jamshedpur, it is reported, is not even coming to the office, nor is discussing with the workers. BSNLEU District Union has also taken up the matter, but no results so far.


The issue was discussed with ShriA.N.Rai, Director (HR), C.O., who assured the President Com. VAN Namboodiri, that he will speak to the CGM Jharkhand for settlement of the issue. But the issue is not settled and struggle continues. CHQ demands the management to settle the issue urgently and implement the government orders on Minimum wage etc. and reinstate the workers.



Hazaribad CEC calls for agitation for settlement of pending demands

The Central Executive Committee of the BSNL CCWF held at Hazaribad(Jharkhand) on 3rd and 4th November 2012 has called for organising agitational programmes for settlement of the following demands:

  1. Regularisation of Left-out casual labours and TSM
  2. IDA wages instead of CDA wages to TSM and casual labour
  3. Payment of minimum wage to all contract workers.
  4. Implementation of social security benefits like EPF,ESI etc.
  5. No retrenchment of contract workers
  6. Vacation of victimisation.

Decisions of the CEC:

  1. On the main demands of the casual- contract workers a memorandum will be prepared and the same will be submitted at district/SSA levels on 12th December 2012 to all GMs and District Labour Commissioner/Regional Labour Commissioner/Asst.Labour Commissioner organising March with maximum participation.
  2. A March to CGM, BSNL in each circle will be organised in January 2013 on the above demands, the date for which will be decided by the concerned Circle Union. A detailed Memorandum will be submitted to the CGM.
  3. The BSNL CCWF called upon all the casual and contract workers to participate in the 2days strike on 20-21 February 2012, called by the Central trade Unions against price-rise, against disinvestment of PSUs, on issues of contract workers etc.
  4. The invitation for holding the next CEC meeting by Circle Secretary, Odisha circle was accepted with thanks by the CEC. It is to be held by May 2013.
  5. Regular subscription should be collected from members and quota remitted to the Circle and CHQ regularly.
  6. The CHQ BSNLCCWF will publish a pamphlet both in Hindi and English for wide circulation.
  7. It was decided to start a website for the BSNLCCWF.


Book on Casual and Contract Workers

The BSNL CCWF, Central Head Quarters have published a book on the issues of Casual/Contract workers, the existing rules and regulations on minimum wage, social security measures, the procedures etc. etc. It is compiled by Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, President of the union. It is priced Rs. 25/- Members can purchase the same from the CHQ. It is proposed to publish a Hindi translation also.


21 Sept 2012 : BSNLCCWF starts its own website

Good Morning! Glad News!

We are happy to announce that BSNL Casual & Contract Workers Federation has now started its own website as decided by Lucknow All India Conference. This website is dedicated to the cause of the BSNL Casual and Contract workers as also that of the working class as a whole.

BSNLCCWF has its limitations both on the organisational as well as financial levels. We will try to improve both with the help of our well-wishers and workers. We hope that our members will maximum utilise this website and intimate their suggestions and advise.

With Warm Greetings

Yours Comradely, CHQ BSNLCCWF.


21 Sept 2012 : Massive Protest against anti-people policy on 20th September 2012

The All India Protest Day /Jail Bharao/Rasta Rokoprogrammeorganisedby the eight non-BJP, non-Congress parties including the four Left parties against the anti-people policies of the UPA government was a big success in most of the states. BJP had called for a Bharat Bandh also. The strong protest of the people against the increase in diesel price, 51% FDI in multi-brand retail which will result in the collapse of the small retail trade on which more than 5 crore people earn their living, 49% FDI in aviation which will result in the take over of Indian companies by MNCs etc. was supported by the people on a large scale. Many trains were stopped by the protesters. Shops remained closed and buses and other vehicles did not ply. The people fully co-operated with Bandh. The strong protest was a slap on the face of the UPA government which has surrendered to the interests of the MNCs and imperialist countries, specially US.


All India Central Executive Committee Meeting at Dhanbad

The Central Executive Committee of the BSNL CCWF will be held at Dhanbad (Jharkhand) on 3rd and 4th November 2012. The CEC will have to discuss about the organisational matters, issues of the workers and future programmes to settle the demands of the workers.


Book on Casual and Contract Workers

The BSNL CCWF, Central Head Quarters have published a book on the issues of Casual/Contract workers, the existing rules and regulations on minimum wage, social security measures, the procedures etc. etc. It is compiled by Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, President of the union. It is priced Rs. 25/- Members can purchase the same from the CHQ.